The Best NIKE Basketball Shoes of 2017: A MUST-REMEMBER Year

Let’s turn back the clock and talk about the best Nike basketball shoes of 2017.

A time when hoop shoes were truly experiencing a shift in the way we perceive a ”modern” sneaker and when Nike, in particular, overwhelmed us with an impressive collection of fantastic releases throughout that year.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: IntroPin

Today I’ll break down why exactly you should even pay attention to what was popping 4 years ago, explain my process of selecting the shoes from that year, and provide you with an ultimate shoe list that should cater towards multiple styles, builds, and preferences.

Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll be snatching each of these kicks for MUCH less than what they originally retailed at. Mostly. You’re in for a good one!

Or, if you don’t care about any other stuff and just want the shoe list, click here to jump to it!


Nike’s 2017 run is STILL worth your time, no other way around it

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Why 2017?Pin

While 2017 isn’t the only year shoes got noticeably better and more “modern”, it’s tough to argue with the fact that 2017 was very noticeable.

Ultra-light designs with all kinds of knits and textiles became the go-to, new tech such as React from Nikey was introduced and brands seemed to really start nailing down the balance between keeping things feathery, comfy and modern-ish but also retain the critical components players expect from a basketball shoe.

It’s also a year with several signature and non-signature sneaker lines being arguably at their peak performance-wise. Fans of LeBron, Kyrie, and KD were more than satisfied with fantastic all-around models in the basketball field.

Another argument could be made that Nike’s large selection of 2017 releases proved to be among the most versatile basketball shoes of recent years, meaning all kinds of different players, styles, and situations were suitable for just about any sneaker the Swoosh has dropped in the year.

With a handful of exceptions of course.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Save $$$Pin

And now, several years later, it’s also the best time to grab these kicks from 2017 if you’re looking to save some cash. Not only you’ll get top-grade performance but you’ll also be able to snatch most models for almost dirt cheap now.

Remember, basketball shoes (including MOST signatures) aren’t hyped Jordan Retro’s or hypebeast sneakers. They lose value pretty much right away when a new model in the series is near launch, so grabbing a discounted shoe or almost literally stealing it from an outlet store (sometimes for less than HALF the price) is easier than ever.

However, more doesn’t always mean better – there were several kicks that didn’t really bring anything useful or new to the table while also keeping the price steep.

That’s where I come in.

I invite you to take a look at my process of selecting the right sneakers and my motives behind each pick below…


Each pick has a purpose. Find out how I select the shoes for the job and the rules I always stick to


I believe that my motives behind each shoe selection and the criteria I stick to when choosing are just as important for you to know as the shoes themselves.

Here are the main ones you should know about!

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: The PlayerPin

I’m a 6’1 guard at ~175 lbs and I consider myself fairly athletic & explosive among the competition. I like to drive to the hoop to score or kick out to shooters but I also do a little bit of everything on the court.

I’m a high-leaper as well, so if you’re looking to find out how a shoe performs when pushed to the limit – I’m a pretty good candidate for the job.

Don’t get it twisted though – I’m not a pro by any means, just a recreational player that has put a lot of miles on the court and has been into training for multiple years. I’m a regular consumer just as you are.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Run for the MoneyPin

I (almost) never talk about a shoe I haven’t personally played in for quite some time, let alone recommend it publicly. This is why you can sometimes notice some new shoes are missing in some of my lists.

That’s because I simply haven’t played in them yet or haven’t formed a conclusive enough opinion to be able to confidently encourage players to get it.

The exact same principle stands for this list, however, there are a couple of shoes I haven’t personally tested this time. Why? Well, the general reception of those was so one-sidedly positive, I felt like I’d be doing a disservice not mentioning it for someone who’s not aware of that particular sneaker yet.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Well-RoundedPin

While a single shoe can never fit EVERYONE’S needs perfectly, I tried to select the shoes that resembled versatility. This means that each sneaker can somewhat fit most people regardless of their build, style, or conditions they’re playing in.

A comfortable & secure fit, consistent traction, effective cushioning setup, unrestrictive support, and a quality build are the components that need to work well with one another and provide a seamless experience for the wearer.

Not all shoes are going to offer perfection in each component but if it came close to it while offering a balanced approach, one that makes you forget you’ve got a shoe on while hooping, that’s a job well done.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: PricingPin

A lot of older hoop shoes are now super affordable, sure, but there are still a bunch of models that aren’t very good deals due to limited stock, retained hype, or any other reason.

I picked the shoes that you can still snatch for either retail, very close to it or cheaper than retail. Getting a pair of 2017 Hyperdunks that cost $200+ just because one particular colorway is considered “valuable” simply doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Leave that to hypebeast sneakerheads and resellers.

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: No GuaranteesPin

I like to keep things real and practical. With that, I still gotta mention that you can’t ALWAYS guarantee a 100% match with a shoe that seems absolutely perfect on paper.

There are simply wayyy too many variables that come into play: the anatomy of your feet, your body, age, playing style, conditions you’ve got, the amount of time you put into your shoes daily, and so on.

Because of this, you have to take things with a grain of salt. You can find a sneaker that’s praised by reviewers, has the highest ratings among buyers and even your group of friends can have the same opinion.

But guess what? That doesn’t always mean it’ll work for you.

I consider the Dame 3 as one of the all-time greatest basketball shoes. I still play in the SAME PAIR of those many years later. But the reviews say different, with some of ’em stating it’s a mediocre shoe.

Such examples are everywhere, so the best you can do is research about a shoe as much as you can and then just go for it. The only way to really find out is to try it, give it time, break it in and then see if jells with you.

With that, let’s break down the best Nike basketball shoes of 2017…


Each shoe’s strong points, drawbacks, and additional things to know before buying. My favorites AT THE END



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: KD Trey 5 VPin
image source:

Forget about the KD 10 for now (both launched in 2017). Durant’s budget line can be a hit or miss but despite several people hating on these, I found myself liking the KD Trey 5 V for what it is – a cheap, durable pair to wreck in the park and forget about everything else.

You can get these for under 90 bucks now but don’t expect grade A tech specs or materials.

These will offer you a small forefoot Zoom Air unit & a Phylon midsole for cushion, durable outsoles sporting a herringbone pattern that lasts a while outdoors, and a basic textile & mesh upper.

I wouldn’t recommend these to a 220-pound tank that jumps out of the gym but for a casual hoop session here and there – the traction always had me covered outdoors, the midsole obviously left something to be desired in terms of feel but the speed, mobility, and court feel are all there.

And yes, this upper is definitely not a premium option but my experiences on-court with these were always positive, plus it’s STILL among the lightest basketball sneakers ever made. Just know what you’re getting for this price with the KD Trey 5 V and you should be satisfied!


For an extremely long, intense session that lasts you multiple hours on the court and especially on the more unforgiving concrete, these aren’t perfect. This cushion setup is definitely not an ideal candidate for long-term impact protection and preventing feet aches if you really give it your all.

And as I’ve briefly mentioned, this build is fairly flimsy for a heavy dude. This upper’s definitely on the minimal side and foot containment can be an issue for someone very explosive and/or heavy.

Spare the KD Trey 5 V your trash talk if you’ve got a LeBron type of build.

Current price range: $75-$90+

Sizing: true to size for most. Down 1/2 a size for narrow footers that prefer a very snug fit

Weight: 13 oz / 369 g. (size 10 US)

Build: textile & mesh

Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air unit & Phylon midsole

Additional notes: solid option for wide footers – the shoe has a wide last



If a user clicks on the product link and buys a product, I receive a small commission

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Kyrie 4Pin
image source:

Some say the 4 is still the best shoe in the Kyrie signature line. And I don’t blame ’em – as a matter of fact, I almost agree with the masses.

The Kyrie 4 was the model that finally caught up with the competition and what originally was strictly a guard’s shoe with no cushion for three straight years, in year 4 we finally got a well-rounded performer.

But those Kyrie traits are still here – I kid you not. Fantastic traction (especially outdoors), a fast but comfortable cushion setup, exquisite support that mainly comes from the wide base & an ultra-secure fit, and a basic, yet functional and lightweight mesh & suede upper.

This is a guard’s shoe at its core but bigger, less shifty guys or even explosive athletes who throw down windmill dunks can have a chance to enjoy these. Definitely one of the strongest entries in the Kyrie line.


This is not an ideal wide footer’s shoe – coming from a prominent wide footer. I still have a pair of these in my regular size 10 and the fit never got to a point where I’d feel 110% comfy in there. Very snug midfoot area and a little tough to put on.

So if you’re a wide footer and looking to get a home run with these, either try these on (doubtful you’ll find them in a store these days though) or try going up half a size.

Current price range: $85-$120+

Sizing: true to size for most. Wide footers: best to try these in-store or go up 1/2 a size

Weight: 14.05 oz / 398 g. (size 10 US)

Build: mesh & suede

Cushion: heel Zoom Air unit & Cushlon midsole

Additional notes: the rubber of the outsoles need some time to soften up and break in – expect mediocre traction at first! Also, even for regular/narrow footers – expect a snug fit with your regular size



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Kobe Mamba InstinctPin
image source:

The Mamba Instinct was pretty much the start of all these “extra” Kobe models that derailed from the flagship Kobe line (Kobe 1 – Kobe 11) and offered us quite a few solid hits but a handful of misses too.

This one, in particular, feels like the best experiment out of the bunch. These are so much fun. If you’d like to know how a true minimalist low-top feels on the basketball court – this is it.

Starting things off is the ridiculously light Flyweave build that’s super comfy but also ensures proper containment due to the reinforcements throughout the build.

Then there’s a drop-in Lunarlon midsole which offers low-profile cushion AND you can interchange your other Kobe midsoles if you have any and modify your experience.

And while the shoe is the definition of minimal, it didn’t cause me serious issues security-wise. This is truly an extension of your foot – a shoe that constantly makes me forget I even got a shoe on while playing is a shoe that should be praised.


With such minimalism, versatility can take a hit. While these aren’t THE worst shoe in terms of suiting many different styles/players, I’d be lying if I said I encourage a 7-foot athletic big man or a dynamic two-guard with a 40″ vertical to get themselves a pair of Mamba Instincts.

Such a build offers severely limited torsional support – take out the midsole and you’ll see what I’m talking about. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend these to a flat footer or someone who’s got weaker feet or perhaps coming off a foot injury.

And lastly – don’t take these outdoors too often if you’d like to keep your 100 bucks shining for a while. Stick to the older KB Mentality II for that or check out my outdoor shoe list (will be reworked soon!)

Current price range: $55-$100

Sizing: true to size for most. Wide footers – true to size for a tight fit or 1/2 a size down for a roomier fit

Weight: 10.55 oz / 300 g. (size 10 US)

Build: Flyweave (woven) & Fuse on high-wear areas

Cushion: drop-in Lunarlon midsole

Additional notes: you can insert a drop-in midsole from the Kobe 8, 9, 11, KB Mentality II and the LeBron 11 in these for a customized experience



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: LeBron Soldier 11Pin
image source:

LeBron’s main shoe line is always the first to innovate and bring out the fanciest stuff from Nikey, but his secondary Soldier line is actually not that far behind. The Soldier 11 is considered to be among the most successful models in this line.

The shoe looks like a tank and plays like a tank. But not one that weighs you down or restricts you like a shell.

This one’s actually just as light as your usual “modern” basketball sneaker, and yet it offers fantastic all-around security to those opting for that UUMPH.

Four straps, strong heel counters, aggressive outriggers, torsional plates, a wide base, and a secure fit – I really couldn’t ask for more. Well, besides the fact that all these features aren’t gimmicks and actually work extremely well with other components of the shoe.

The cushion’s very well-balanced, the upper doesn’t take a lot to break in (even for a wide footer) and the traction’s fine both indoors and outdoors. It’s just a really damn good shoe for just about anyone AND it’s a treat for those who need maximum security at all times.


Some people & reviewers reported that the traction indoors was inconsistent at times, mainly in the forefoot portion of the outsole. I haven’t personally had a chance to take these for a spin indoors (and they were fine in the park) so you’ll have to take their word for it.

Current price range: $30-$130+

Sizing: true to size for most

Weight: 13.72 oz / 389 g. (size 10 US)

Build: one-piece mesh & ballistic nylon ($130 version) | one-piece mesh & nubuck ($140 version)

Cushion: forefoot & heel Zoom Air units + Phylon midsole

Additional notes: the zonal strap lockdown system felt a little unnatural at first (as opposed to a regular lacing system) but I got used to it fairly quickly.

There’s also a more premium version of the shoe that features nubuck reinforcements instead of nylon and it originally retailed at $140. A solid option for moderate outdoor play as well



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: PG 1Pin
image source:

This one likely went under a lot of people’s radar but bear with me. Paul George’s first signature sneaker didn’t take any risks but the end result was a very nice, well-rounded shoe that you can trust. Versatile performance is where it’s at!

I admit it, I only played in these in 2017 for a few months but the memories are positive. While I’d encourage players to grab the solid rubber outsole version, the translucent rubber option which I had worked just fine with a few wipes here and there.

The cushion setup is basic but even a bottom-loaded Zoom unit and a decent Phylon midsole did the job for me. You won’t feel a lot of bounce or compression with these but the performance traits are there: impact protection was nice, they were stable, and the setup never slowed me down.

The mesh & nubuck combo is a mix of old-school and new-school and I don’t honestly have a bad word about it. Worked just fine, the materials moved well with my giant feet, and security was top-notch without overly restricting me.

Just a low-key good shoe that won’t exactly impress any tech-heads but it’ll most certainly satisfy one’s performance needs while not spending too much. Whether you’re a guard, a big guy, or a versatile wing like PG himself.


Due to mediocre build quality, my straps became less sticky rather quickly. The upper also looked pretty banged up a few months in but nothing that would affect performance.

Lastly, if you’re not a big outsole wiper mid-game, you might not like these (provided you got the translucent rubber variant). While it never caused me issues as I wipe down my outsoles out of habit all the time, someone who doesn’t might find himself with slightly less bite on a dirty floor.

Current price range: $40-$110+

Sizing: true to size for most (snug fit). Wide footers: 1/2 a size up

Weight: 14.7 oz / 417 g. (size 10.5 US)

Build: open mesh & nubuck

Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air unit & Phylon midsole

Additional notes: get the solid rubber variant if you’re opting for better & more durable traction. The PG 1 is a decent outdoor option, though there are more durable shoes out there



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Zoom Live 2017Pin
image source:

Take most things I’ve said about the PG 1 above, add a few tweaks here and there and you’ve got the Zoom Live 2017.

One of the most surprising releases that year and it turned out to be a stellar option for those who don’t care about expensive tech or premium materials but are just here for trustworthy performance on the court.

The Zoom Live 2017 offered me good traction both in a gym and outdoors, and a simple but effective cushioning system that kept me fast while not completely taking away comfort.

For such a compact low-top, these are also really damn secure thanks to the standard support features implemented, a well-structured upper, and a strap that actually does something – and that’s locking my foot down like crazy.

Nikey really took off with their material combos in 2017 as this shoe really shows us that synthetic builds aren’t all flimsy, unreliable, and stiff feeling. This build is thin, yet secure. It’s durable but doesn’t take ages to break in and feels really damn comfy. Get the point? That’s right – VERSATILITY.

This one won’t amaze you just like the PG 1 probably won’t but one thing it will surely do is serve you on the court no matter the position.


This is not the best shoe to constantly wreck outdoors – the rubber compound is fairly pliable but I’m sure you’d get through at least a full season of action in the park. If we’re talking longer than that – I’m not too sure as I haven’t played in these for 1+ years.

Current price range: $30-$100

Sizing: true to size for most

Weight: 13.01 oz / 369 g. (size 10 US)

Build: mesh & nylon base + Fuse on high-wear areas

Cushion: forefoot Zoom Air unit & Phylon midsole

Additional notes: don’t confuse these with the Zoom Live as the Zoom Live 2017 is the updated version and it’s definitely better than its prodigee

For wide footers – don’t get too worried if you feel some pressure in the midfoot portion and where the strap resides. The materials will break in and you’ll be feeling optimal in no-time



If a user clicks on the product link and buys a product, I receive a small commission

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Kobe A.D. NXTPin
image source:

One of the last shoes in the Kobe line, the A.D. NXT boasted with innovation but this time, it wasn’t gimmicky. The stuff just worked. I haven’t personally played in these but people seem to love ’em – so I have to mention these.

The Kobe A.D. NXT will deliver the usual Kobe-ish performance and then some if you’re familiar with the Mamba’s products. You’ll get great traction and the translucent outsoles won’t annoy you since dust doesn’t heavily affect the bite.

You’ll also get a removable midsole that features Lunarlon as the carrier and an integrated Zoom Air unit in the heel. A low-profile setup that keeps all the speed and court feel yet offers ample impact protection and comfort even for a heavier dude.

Once again, balance is what these are all about.

The inclusion of the shroud on top of the upper made for extreme lockdown too. Some said that it’s too much but that’ll depend on your foot shape and how snug you like your shoes to fit. If you like ’em tight – this is YOUR shoe.

So as you might’ve guessed – support is not lacking. Something the Kobe line never fails in.


The reason I haven’t got these is probably the main drawback of the shoe – it’s NOT for wide footers. Simple as that. The midfoot area is extremely narrow and the shroud applies even more pressure.

All the reviews & user feedback I’ve read – this doesn’t look like a wide footer’s dream at all.

Another thing is the cushion. Not that it’s bad, it’s just that Lunarlon has a tendency to die out fairly quickly. You’ll still have more or less the same impact protection and properties of the cushion but the actual feel of it will be subdued. Probably as soon as a few months in.

Current price range: $185-$200+

Sizing: true to size for a tight fit. Up 1/2 a size for a bit more room

Build: mesh base + knit shroud

Cushion: drop-in Lunarlon midsole w/ Zoom Air heel pod

Additional notes: you can swap the midsole of the A.D. NXT to a Kobe 11, Kobe Mentality I & II, Mamba Instinct and the LeBron 11 midsole


The 2017 shoes from Nike that I’ve found myself playing the most in



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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: LeBron 15Pin
image source:

Unlike some of the more well-rounded kicks in the list, there’s really no denying the 15th LeBron was entirely made for the man himself. I loved playing in it but I do not hold it as the perfect fit for my game when it’s time to get serious. Think of it as my favorite shoe to have maximum FUN on-court.

However, for a heavier dude who’s got a dominating linear movement pattern, or for someone who’s a high-leaper, or for a classic big guy that fights in the paint for rebounds – this is pretty much the epiphany for such players.

The Nikey LeBron 15 features an untraditional triangle traction pattern that gripped the hardwood and concrete well for me, with a few delays here and there.

Then there’s the near-ridiculous Zoom Air & Max Air cushion combo that absolutely pushes the limits as to how much cushion can be effective on a sneaker, and a comfy sock-like Battleknit upper tops it all off.

It looked questionable at first but managed to hold my foot in at all times. 

But let’s be honest, if you’re gonna get this shoe several years later – it’ll most likely be for the cushion. Unprecedented bounce, pure comfort, and springs under my feet are the best ways to describe it.


With such a shoe, there are bound to be some things to know before buying. Let’s face it – this is not a shoe for everyone if you’re looking for that perfect fit performance-wise. The ride height of this shoe is uncommonly tall, so certain guys who are used to a low-profile sneaker will definitely feel a little unnatural at first.

Many people reported that for someone who’s shifty and performs lateral movements on a regular basis, the shoe can start feeling tippy and compromise stability. Something to think about if you’re a guard, spot-up shooter, or anyone who isn’t a linear-based player.

You do not also want to take these outdoors too often – even a few months of hardwood action already banged up the traction pattern for me, so I only imagine what would happen on concrete.

Current price range: $130-$185+

Sizing: down 1/2 a size for regular & narrow footers. Wide footers – true to size is optimal

Weight: 16.2 oz / 459 g. (size 10 US)

Build: Battleknit (reinforced knit)

Cushion: articulated Zoom Air + Max Air units

Additional notes: a low-top version of the LeBron 15 is available. Released in 2018, it features upgraded traction, an altereted cushion setup and vastly improved stability



As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If a user clicks on the product link and buys a product, I receive a small commission

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Air Max Infuriate LowPin
image source:

I remember getting these back in 2017 and for a few months, I literally didn’t want to test anything else as I was feeling so comfy and natural in them.

Definitely one of the biggest surprises of that year AND since they retailed at only 80 bucks, you can grab these for even cheaper today.

The Air Max Infuriate fits most foot shapes (including my wide feet) well due to a forgiving build that molds to your foot if you give it time. For a basic mesh + Fuse upper, this is one of the best form-fitting shoes of that year. It really didn’t feel like JUST basic mesh.

While there are bouncier and more fun cushion setups available, the ride of the Infuriate was nothing short of solid. It reminds me of the Dame 3 purely because of the balance and being able to dive into the experience without a single thought of ”hmmm, do I like these”. Just gettin’ buckets and nothing else.

The rest of the shoe was no slouch either – the diamond + herringbone traction pattern combo was deadly AND the rubber was super strong: long-term outdoor play was a GO.

For security, there was everything you need. Yes, even for a low-top. No heel slippage, no pinching, no movement inside the footbed, just pure lockdown and feeling one-to-one with the shoe.


The only drawback I can remember about these is the break-in period both cushion-wise and fit-wise. For a wide footer like myself, I wasn’t happy about how suffocating my midfoot was but that went away quickly.

For cushion, you can expect a fairly stiff and dead-feeling ride for the first few weeks. While it won’t exactly blow you away after Air Max softens up, it’ll definitely feel better and more natural with each wear. Patience is key!

Current price range: $50-$90

Sizing: true to size for most. Wide footers can go up 1/2 a size if a roomier fit is preferred

Weight: 12.3 oz / 349 g. (size 10 US)

Build: open mesh + Fuse overlays on high-wear areas

Cushion: heel Air Max unit + Phylon midsole

Additional notes: give these a couple of weeks to break in before judging the ride – Air Max cushion tends to require some time before softening up to its full potential



If a user clicks on the product link and buys a product, I receive a small commission

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Hyperdunk 2017 FlyknitPin
image source:

Yes, the last Hyperdunk that saw the light of day. It might not be the VERY best Hyperunk ever for some but it did what it claimed – versatile performance with a touch of innovation.

I personally hold the Flyknit version as the clear favorite.

The Hyperdunk 2017 offered some of the deadliest traction of recent years – it was almost Curry 8-level bite and that’s insane by itself. To go with that, the build features all-out Flyknit which is seriously comfortable without making me feel like I’m wearing a flimsy sock.

And then there’s Nikey’s new baby of 2017 – React cushion. No, it’s not as amazingly bouncy as full-length Zoom or a thick slab of adidas’s Boost but it was never meant to be.

After giving the shoe plenty of time to break in and mold to my feet, the cushion became pretty good – it’s extremely quick and offers a small but very quick energy return upon impact which is nice. Moderate impact protection can be found here as well.

Lastly, all-around support was fantastic, so was the fit – even for a huge wide footer like myself. This is a very comfortable, lightweight shoe that modernized the rather stale Hyperdunk line which was originally meant to be a ”big guy’s” shoe.

Now – it’s a beast for just about anyone.


While the shoe is a great all-around package, some of its features were definitely tweaked to be more subtle and fans of the previous models in the series might be somewhat disappointed. This implementation of React cushion is definitely firmer and less bouncy than the previous 2016 model.

For a classic big man – this might not yield the desired amount of impact protection. However, if you can get used to the speedier setup and you’re not a 220-pound tank – I think you should be fine. Just don’t expect to be running on springs.

There were also some questions raised in terms of sizing, as some people went down half a size while others stuck to their usual choice and were just fine. I’d say for a wide footer – TTS is a no-brainer.

For someone with a narrow foot – going down half a size might even be a better choice for the Flyknit to better wrap around your foot as people with more compact feet report that going true to size allows for some movement inside the shoe. And that’s not a good thing.

Current price range: $60-$140

Sizing: true to size for regular & wide footers. 1/2 a size down for narrow footers or if you prefer a very snug fit and you’ve got a regular-shaped foot

Weight: 14 oz / 397 g. (size 10 US)

Build: Flyknit + nylon yarn reinforcements

Cushion: full-length React & Phylon midsole

Additional notes: Three versions are available: the Hyperdunk 2017 mid-top and the Hyperdunk 2017 Low which both feature engineered mesh builds. Then there’s the Flyknit version which is essentially a mid-top with a tall ankle compression sock


Stay up to date with everything there’s to know about basketball shoes

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: BonusPin

For someone who values their dollar and cares about the subtleties of the product they purchase, I believe there’s much more to know than just a “best” shoe list.

No doubt you’ll be copping sneakers by yourself, so having a bit of knowledge & more shoes at your disposal definitely can’t hurt.

For fans of Nikey, a perfect complementary list to this one would be my best Nike basketball shoes of recent years. I scoured through the years of kicks by Nikey and picked out the best ones you can get today.

And for the knowledge part, you’ll want to know some basic stuff about the most critical components when it comes to hoop kicks.

What makes up good traction (& best traction shoes), the essential support components of a shoe (& most supportive shoes), how to fix and prevent heel slippage, how to treat and prevent blisters are just some of the stuff I put together for you.

Take a look below and level up your shoe game!






The Best Nike Basketball Shoes of 2017: Your ThoughtsPin

Alright, now you’re aware of the best Nike basketball shoes of 2017 and have a bunch of potential options at your disposal. I TRULY hope you’ve enjoyed it and found the article informative!

I’m always excited to hear your thoughts on everything basketball shoe-related. Do you own any of these kicks and feel different about ’em? Perhaps any models I’ve missed? Or you’ve got a question?

Let me know in the comments below!

I respond almost instantly on weekdays and usually within the same day on the weekends.

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2 thoughts on “The Best NIKE Basketball Shoes of 2017: A MUST-REMEMBER Year

  1. The NIKE KYRIE 4 is, without a doubt, the best one of them all. I just bought myself a new pair last year, but I still have the Kyrie’s in my closet and probably will for years. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking to buy a top-tier shoe at an affordable price.

    1. Yeah Gorjan, while I haven’t personally played in the Kyrie 4 as much as I did in the 567 models, I can definitely vouch for Kyrie’s signature line as one of the most affordable, no B.S. options for a hooper.

      You won’t get much cushion with those but if you don’t care about that too much – they’re all very solid shoes.

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