Best Basketball Shoes For Men: 12-Pair List For Every Player

Time to arm yourself with some weapons hoopers! Let’s break down the overall best basketball shoes for men that you can get right now, no matter what’s your position or how you play. Think of it as your go-to cheat sheet when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.


Best Basketball Shoes For Men: SportPin

Whether you’re a two-guard, a small forward who does a little bit of everything, or a shooter – this quick guide & shoe list is dedicated to compiling the most well-rounded performers a.k.a. the most versatile shoes that offer all you need while not sacrificing much of anything.

There are two sides of the coin to this. A huge part of today’s performance basketball shoe market is in fact shoes that cater to many different players through ways of modern tech & materials as athletes are doing a little bit of everything despite their position now.

But with that comes its caveats. You probably already know how massive today’s sneaker market is, and it can be quite confusing to pick out the “right” pair for you out of the hundreds available.

This is exactly why we need to cover some basic stuff you should know before getting a basketball shoe in 2021 or any year in general.


Should we need to be concerned with picking the right pair for the right playstyle/position? Not so fast.


The short answer to this question would be no, so let’s start with that. Most of the time, you’ll be completely fine by going with a trusty well-rounded option that ticks all the boxes in terms of what most players are looking for.

Hoopers need a comfortable, mobile shoe, aggressive traction for various types of floors, cushioning that provides nice energy return but also protects from impact, all-around security, and most importantly, their money spent well. Something that will last for a while without paying an absolute fortune.

And the good news is, there are tons of shoes released in the last few years that provide all those qualities for a competitive price. That’s the part that’s brilliant about today’s sneaker market. Among all the bad and confusing stuff of course.

But the longer answer would be, it depends. Sure, you’ll be completely a-okay most of the time but there are times when it’s beneficial to try and track down a shoe that works best for how you play and one that offers the qualities that YOU value the most.

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: ShoePin

Those types of shoes also exist and if you know what to look for, you can absolutely get a pair that’ll make you feel it was made for you. Let’s say you’re someone who’s a light guard who plays with a lot of quickness, moving off the ball and creating openings for shooting, you’re constantly picking and popping off screens.

In that case, you’d probably need something very light, unrestrictive, and something that would provide an ample amount of protection but you’d also benefit from being as low to the ground as possible.

Shoes from this guard’s list would do the trick for you, such as the Curry 6 or the Kyrie 6. Those shoes are in fact made with a certain player in mind.

So I’d only advise aiming for a “specific” shoe only if, one, you’re already familiar with how you play and what your on-court tendencies & habits are, and two, if you’ve done enough research on the shoes that you find the best fitting by reading reviews, user feedback and having some basic knowledge on the principles of a basketball shoe’s performance.

Otherwise, if you’re someone who does a bit of everything, you appreciate different types of shoes and don’t find a specific category especially appealing or you’re just not yet familiar with what works best for you, just go with a trusty well-rounded option.

And that’s what’s provided in the list, so keep on reading.

The qualities you should look for when getting a new pair of trustworthy & well-rounded basketball shoes


Let’s assume you don’t know what exactly makes up a good basketball shoe that can suit any player out there. Follow these main principles which will become your foundation to stick to when getting most of your hoop shoes down the line.


No tech, top of the line materials, or anything else can make a shoe great when it’s not fitting you properly. A shoe should give you that one-to-one experience that feels just right and leaves just the right amount of space for your foot while keeping it secure.

Foot containment inside the footbed should also be a priority, along with enough comfort to keep the game flowing smoothly. Whether you prefer a tighter or a roomier fit, it should always be secure, contained, and distraction-free. Otherwise, all else falls apart.

Checking shoe reviews from multiple sources works best here as no foot is the same. This way you’ll be able to evaluate what size to go with and what type of fit to expect.

If you’re completely unsure, ordering multiple pairs of different sizes (e.g. your usual size 10 and a 10.5) is something I’ve done many times now, returning the unneeded pair and sticking with the one that felt better.


Of course, the main attraction is the shoe’s performance when you’re a player. First, we need to be aiming for aggressive traction that’s both consistent and durable in case you want to take it outdoors.

We also need to have enough amount of cushion which not only provides energy return making you feel efficient but also helps absorb force upon impact keeping you secure. The shoe’s midsole shouldn’t slow you down due to its mushiness, nor should it should make you feel like you’re running bricks.

Then there’s the support aspect – a secure fit is usually not enough to provide the protection many different play styles would need.

We should be looking for support features implemented such as heel counters for heel & ankle lockdown, outriggers for lateral protection, midfoot shanks/plates for torsional support, and several others. Ideally, all those support pieces shouldn’t overly restrict you and keep you mobile.


We are all consumers that are hunting for the best prices hoping to get a product that’s worth keeping for a long time. With that, there are several kicks out there with the consumer in mind. You shouldn’t overpay brands just because they’ve slapped a fancy tech name and called it a day.

The sneaker market can be wildly inconsistent at times, so you need to know what’s worth it and what’s not. Check the shoe list and you’ll hopefully get a good idea of what defines a good shoe deal.


You could say this one’s optional but I like to pay attention to what’s been used to build the shoe’s upper. This ties in with the above factor and something that often comes down to personal preferences.

Maybe you’re a fan of soft knits or maybe you’re sticking with raw materials like leather and nubuck. Today’s modern materials are mostly soft, light synthetics or knits which are usually reinforced for durability. These usually are some of the most comfortable, breathable, and easiest to break in.

But you can also go with a more classic approach such as leather, suede, or nubuck. These would generally be more durable, easier to take care of and provide the best security.

It’s important for you to know how I put it together

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: SchemePin

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of where to look when getting a good shoe, let’s quickly break down what factors I’ve stuck to when putting the list together. I believe these are important to know.


No shoe in the list was untouched. I’ve been playing in all of them for at least 2 months with some of the ones both indoors and outdoors, while outdoors only for the newest releases due to quarantine.

I’m a 6’1 guard at 175 lbs and I love driving to the hoop, attacking my opponents with force, and playing above the rim when I can. I’m definitely giving each shoe a run for its money from performance & durability standpoints.

You’ll get a good idea if these shoes perform well outdoors and if you’d like to get more details, I’ll drop links to each dedicated review. If a review is unavailable for a particular shoe, this means I’m nearly done with the testing and it’s coming soon!


I’m only including shoes that are widely available and can still be copped for a fair price. This means models launched in the last few years will be our priority. I don’t think you’ll want to hunt for old-school’s on eBay for ridiculous prices. Plus, the latest & greatest tech is never a bad thing.


Just as we’ve covered a little earlier, the main points of emphasis when looking at shoes were balanced all-around performance and the most value for the money. Versatility is key and if you can get it for a great price, it’s a win-win.


The list is presented in no particular order, breaking down what I liked about each shoe and disclosing possible issues or things you should remember before buying. At the end, I also give my top 3 personal favorites I’m still actively playing in a lot.


9 picks & top-three personal favorites at the end. Last updated on the 13th of April, 2021

My Rating: 9.4  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 115 USD


Best Basketball Shoes For Men: Dame 5Pin


My personal favorite Dame shoe is the Dame 3, while the Dame 7 is also a fantastic option for a lot of guards. However, I personally believe it is the Dame 5 that’s still the most well-rounded shoe pretty much anyone can pick up and play.

Grippy and durable traction has been a part of Dame’s line for a while and the 5th shoe continues on that note. No wiping, no slide-outs, no court sensitivity. Just pure traction that’ll last you a long time.

The shoe has a Bounce cushion setup which I hold as still one of the most versatile rides ever. Fast but not too firm. There’s impact protection for just about any position and even though it’s not a particularly bouncy setup, there’s still enough underfoot energy return to keep you sharp and explosive. I love it.

The Dame 5 feels like a tank as it’s a very supportive shoe packed with the most essential features, yet it’s not ultra restrictive. Give it some time to break the shoe in and you’ll feel both comfortable and secure.

And for $115 – this is a very durable build.


These run long for most, so regular/narrow footers will want to go down 1/2 a size. Wide footers like myself, true to size will likely still be the best option but getting a couple of different sizes just in case won’t hurt here.

The shoe also comes in a couple of different variants: there’s a leather upper option or a mesh upper one along with a synthetic nubuck piece at the back. Performance-wise, these versions aren’t that different but the more durable variant will still be the leather option.

Lastly, while I didn’t have this happen to me, some people report that the shoe’s outsole didn’t bite the floor well at first. Giving the rubber some time to roughen up fixed the issue and traction was great eventually, so something to keep in mind. 

My Rating: 8.4  |  Outdoor-Ready: ?

? 150 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: Cosmic UnityPin


The latest from Nikey is a really nice all-around hoop shoe with a twist. Made up of at least 25% recycled material, the Cosmic Unity looks to inspire people to save their own planet in style. But let’s be real, will we really be saving the environment when the Swoosh is actually among the leaders of produced waste right now?

Regardless, let’s put that aside and talk about what really matters about the Cosmic Unity. We got classic old-school herringbone outsoles slapped on and these grip just as the classics from Nikey did. Silent, consistent, and deadly. And you’ll be fine hooping on the blacktop for a while.

The pattern starts burning off rather quickly but the rubber still catches your foot despite the damage. You’ll be fine for a few months is what I’m saying.

Next, welcome the glory of a full-length Zoom strobel sitting right under your foot.

The balance is real: low to the ground, quick but still super bouncy to make for one hell of a ride. Court feel or cushion? Well, you don’t need to pick this time. Full-length Zoom Air done right can be miles ahead of the competition at times and it’s not even funny.

But it doesn’t end there: it’s a supportive shoe, packing beefy midsoles cupping your foot for containment & stability, and a comfy but reliable upper utilizing knits & textiles. I had a blast playing or just messing around in the Cosmic Unity, so Nikey, we know you’re capable of making stuff like this on a consistent basis.


Not the best option for wide footers like myself. Even though the upper is based on lightweight fabrics and can stretch out to a point, the last of the shoe is on the narrow side. I was never able to reach that 100% level of comfort while playing and I’m two months with the shoe already.

But most guys should go true to size for a secure, snug fit, including wide footers. But if you’ve got thick feet as I do, certain torsional movements/quicker linear strides might be a little suffocating at times, so there are better options out there.

Also, patience is your weapon with these. The beefy midsoles need some time to soften up and start moving better with your feet, so expect the kicks to feel a little stiff at first. Some guys also reported experiencing initial heel slippage but it went away eventually.

My Rating: 8.1  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 140 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: Soldier 13Pin


LeBron’s secondary shoe line has low-key always been consistent in delivering very balanced shoes, usually with security as the main emphasis. The Soldier 13 continues on that path and I actually like it more than several main LeBron shoes.

Classic herringbone is utilized throughout the outsole, so we’re getting some nice traction that’s also outdoor-ready.

Heel & forefoot Zoom Air + a Phylon midsole is the shoe’s cushion setup and while it’s nothing special, it gets the job done performance-wise. There’s plenty of impact protection at the back and it feels very fast and responsive at the front. Definitely a more balanced ride rather than a flat out bouncy one.

The upper is a ripstop textile so it’s light, comfortable, and containment’s fine.

The shoe relies on a correct fit and the midfoot & forefoot straps in terms of support, as it’s a laceless shoe. Might be a little unusual if you haven’t played in something like this but provided you get the size perfect, these are as secure as it can get, no joke.


Make sure to get the size correct as the upper doesn’t really stretch & there’s no real way to tailor the fit (besides the straps) with the lack of a traditional lacing system.

Most people will be good with their regular size – expect a snug fit on the tighter side. For people who prefer to have some room for their foot – going up 1/2 a size is an option.

Even though the outsole should last you a while for outdoor play, I’m not sure if the upper will. So put these in your main outdoor rotation at your own risk.

I’ve personally been playing in these outdoors for over 4 months now and besides a few cosmetic dents, the shoe’s still fine. So that’s my best benchmark I can give you for durability.

My Rating: 8.8  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 185 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: LeBron 16Pin


Similar to the Dame line, I really like the LeBron 17 and I love the 18th for its fun & luxury factors. But the LeBron 16 is still the most versatile & practical LeBron shoe in my book.

If you’re taking these outdoors – don’t worry. We’ve got some really nice traction that, one, doesn’t need you wiping every two seconds, and two, it uses strong rubber so you can bang any time you want on the blacktop.

The cushion setup is nothing short of fancy – full-length Max Air along with a bunch of Zoom Air units under it makes for a really fun ride.  This will be on the bouncier side but I still felt fast, explosive and there’s a TON of impact protection to go along with it.

This setup is fast enough for a guard but there’s enough cushion to make the big guys of basketball happy as well.

The LeBron 16 is also built very well as it utilizes one of the most durable implementations of a knit I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a knit at its core but there’s a lot of nylon stitched in which helps add more structure and hold your foot in.

We’re getting the comfort of a knit, yet we’re also getting support & containment thanks to the engineering of the materials and other support features packed in here.


These are absolutely wide footer-compatible. Most foot shapes will be a-okay by going true to size but you can experiment and go up half a size if you’d like more room inside.

Also, expect some heel slippage at first – something I’ve initially experienced but it went away fairly quickly. This may or may not happen to you, depending on the foot shape of course.

Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 85 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: RR5Pin



I’m so damn happy I actually tried this one. With the 5th model of Rajon Rondo’s signature sneaker from ANTA being THAT good, I’m seriously excited to try the 6th one soon. But the Rajon Rondo RR5 is more than enough for now.

If you’re not used to overseas brands such as Li-Ning or ANTA, most of them actually focus on an outdoor audience and the RR5 is a great example.

We’re getting super sticky & durable rubber that grips any court no problem, A-Shock cushion that actually feels similar to adidas’s Bounce (fast, quite low to the ground but still comfy and provides impact absorption), support that doesn’t restrict you, and a very smooth knit upper.

Just like most Chinese brand shoe models, this one’s great for a wide foot as the shoe’s platform is widened. Plus the knit being able to stretch out to mold to your foot. This knit is also reinforced with Fuse pieces in high-wear areas, so durability isn’t the worst here if we had to compare it to other knit shoes.

And you can find these for $85! If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what is. If you’re looking for an all-around performer that doesn’t break the bank at all and makes you forget you’ve got a shoe on, look no further.


Most people will be fine by going true to size, though these might be a little tough to get at times. Due to them being made by a Chinese brand, I don’t think you’ll find them above size 11. So if you’re a 7-footer, I’m sorry.

My Rating: 8.5  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 140 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: Zoom RizePin


These quickly became one of the staples in my rotation, as these are so much fun. And they happen to have the pillars for a very versatile shoe. Who would’ve thought a basic team model from Nike could be one of the greatest shoes of 2019?

The Zoom Rize features a modified herringbone traction pattern that’s both aggressive and durable (you can forget about constant wiping too) & an engineered mesh upper with some Fuse overlays for more structure. 

Nothing special in terms of materials but foot containment is there, so is a base level of comfort and you can absolutely achieve a one-to-one fit with these. All-around support is solid, and I never felt stiff after a moderate break-in period.

But the main attraction with these is what you get underfoot. A Phylon midsole + a forefoot Zoom unit might not sound like much but wait ’till you step in these and give that foam some time.

The sheer amount of energy return and the rate to which it’s delivered underfoot is something I’ve only experienced a handful of times before. This is the definition of a “bouncy” setup done right and you really gotta try it to understand how good this is.

Great for just about any position but especially perfect for an explosive style.


Due to the mesh being a little rigid here, you can expect a somewhat lengthier break-in period, especially if you’re a wide footer. It took about 2 weeks for me to feel 100% comfortable in these.

Most people will be fine sticking with their usual size but if you prefer a roomier fit, go up 1/2 a size. No length or slippage issues should be present in either case.

Heads up! The Zoom Rize 2 is out and I happened to put some hours with ’em not long ago. Loved it just as much as the first one! Check out how they stack up in the full review.

My Rating: 8.5  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 225 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: WOW 8Pin


Another successful product from a Chinese brand Li-Ning – this time, Dwayne Wade’s 8th signature shoe. Costs a small fortune but once again, you get what you pay for with these models.

None of the components (besides support) stood out for me but not in a bad way – everything works well from top to bottom, giving you that distraction-free experience to play at will.

They grip the floor well and they’re okay for a moderate level of outdoor play, Li-Ning’s BOOM cushion is once again quite similar to Bounce by adidas or a thin version of Boost. Very fast and responsive but still yields full-length protection and a little bit of spring back.

The upper is Cordura’s fabric with additional stitching throughout for protection and better foot containment. There are also Fuse pieces on key areas, so you’re getting the comfort of nylon and the support of a tank.

Speaking of support, this is undeniably the most secure shoe of 2020 and in the last few years in general. If you’re someone who’s having trouble with your feet/ankles or you’ve got a play style that involves a lot of force being applied to your knees & other joints, this might prove to be a worthy investment.

And the beautiful part is, they don’t come off as stiff or overly heavy.


These run long, so going down 1/2 a size for most will be the #1 option. Wide footers also have no other options if looking to avoid potential security issues. No worries though, just like the ANTA Rajon Rondo RR5, these have been built with a wider foot in mind.

Also, give these plenty of time to properly break in and adjust to your foot. The upper, the huge torsional shank plate made of carbon fiber – this stuff will need some time to soften up and start feeling like an extension rather than a distraction.

Granted, the shoe did feel stiff and weird at first but that’s normal and should go away eventually. If it doesn’t – you probably got the size incorrect.

My Rating: 8.3  |  Outdoor-Ready: ?

  ? 120 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: Embiid OnePin


Joel Embiid’s first signature shoe might look like something catered to bigger guys but it’s a very versatile shoe at its core. I’m a guard and I’m loving it – and you can find plenty of big guys saying good things about the shoe, so a win-win for most. And good thing we’ve always got Under Armour keeping prices in check!

The Embiid One features UA’s take on a classic herringbone pattern and it works well. A wipe or two occasionally is enough to keep the bite in check, even on crappy courts like the one I’m playing on lately.

The upper is a lightweight open mesh with Fuse overlays on high-wear areas. Nothing fancy but works – it’s breathable, breaks in very quickly and there’s enough structure to keep the foot in the footbed at all times. Pretty much a standard 2020-style upper.

The cushion used here impressed me the most: full-length Micro G along with a HOVR heel unit. If you’ve ever experienced UA’s Mirco G several years back (e.g. the UA Clutchfit Drive or the Torch), you know what to expect.

While this is not EXACTLY like it, it’s still super well-balanced: there’s shock absorption due to Micro G, responsiveness and quickness are intact partly due to the HOVR and these feel soft underfoot. More on the mushy side rather than bouncy but not mushy to a point where you feel slowed down.


Pretty much everyone should go true to size with these, even wide footers. The platform is wide enough for most foot shapes and the mesh upper stretches out a bit, so you’re good.

I don’t recommend going up from your regular size as foot containment might suffer as a result. There’s not a lot that holds it in if the fit’s not near-perfect.

Also, this is most likely due to my wide feet but the TPU wings that you see laterally caused some discomfort at first. That went away about a week in though.

Oh, and keep outdoor action to occasional with these – I’ve definitely seen more durable rubber before, despite this being better than today’s average indoor sneaker.

My Rating: 8.1  |  Outdoor-Ready: ?

  ? 180 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: AJ 35Pin


The flagship standard Jordan 35 has brought some nice improvements over the previous shoe but it’s still the same awesome option that brings versatility and, this time, better durability into the picture.

The AJ 35 brings everything you need to have an efficient game but more focus is being put on making the shoe lighter, faster, and more nimble. Something the Air Jordan line lacked for quite a while.

Traction is solid, unlocked forefoot & heel Zoom Air is still great (though a little firmer now) providing impact protection and responsiveness underfoot, and the support upgrades make a difference.

The Eclipse Plate 2.0 has been tweaked for better torsional support, the inclusion of raw materials to the upper is also welcome. We’re now getting a mix of new and old: synthetics make up comfort and mobility, while leather/suede add extra structure and durability.

The end result is an extremely well-rounded basketball sneaker virtually anyone can lace up and enjoy.


One little issue I’ve seen many people had is the nylon lace loops digging into the arches of their feet. The tighter you lace the shoe up, the worse it gets. While it wasn’t as bad for me, I still found it uncomfortable.

Luckily for me, it did go away a couple of weeks in and it was never that deal-breaking for me. Perhaps because due to my feet being pretty damn wide, I never had pulled the laces that hard.

The average time for these to break in will be 1-2 weeks depending on your foot shape. And pretty much everyone should go true to size for a one-to-one fit.

Lastly, similar to the Embiid One, keep outdoor games in check as this isn’t your ultra-durable XDR rubber. 3+ months in, the traction’s still great though.


In no particular order. I can’t stop wrecking these

My Rating: 8.4  |  Outdoor-Ready: ?

  ? 175 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: AJ 34Pin


Now take everything I’ve said about the Jordan 35 and make it a little softer & bouncier underfoot and also take away the arch digging issue. That’s the Air Jordan 34 for you. While both shoes are awesome, I’m just having more fun in the 34’s personally and there’s a good chance you will too.

Sure, some people will say the benefits of upgrading to the AJ 35. Perhaps you like the use of genuine materials and aim for better durability or you need every bit of extra support you can get. Or perhaps you prefer a faster ride underfoot.

With that thought, the AJ 34 is still a near-perfect shoe in my eyes. The support you get is still enough for just about any player, the upper is a series of synthetics & Performance Woven underneath which is AWESOME and makes sure your foot is in place at all times.

Traction is still the same (albeit the rubber looks a little more durable) and the forefoot & heel Zoom Air cushion is super versatile but on the bouncier side.

It’s just a premium shoe that delivers it all. A quick guard should feel efficient in these. So should a 7-footer. You get the idea.


Similar to the Jordan 35, this isn’t an outdoor-focused shoe, so while taking these outdoor won’t hurt, I wouldn’t put these among the most durable options for the blacktop. By inspecting both shoes, I think the rubber feels a little stronger on the 34.

These are also wide footer-friendly. Everyone should go true to their size. And no digging issues this time.

My Rating: 9.3  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 140 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: D Rose 6Pin


The ultimate classic. I’ve been playing in the D Rose 6 Boost ever since it launched in 2015. That already speaks for its longevity. I don’t know what’s with me and this shoe but I never seemed to have stopped playing in these.

But of course, there are reasons why. Traction is deadly, and I mean every part of that word. I don’t think I need to tell you it’s outdoor-ready. Full-length Boost cushion is a thing of beauty. They rarely make ’em like that now, for real. Loads of impact protection and super quick energy return while staying low to the ground is something Boost does the best.

Support is also phenomenal, and not just for a guard. I’m sure some of you have seen how Derrick Rose plays, the man needs ALL the support he can get while staying quick.

The D Rose 6 achieves just that due to adidas’s StableFrame tech, the midsole being caged in TPU, a torsional shank, heel counters, a flat & wide base. You name it.

I don’t think these are leaving my rotation any time soon.


Believe it or not, I don’t have any real nitpicks or issues to point out. They’re that good. There are a couple of things worth noting though.

Most people should go true to size with these, including wide footers. For those who prefer an extremely snug fit, going down 1/2 a size is viable.

The shoe comes in several different variants, though you won’t be able to get some of them now. The two that stand out are the Primeknit and the leather versions. Go with Primeknit (if you can find it) for maximum comfort, while leather is the best choice for durability. 

My Rating: 9  |  Outdoor-Ready: ✅

  ? 150 USD

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: CE 2017Pin


Last but DEFINITELY not least, I present you with 2017’s cult-classic and adidas’s gem out of nowhere – the Crazy Explosive 2017. Back when adidas was still slapping Boost everywhere they could and it worked. Well, that, and brilliant engineering for the rest of the shoe of course.

While they feel similar to the D Rose 6, I found this implementation of Boost even more addicting. It might look a little thinner but the experience was the opposite. Bouncy is an understatement here.

We’re talking top of the line impact protection, buttery smooth heel-to-toe transitions, blazing-fast energy return, and all that while staying fairly low to the ground. Once again, I don’t think there’s any other foam compound that does that better than Boost. If you want to have fun with your shoe on the court, try these out.

Well, if you want to have even more fun it’s kind of ridiculous – try out the LeBron 18. Just thought I’ll put that out there for those that are interested.

The support department is also excellent, something adidas rarely fails in. There’s everything you need in here to stay secure and comfortable. And if you want the definitive experience, go with the Primeknit version.


The first thing you should know about these is they come in several versions. There is a mesh variant and a Primeknit variant. Even though Primeknit is THE one per se, the mesh version is still very good. You’re not losing much by going with that.

Both the mesh and the Primeknit options come in a low top or a high top cut, so go with what you prefer. Mind you, the high top version merely adds a compression sleeve around your ankle, so it’s not your traditional high-cut shoe.

I do recommend wiping the outsoles down periodically with these as the dense traction pattern does attract dust fairly quickly. A quick wipe from time to time is all you need to keep things at 100%. The shoe will last you a long time outdoors.

We’re just getting started!

Best Basketball Shoes For Men: DunkPin

That’s it for the guide & shoe list! Another one down, but more to come. Just as always, be sure to come back here occasionally as I’m always testing new shoes that might be potential beasts on the court. I’ll do my best to update it with fresh shoes if I see the need to.

But in the meantime, I’ve got plenty of other helpful guides & shoe lists to go along with this one. Perhaps you’d like to get more specific now that you know how you play and what you need? Check out the options below!

And if you’ve got a question, suggestion, would like to share your own experience with any of these shoes or just like to chat,

Leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!


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