The Best Curry Shoes For ALL Hoopers (2022)

What better time is it to break down the best Curry shoes than right after the Golden State Warriors have brought home another NBA championship? It’s truly a great time to be a fan of the Splash Brother and if you’re also a hooper – Stephen Curry has a large catalog of performance models to choose from.

This guide is dedicated to giving you all you need to know about the best Curry shoes: what to expect from ’em, what’s available in 2022 (& beyond), where to buy them for good prices, and my handpicked list of the best performers.


The Best Curry Shoes: IntroPin


Looking to get straight to the point? Here’s a rundown of the shoe list (click on the shoe name for a full review)

Curry 4 FloTro Best Overall N/A N/A
Curry Flow 9 Best Overall #2 $160 9.2
UA SC Zer0 IV Best Cheap Overall $90 8
UA SC Zer0 II Best For Outdoors $100 8.2
UA Curry 3 Best For Outdoors #2 $140 8.4
UA Curry 4 Maximum Support $130 8.9
Curry Flow 8 Maximum Comfort $160 9
UA Curry One Best For Wide Feet $120 8


Here’s generally what to expect from a Curry basketball shoe

The Best Curry Shoes: DNAPin

I think we can all agree that it’s not wise to take 10+ shoes released in different time periods and attempt to distinguish the exact same qualities on each shoe just because it’s coming from the same player.

However, what is possible is playing in a whole bunch of these shoes as well as researching them throughout the years in order to spot a set of core qualities that reoccur quite often on most Curry shoes.

Here are some of the things you’ll likely see on a good portion of basketball sneakers from SC30 to get you familiar.


Most modern Curry sneakers won’t go much above 13 oz (~360 g.) in my size 10.

While this by itself is not that remarkable anymore (most performance shoes are now light), what IS remarkable is how light Curry shoes FEEL on the court. It’s not just about the number.

The recent iterations, particularly the Curry Flow 8 & 9 are insanely lightweight-feeling to the point where I was initially concerned that there’s nothing there to hold my foot in while hooping (there was).

Just about any sneaker from the Splash Brother will grant you that formula-like experience for the feet.

And with the recent innovations of rubberless Flow foam that acts both as a midsole and an outsole for the shoe, it’ll be very tough to beat Under Armour & Curry Brand in the weight department.


Stephen Curry is an extremely agile player whose game is very much based on first-step explosiveness, quick changes of direction, and intense movement off the ball.

That type of athlete requires high precision and responsiveness from their footwear.

In order to allow the player to always stay as quick as possible while also feeling stable, one’s foot must sit as close to the ground as possible in the shoe.

This is why just about any Curry sneaker won’t give you a ton of cushion and that beloved springiness because cushion adds ride height, and could compromise stability as well as responsiveness for such a low-profile player.

Expect most Curry kicks to ride low to the ground, provide minimal-to-mild cushion, and feel very agile.


A Curry basketball shoe was never the go-to option if you’re looking for an abundance of support features, thick materials, and tons of structure throughout the build.

In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Minimal features, modern materials that are lightweight, and a flexible build are the bread & butter for most of his kicks.

Light, low-profile, and mobile go hand-in-hand with one another, so a Curry shoe is the true minimalist’s sneaker on the basketball court. Especially now more than ever.

With that, it probably goes without saying that heavier, more explosive players that rely on athletic traits aren’t exactly perfect candidates for a Curry shoe. For those guys, this list will do the trick instead.


That’s right – just decent (most of the time). Surprisingly, the last few Curry shoes with the Flow soles have proven to be pretty darn sturdy even on concrete.

But with that, his sneakers never stood out in terms of outdoor durability. Most Curry models usually fall somewhere in the mediocre ranks in that regard.

Not to say you can’t hoop outdoors in ’em, just don’t expect 2-3+ year longevity on the blacktop. I personally hooped in the Curry Flow 8 for 3+ months outdoors and during that period, they held up well.


$90-$160 is the price range of Stephen Curry’s sneaker catalog. $90-$110 is how much you’d need to spend on a budget sneaker such as the SC 3ZER0 IV, while the $120-$160 range is sneakers in the main line.

The main Curry line, which is currently the Curry Flow line, has undergone a price increase to $160 compared to the 7 previous models (Curry 1 – Curry 7) which fluctuate in the $120-$140 range if we’re talking retail.


A complete breakdown of Curry’s signature basketball shoe repertoire

The Best Curry Shoes: CatalogPin

Before talking about the best Curry shoes, let’s get familiar with what the guy has to offer first. I thought I’d break down the scope of Steph’s signature sneaker offerings so you’ll get acquainted with the whole catalog.


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry LinePin

The flagship signature line that started it all in 2015. Under Armour wasn’t considered among the “top dogs” in the likes of Nike, adidas, and Jordan back then but they took a chance on Steph and the rest is history.

The first few shoes didn’t really have anything we haven’t seen before but they were still good shoes. Minimal, precise, and fast were the pillars of the early Curry shoes.

But with each model, we started seeing some slight tweaks that made the later models (5, 6, 7) a bit more forgiving for other player types and not just speedy low-profile formulas like Curry himself.

The main Curry line by Under Armour reached 7 models along with a few special releases like the Curry One Lux (upgraded materials) and several low-top variants.

PRICE RANGE: $120 – $140

BEST FOR: agile guards, low-profile players, mainly indoor courts

SHOES AVAILABLE: 7 shoes (Curry One – Curry 7)

PROS: ✔ always the go-to option for a light, agile-feeling shoe ✔ superb traction ✔ not overly pricy for a flagship signature line

CONS: ❌ fairly poor options for long-term outdoor hoops ❌ not all models are consistently well-rounded

MY FAVORITE PICK: Under Armour Curry 6


The Best Curry Shoes: SC ZER0 LinePin

Stephen Curry’s budget line, the SC 3ZER0, debuted alongside the Curry 3 in the main series and provided a takedown version of the flagship shoe with a lower price point and usually stronger outsoles for outdoor play.

The SC 3ZER0 shoes definitely aren’t the most popular choice in terms of Curry’s selection or even Under Armour’s but for fans of the Splash Brother not looking to lash out $120+ just to break down the pair on concrete – these are solid options.

Expect cheaper material choices here, minimal cushioning just to get you through a session without feeling overly sore, and beefier outsoles that usually last longer than their flagship counterparts.

PRICE RANGE: $90 – $120

BEST FOR: budget hoopers, outdoor courts, fans of minimalistic shoes

SHOES AVAILABLE: 4 models and counting (SC 3ZER0 – SC 3ZER0 IV)

PROS: ✔ tends to get super cheap post-release ✔ widely available long after the release ✔ best line for outdoor play

CONS: ❌ minimal-to-no cushion ❌ mostly cheap materials



The Best Curry Shoes: Flow LinePin

After the Under Armour Curry 7, Steph debuted his independent Curry Brand in association with UA. This is why you don’t see an ‘Under Armour’ label next to the name of the shoe since the 8th iteration.

Under Armour’s Flow technology debuted on a running sneaker but shortly appeared on a basketball model, the Curry Flow 8.

It’s single-handedly the most important change in Curry’s main shoe line as it allowed zero use of rubber, drastically decreasing the weight of an already feathery sneaker.

It also allowed the designers to ditch the traditional midsole & outsole concept, and instead, use a single piece of Flow foam that delivers both cushioning and traction.

We now have comfier cushioning under our feet thanks to Flow, better outdoor durability (surprisingly), and absolutely deadly traction (nothing even comes close).

I personally think it was a much-needed step in the right direction for his shoe line.


BEST FOR: low-profile guards, agile 1’s – 3’s, indoor & outdoor courts

SHOES AVAILABLE: 3 and counting (Curry Flow 8 – Curry Flow 9 – Curry 4 FloTro)

PROS: ✔ incredibly lightweight & fast-feeling ✔ comfort is taken to a whole new level ✔ Flow foam provides unrivaled traction

CONS: ❌ very minimal structure for anyone who’s not a guard ❌ $160+ is the price for the new Flow shoes



I picked the best performers for different players & situations at a total of 8 shoes.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If a user clicks on a product link and purchases a product, I might earn a commission.

Shoes last updated: June 30, 2022


Best Overall

The Best Curry Shoes: Curry 4 FlotRoPin

The newest kid on the block is a hybrid of the classic Curry 4 and the new Curry Flow 9. As you can guess – it worked.

A fantastic all-around shoe that takes what was good from the Curry 4 and replenishes it with UA’s latest Flow tech & upgraded materials.

The Curry 4 FloTro basically played like the Curry Flow 8 with shades of the Curry Flow 9 and the design of the Curry 4.

The upper features knit, leather and suede, so both mobility and structure are kept intact unlike a lot of other Curry sneakers.

The bottom portion is all about Flow. I actually felt like the cushion felt a bit softer and plusher than the Curry Flow 9, though not by much.

It’s a fantastic setup that keeps you low to the ground while maintaining comfort and impact protection.

I haven’t played in these as much as I did in the Curry Flow 8 & 9 but the Curry 4 FloTro easily became my favorite out of the three regardless.


One downside would be the fact that you can’t get these in the U.S for a reasonable price yet.

The initial release was in Asian countries, so be on the lookout when I update this page with links to U.S stores when the shoe drops there.

In addition, heel support took a slight step back from the Curry 4 as these feature a smaller heel counter that’s a bit more flimsy than what the original shoe offered.

I personally didn’t experience issues with it but heavier players or heavy heel strikers might.

Retail Price: not yet available outside of Asia

User Rating: not yet rated

Cushion: UA Flow

Build: knitted textile (bottom layer) + suede & leather (top layer)

Pros: ✔ versatile performance ✔ premium materials ✔ upgrades over the solid Curry 4

Cons: ✖ tough to get in the U.S right now ✖ mediocre heel support


Best Overall #2


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry Flow 9Pin

The 9th iteration of the flagship Curry shoe basically took the Curry Flow 8 and slapped on a few tweaks to make it a more complete shoe. I felt like that was a mission success!

The Curry Flow 9 still features the same Flow sole for aggressive traction no matter the court and also balanced cushion that’s just as efficient, though now even slightly more responsive than the 8th sneaker.

Most of the improvements were done to the build.

The upper now utilizes multi-layered mesh along with nylon cables for lockdown + a synthetic suede back portion. It’s still as comfy but foot containment and overall support were upgraded which is a win-win.


Go true to size with these, even if you’re a wide footer (I am one and had no issues with TTS). Also, be sure to give these a few hours to break in as the Flow foam will feel a little stiff at first.

Despite the structure upgrades, I still wouldn’t recommend the shoe to an explosive wing or a heavy frontcourt guy. This is a shoe built for Stephen Curry first and foremost.

Retail Price: $160

User Rating: 9.2

Cushion: UA Flow

Build: multi-layered mesh + synthetic suede back

Pros: ✔ extremely nimble & lightweight ✔ low-profile feel with good cushion ✔ improved support & containment over the 8

Cons: ✖ the most expensive Curry shoe at the moment ✖ still not the best option for a heavier/athletic player


Best Cheap Overall


The Best Curry Shoes: SC 3ZER0 IVPin

For those in need of a cheap Curry shoe, you’ll need to get acquainted with the SC 3ZER0 line. The 4th shoe is the one I’d recommend for a solid all-around experience on a budget.

The SC 3ZER0 IV actually features a decent synthetic leather upper which provides good containment & support and doesn’t take ages to break in (as genuine leather sometimes does).

For cushion, a Micro G midsole is offered and while it’s not the stupidly-bouncy Micro G of old, I still felt some pop underfoot without losing speed or, on the contrary, impact protection, as trade-offs.

The herringbone outsoles handled the load as well in terms of grip and this is a pretty decent option for outdoor hoopers too.


Don’t expect flagship-level comfort with these. This upper is decent but more than a couple of hours of action resulted in my toes being banged up from all the contact with the leather upon jumps and cuts.

Granted, this was probably excelled due to my wide feet.

Also, I realized pretty quickly that this midsole isn’t the most resilient. A few weeks of hoops were enough for me to start noticing a gradual loss of feedback underfoot.

While it never completely died on me, the experience is quite different vs. the first few wears.

Lastly, go true to size with these, including wide footers, though those guys should expect a snug fit that’ll need to be broken in.

Retail Price: $90

User Rating: 8

Cushion: Micro G midsole

Build: synthetic leather

Pros: ✔ solid all-around performance for 90 bucks ✔ cushion is pretty good while it lasts ✔ will last outdoors

Cons: ✖ comfort will take a hit for wide footers ✖ Micro G foam started bottoming out fairly quickly


Best For Outdoors


The Best Curry Shoes: SC 3ZER0 IIPin

The 2nd sneaker in the budget SC 3ZER0 line is easily the best Curry shoe for outdoor basketball. I don’t think it’s even close.

A series of straight lines are utilized in all kinds of directions for the shoe’s outsole and the rubber there is as aggressive as it gets. To this day, this is STILL the most rugged Curry outsole. Multiple seasons of outdoor action shouldn’t be an issue in these.

The SC 3ZER0 II uses a dual-density midsole for cushion that takes advantage of UA’s Charged and MicroG compounds.

There’s decent impact absorption at the heel, while you’re almost left with no cushion at the front. Not everyone’s going to like that but once I got used to it – it wasn’t as iffy as I initially thought it was going to be.

The upper is a synthetic material that mimics neoprene and it’s both comfortable and durable, so no worries there. My feet weren’t wrecked even after a longer session in these.


This shoe is a PAIN to put on for a wide footer. Once I stuff my feet in there – I’m locked in for good but the road to that can get quite rocky.

The high ankle collar tends to bend quite easily and there’s not a lot of room inside the ankle for the foot to slide in. Those two things make it a hassle to put the shoe on, especially for wide + thick feet.

But, the reason the collar bends so easily is because the shoe doesn’t have a heel counter.

Those are important for keeping your heel & ankle in place, so you’ll have to make sure the shoe fits you in a very snug and secure manner in order to prevent any heel issues.

Otherwise, check out my guide on heel slippage if you experience any with the SC 3ZER0 II.

Lastly, most guys will be okay with their regular size with the shoe but wide footers should be ready for a tight fit. I don’t recommend going up from your usual size since the lack of a heel counter might result in a sloppy fit.

Retail Price: $100

User Rating: 8.2

Cushion: dual density midsole (Charged carrier + Micro G heel)

Build: Maxprene (synthetic)

Pros: ✔ the most badass outsoles on a Curry sneaker ✔ the upper brings both comfort and strength ✔ excellent lockdown

Cons: ✖ lack of a heel counter could affect some players ✖ a nightmare to put on (especially for wide footers)


Best For Outdoors #2


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry 3Pin

The 3rd Curry shoe kind of fell under the radar quickly after their release but I have to give credit where it’s due. For outdoor hoops – even an older model like this one will surely do the trick.

Firstly, the Curry 3 features classic herringbone outsoles for trusty traction & durability. The thread of the pattern isn’t as ultra-strong as on the SC 3ZER0 II but still enough to beat most other modern basketball shoes. It’ll last.

Support underwent some upgrades from the Curry Two, as the Curry 3 offers carbon fiber shank plates as well as lateral wings for stability, proper heel counters, and a secure fit.

I really enjoy Under Armour’s older material choices.

anaFoam and Threadborne are used across the build of the Curry 3 and once I played in the shoe enough, the materials wrapped around my foot very nicely. It’s like a supportive glove for the foot.

I feel like Under Armour is the best at designing synthetic materials for their shoes and it always showed.


The elephant in the room with the 3rd Curry shoe is undoubtedly the cushion. There’s almost none of it (or at least it feels like there’s none of it).

It’s a great outdoor shoe overall but not if you’re solely used to springy, pillowy cushion setups. This is the direct opposite – it’s all about speed and responsiveness here.

A setup like that might tire your legs & feet out real fast on an unforgiving outdoor surface, so be aware of that.

For sizing, this one’s a bit tricky. I went up half a size (it was a long time ago, so can’t quite remember if they fit me perfectly) as a wide footer, so regular/narrow footers should stick with their usual number.

There were reviews claiming these fit long, so potentially expect a half-inch of space up at the front.

Retail Price: $140

User Rating: 8.4

Cushion: Charged midsole

Build: Threadborne (high tensile thread fabric) + anaFoam (multi-layered mesh w. foam) + Fuse overlays

Pros: ✔ traction, support, and the build are all great for outdoor hoops ✔ a very comfortable experience if you get the fit right and break in the upper

Cons: ✖ lackluster cushion (unless you prefer it that way) ✖ best to try these in-store due to the tricky sizing but that’s not an option for most people anymore


Maximum Support


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry 4Pin

The good ol’ Curry 4 takes the spot for the most supportive Curry shoe.

It was actually marketed as a minimalist type of shoe and even though it feels and plays like it, you’d be surprised how secure and locked in I felt while hooping in them.

Everything felt very natural for the foot, even for a wider one like mine. The foot sits inside the midsole and it is very nicely cupped by the carrier, though still allowing for freedom of movement.

There are internal midfoot plates in place as well as small heel counters, and due to the minimal midsole, you sit low to the ground which promotes stability.

Something that I appreciated about the Curry 4 is how well everything works despite not having a lot of stuff on the shoe.

The cushion is still quite firm and minimal but yields a bit more shock absorption than the Curry 3 while riding lower to the ground as well.

The upper features a knitted textile with a synthetic leather overlay on top of it. It’s not too much but still adds proper foot containment and molds to the foot shape extremely well if you give it time.

It’s not the most supportive shoe based on features or materials but it PLAYS like it is. That’s what’s most important.


The UA Curry 4 stepped away from the usual herringbone pattern for the outsoles and while the traction remained strong, it resulted in higher sensitivity to dust (especially the translucent outsole versions).

If you’re hooping on medium-to-poor condition indoor floors, frequent wiping is advised to maintain a good bite at all times. Outdoors, you’ll likely be okay with an occasional wipe or two.

In addition, much like the refreshed Curry 4 FloTro shoe, the heel counters on the Curry 4 are quite small, so some people with thicker/taller ankles might be affected by this.

As for sizing, most people should stick with TTS but be sure to give these time to adjust to your foot shape. Even for wide footers, this type of material stretches out given the needed amount of time.

Retail Price: $130

User Rating: 8.9

Cushion: proprietary EVA foam midsole

Build: knitted textile w. synthetic leather overlay

Pros: ✔ feels very comfortable & natural for the foot ✔ solid traction despite the lack of a herringbone pattern ✔ fantastic security for such a minimal package

Cons: ✖ you’ll need to wipe the outsoles down frequently on dirtier courts ✖ still a pretty barebones cushioning setup ✖ prices can get over retail at times at deadstock marketplaces


Maximum Comfort


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry Flow 8Pin

I didn’t have any doubts the Curry Flow 8 will stand as the most comfortable Curry sneaker right after I tried them on. If it sounds like the Curry 4 is minimal – wait ’till you try this one!

The Curry Flow 8 impressed me with the Flow midsole and it’s easily the best cushioning setup on any Curry shoe in terms of step comfort and feedback.

Out of the three Flow shoes (Flow 8, Flow 9, 4 FloTro) – this one yields the most uuumph underfoot.

The same thing can be said about the upper: a pure knitted textile is there to wrap around the foot like a sock, and the synthetic side panels add a bit of support while keeping things feathery.

This one feels like a running sneaker the most out of all Curry kicks. It’s scarily light, deadly responsive, and all-around comfortable.


Because of the barebones build of the Curry Flow 8 – these are simply not an option for anyone who’s looking for medium-to-strong support.

There’s nothing here to hold your foot in if you’re an explosive athlete or a heavier guy.

Even though I didn’t have major issues with it being an athletic player myself, I can’t deny I felt my foot wanting to slide out of the footbed at times (luckily, it never happened) which can get in your head.

Also, remember I said that these feel like a runner? Part of it is due to high heel elevation and a drastic slope down to the front. This resulted in my foot occasionally shifting forward and my toes hitting the toebox.

Some sessions ended with my toes hurting from all the hits and while it was never a deal-breaking situation, it’s definitely a culprit. This issue was fixed with the following Curry Flow 9 as a side note.

Lastly, these also fit just about anyone small (it did for me and all the reports I read/watched online), so you’ll want to step up a half size from your usual choice. 

Retail Price: $160

User Rating: 9

Cushion: UA Flow

Build: knitted textile w. synthetic side panels + Fuse overlays

Pros: ✔ the most comfortable & fastest-feeling Curry shoe ✔ movements are greatly propelled forward due to a higher heel drop ✔ Flow foam provides insane traction

 Cons: ✖ minimal support ✖ my foot shifts forward in the shoe, resulting in toe bumps


Best For Wide Feet


The Best Curry Shoes: Curry OnePin

Much like Harden’s shoe situation, the very first Curry model is the best option for a wide foot. Now, I can’t say other shoes are a definite ‘no’ for guys like us, as that would simply not be true.

But the Curry One offers the roomiest construction out of all models which makes it the best wide footer’s option for those not wanting to break a shoe in and get a proper experience right out of the box.

And for those who have the most prominent cases of wide feet, the Curry One is definitely the best at handling that.

Apart from being a good wide footer’s choice, the sneaker is a pretty good overall performer too.

Traction is as great as always (they’re pretty reliable for outdoors as well), there’s enough support not to overly restrict you and the synthetic anaFoam + ClutchFit upper feels really damn nice once it molds to the wearer’s foot shape.


This one’s not a surprise but don’t expect a ton of cushion. The midsole which features Charged and Micro G did give me some feedback on more aggressive movements but it’s still mediocre compared to a Curry Flow 8 or 9.

If I had to compare this midsole with the rest of the lineup, I’d say these are a bit plusher than the Curry Two, 3, 4, and 7 but falls short vs. the 6 and the Flow models.

Another small culprit is sensitivity to floor debris. Much like the Curry 4, you’ll need to stop and get a quick wipe in here and there if you hoop on an older/dirtier court.

Sizing-wise, these are solid: true to size is advised for just about anyone.

Retail Price: $120

User Rating: 8

Cushion: dual-density midsole (Charged + Micro G)

Build: anaFoam (multi-layered mesh w. foam) + ClutchFit (synthetic)

Pros: ✔ trustworthy all-around performance ✔ a great wide footer’s choice but other wearers will also enjoy the fit ✔ solid for outdoors

Cons: ✖ you’ll need to wipe ’em down occassionally to keep the traction healthy ✖ prices can climb over retail at deadstock marketplaces


It’s not just about choosing a shoe. It’s also about saving the most $$$ when buying one

The Best Curry Shoes: How To BuyPin

Some of the shoes listed here are widely available pretty much everywhere you look but others aren’t.

Let’s go over exactly where I personally buy my performance basketball shoes from, including the best Curry shoes, and how to save as much cash as possible.


The official Under Armour website is obviously the go-to choice when shopping for the latest/couple-year-old Curry kicks. Unlike Nike, adidas, or Jordan – Under Armour actually keeps the stock for longer than other manufacturers on their website.

It’s no surprise to find a 2-3-year-old Curry shoe here while other big dogs like Nikey usually get rid of any release older than a year.

For 1-3-year-old shoes though, expect there to be a shortage of sizes and colorways as the most common options are usually sold out by that time.

If you can’t find your size on Under Armour, it’s time to shift towards other sports retailers like Foot Locker, Finish Line, Eastbay, or Champs Sports. All of these stores sell shoes at retail, so you’re good on the pricing.

Something I noticed is one sports retailer in particular, DICK’s Sporting Goods, often has some leftover stock still available while other retailers have long wiped theirs.

So if you can’t find the shoe on UA or your favorite sports stores – I always recommend checking DICK’s since they tend to have some surprises.


Anything over 3+ years old will usually be gone in just about any sports retailer, so for those shoes, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Amazon has proven to be a good source of older sneakers, and I noticed that about 6-12 months after most retailers get rid of their stock, some of that stuff quickly pops up on Amazon.

And last but not least, if all above fails, your main option will be deadstock marketplaces. StockX and GOAT are the industry leaders selling sneakers that are long gone from retailers’ shelves.

The pricing will vary depending on the shoe’s popularity and demand, so there are cases where you’ll need to buy some shoes over retail, while others can be snatched for dirt cheap.

There are probably only a few instances where you’d need to pay a reasonable amount over retail for a Curry shoe, so don’t worry about that too much.


Of course, most of us want to buy the best thing for the least amount of money, and sometimes consumers aren’t familiar with the methods they can take advantage of to reduce prices or they’re not aware of when & where to buy for cheaper.

This is why I created a consumer’s guide on how to get basketball shoes for cheaper – this includes Under Armour & Curry models as well.

I highly encourage you to check it out if you want to acquire some knowledge on when to buy, what are the sale patterns, which stores to look at, and what can be done to yield the best possible discount at the time of buying.



Here are the principles and rules I stuck to when picking each shoe

The Best Curry Shoes: How I ChosePin

I believe that knowing HOW the shoes are actually picked for the job is just as important as the choices themselves.

This is why I always dedicate the time to explaining what kind of player I am and how each shoe is tested, and what are the keys I stick to when choosing.


I’m a 6’1 guard at ~174 lbs at the moment of writing this guide. I shed quite a bit of weight this summer due to laying off from working out, though I still play basketball.

Though I’m not a professional player, I consider myself quite explosive and athletic for my size. I excel at slashing and finishing to the rim, drawing defenses and kicking out to the 3-point line, and shooting mid-range jump shots.

If you want to know the limits (or close to them) of a particular sneaker, I’m a pretty good candidate since the way I play definitely puts stress on the body, and also on the shoe as a result.


For shoes that I reviewed and posted a detailed analysis of, 2 months is the minimum time I’m hooping in them.

Now, some shoes that I do include some shoes in my lists that I haven’t reviewed yet but even in those cases, I usually have some amount of playing time in those.

There were only a few instances where I included a sneaker I have no personal experience with.

That’s only because the reception from the public is so overwhelmingly positive, I’d be doing a disservice to the reader who’s looking at all of their possible options.


Closing out everything you need to know on Curry’s kicks

The Best Curry Shoes: ConclusionsPin

That wraps up the guide on the best Curry shoes and everything you need to know to get started! I genuinely hope you enjoyed it and found something useful here!

Now you know that most sneakers from the greatest shooter on the planet are in fact specifically tailored to him, so some players might not enjoy them as much.

Guards and especially fast, shifty, and agile guards will surely find these shoes the best fitting. However, the recent Flow innovation took a step in the right direction as the line became a bit more versatile.


As always, I’m super excited to hear your thoughts, takes, and questions on Curry hoop shoes or anything basketball shoe-related.

This guide without your input is just a one-sided monologue, so why not make it an engaging place to be in? Your thoughts are invaluable both to me AND the future reader who’s looking for a multitude of opinions!

So, if you have any questions, suggestions, or things you might want to add,

Drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!















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  1. Considering what this “kid” has done over the last few years, I believe everyone wants to have Steph Curry shoes! The dude is simply amazing. I’m one of those people and SC 3ZER0 line has caught my eye. To be honest, I’m looking for a pair to wear everyday, and this one seems like a good fit. Thanks for sharing your post and keep up the good work as always!

    1. Yep, for casual use and some basketball sprinkled here and there, the SC 3ZER0 line will definitely give you the most value for your money.

      You’ll only be spending up to $90, and the latest SC 3ZER0 IV is actually a good performer, plus it’s got a nice leather upper for the amount you’re spending, so it’ll last both for casual wear and hoops.

  2. What is the most popular shoe in the NBA this season?
    I am aware that the 2020-21 NBA regular season kicks statistics, Nike was the most popular choice among players.

     Also, NBA players mostly chose between the Nike Kobe 6 and Nike PG 5 models, which took first places in various categories.

    Thank you very much.

    1. There’s no single pair of the most popular shoe worn in 2020-2021 (or maybe you meant 2021-2022 which is the latest season that ended) but there are a few options that were the most reocurring.

      Guys just seem to adore Kobe’s and I don’t blame them lol. The Kobe 5 & 6 (both Protro and non-Protro versions are worn), Kobe 11 Elite, and the Kobe A.D. are the most popular options at the moment.

      However, I still commonly spot people wearing the Nike Zoom Rize 2 (Al Horford wore them like there’s no tomorrow in the playoffs), the LeBron 17, and the PG 6.

      Check out for updated reports on the most popular basketball shoes based on many different categories – those guys are killing it with the stats!

  3. Hey great post!

    I really like how you have compared and contrasted them, it’s fair too! 

    This post isn’t only useful but educational for me too as I hadn’t known what curry shows were before this. I also wasn’t expecting them to be this expensive at first however after reading through I get why these awesome shoes are!

    1. Curry’s stuff falls somewhere in the upper middle in terms of signature lines. So yeah, might seem expensive for some, while LeBron’s flagship line has always stayed at 200 bucks, so there are always more premium options out there 😉

      Appreciate the support – more on the way as always!

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