Top CHEAP Basketball Shoes Still Worth Getting ($40 – $100)

Trust me – I’ve been there. Making the most out of a less-than-generous budget when it comes to hoop shoes is tough. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Let’s break down the current top cheap basketball shoes that are all still worth getting in 2021 and even hold their own against the top dogs in the $100$200 club.

Top Cheap Basketball ShoesPin


Getting a new pair of “trustworthy” shoes might sound a little iffy if you’ve only got below a hundred to spend. This worry is totally justified – I get it. This is why I’d like to first get you acclimated with such a budget range before you jump straight into the shoes without any context/knowledge of why you should trust my picks.

So, I’ll give you a quick, no B.S. intro on what kind of product to generally expect at the $40-$100 price range, I’ll lay down a simple plan of attack when hunting for a pair, explain the process behind choosing the shoes for this list and give you my options to choose from.

I’ll also include my current personal favorite cheap shoe to play in at the end of the list.

Let’s go!

Not so fast! Here’s what you can expect when grabbing a new pair for a double-digit price range

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: BudgetPin

Despite most of the top dogs and popular flagship models from your favorite brands such as Nikey, Jordan and adidas usually sitting over the $100 mountain – this doesn’t mean there aren’t any kicks that are cheaper, still perform well, and can last just as long as a $200 sneaker would.

Price is not everything and it doesn’t always directly correlate with quality. This is why we need to do some digging but this is exactly where I come in.

You’re not going to get the most premium materials, top-of-the-line build quality, or flagship technology in a $50 sneaker for example but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad sneaker. You just have to know what to look for.

So, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into with a lower budget available. While there will always be some exceptions, let me quickly outline to you what you should generally find when shopping for such shoes.


You’re not going to get adidas’s Primeknit, Nikey’s Flyknit, or Jordan’s Performance Woven at prices below $100. Or if we’re talking tech, you can forget about full-length Zoom strobels, adidas’s flagship Boost foam, and things along that line.

However, remember that a HUGE part of these technologies’ success is the fact that they’re marketed so well. Take the fancy names away and they become standard, known materials just like everything else. So, while you won’t get yourself a popular, tech’d-out shoe, there are options that will still put a smile on your face.

Basic mesh, knits, Fuse-like materials with more structure, and perhaps hints of raw, genuine materials can all be found on cheaper models. Not all of them will be the same quality but that’s what I’m here for – to pick out the ones that matter.


Let’s be real here – you won’t find many signature models for under 100 dollars if we’re talking retail prices. So, I’d recommend shying away from LeBron, KD, Kyrie, or anyone else who’s got a signature shoe line since you won’t afford those. Unless you find ’em at a discount or at your local sports outlet. We’ll touch more on that a bit later.

So, non-signature models such as team shoes or entry-level shoe lines will be your best friends here. Fortunately, there’s quite a bit of them to choose from across all brands.


There’s one little twist that’s worth mentioning. Cheaper shoes usually tend to be more durable and reliable for outdoor play and generally last longer under different conditions without the need to constantly take care of ’em like they’re your baby.

Why? Because brands such as Nikey like to market their cheaper shoes as “outdoor” models sometimes. This means that they usually have more durable outsole rubber for abrasive surfaces, and there’s generally less bulk throughout the build that would visibly wear out quickly.

The more popular, more expensive models endorsed by LeBron, Giannis, or any other NBA player usually tend to sport thinner, lighter materials that might look more attractive and are likely more comfortable, one thing’s clear that durability is becoming less and less of a priority when making signature shoes.

It’s simple but your wallet will thank you nonetheless

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Money 2Pin

Everyone likes a plan, right? Well, think of it not so much as a plan but a few key points to follow when hunting for a cheap pair. Before that, here are I want you to remember something.

There’s just no way to 100% guarantee a successful purchase that you’ll end up liking. There are too many variables from your foot shape, to your preferences, to your exact made pair and its variables, and so on. However, we’re doing our best to get as close to that guarantee as possible.

So now, onto the main steps to secure a cheap, trusty buy!


As I’ve mentioned earlier, we will mostly be looking at non-signature team models that don’t break the bank. There are more expensive, flagship team models out there but we don’t need those at the moment.

For now, our focus is on takedown lines such as Nike’s Precision line, adidas’s Bounce shoes across different models, Under Armour’s SC 3ZER0 line, and so on.

All of these are still solid shoes that have the qualities for what a lot of players need but they’re takedown models, which means tech, materials & other components that usually cost a lot to include in a signature/pricier shoe are taken out to produce the shoes at a lower price tag.


While you won’t be able to get most latest signatures or shoes that recently launched at a $100+ price tag, who says you can’t grab older shoes for cheaper? Now, I don’t mean Jordan Retros or 2012 shoes. I’m talking kicks that still meet today’s standards and just a few years old at most.

They’re still available to get, they’re still beastly performers as they were a couple of years ago but the only difference is older shoes that aren’t the “latest” in their respective line tend to get pushed out and that’s where sales happen.

For example – take the Kyrie 6 by Nikey. It originally retailed at $130 back in 2019. Since the Kyrie 7 is out and it’s THE shoe now, you can get a size 10 (a sought-out size) for as low as $90 on Amazon for the Kyrie 6.

So, you can either snatch such a pair for generally cheaper at places like Amazon or eBay, or you can track down a sale if that shoe is still available at its original retailer (adidas, Nike, etc.). And if you have the ability to go to a live store – find your sports outlet.

Those can carry some true hidden gems that you usually don’t find anywhere else for cheaper.


Based on my research and personal experience, you won’t find much luck over at Jordan & Nike when it comes to the cheapest of basketball shoes & those that are still worth getting.

Not to say those don’t exist but if we’re talking about the brands you know best – adidas and Under Armour do have more affordable options that usually deliver in terms of performance & reliability.

And I didn’t even mention other brands that so many people tend to forget or look down on, as they don’t have the purchasing experience they do with a Swoosh, a Three Stripe, or a Jumpman product. See for yourself with the shoe list!

Here are the main principles I stuck to when putting the shoe list together

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: ResearchPin

Before jumping into the shoe list, let me go over the things I always keep in the back of my head when looking for options. I believe those are just as important for you to know as the list itself.


Of course, the biggest factor was the value for dollar balance that I constantly tried to keep in check when choosing the shoes. This means that no shoe in the list I felt was overpriced or severely underpriced. To me – the shoes felt just right and their price tag more or less represented what you’re going to get.

So, a proper fit, all-around performance on the court, durability for how much you’re paying, and the overall value are critical to any shoe, under any price.


I’ve personally played and tested each of the shoes on the list for at least 2 months (usually for longer though). I believe it’s a no-go to recommend something I don’t have personal insights on. That does have a place in certain situations but I try to keep all of my shoe lists with a personal touch.

I’m a 6’1 two-guard at around 175 lbs. I do consider myself explosive & athletic, I love driving to the hoop a lot, out-running and out-jumping my opponents. If you’d like to know how a shoe performs when pushed close to its limits – I think this a good place to start.


Remember what I said about older shoes? Well, I could go on recommending a 2012 Hyperdunk but that’s not going to give any of you much value. That’s why each shoe in the list is a few years old at the maximum.

All of ’em are still widely available at one place or another which is what you came for, isn’t it? We need to play in these shoes, not just talk about them.


Last but definitely not least – make sure to come back here and to any other lists of mine occasionally! I always try to keep up with new releases and if I feel like the list needs improving, there are shoes that can be added/replaced – I will most certainly do so.

Who knows – perhaps you’ll see a completely different list by the end of the year!

11 picks, going from cheapest to priciest in the respective budget range. Each shoe’s value, possible drawbacks, and things you should know before buying

Retail: $70 | Now: $50 – $70

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Lockdown 5Pin


The UA Lockdown 5 is probably the most basic shoe on the list tech-wise but despite its super low price tag, these things will get you through a year or two if you need a hoop shoe quick.

The Lockdown 5 is the latest offering in UA’s budget Lockdown line and it offers an EVA midsole for cushion & a plush insole for some unexpectedly nice stepping comfort, a synthetic leather upper along with a few mesh panels for added ventilation, and a solid rubber herringbone outsole for traction. Midfoot shanks & internal heel counters are also in place.

So despite not having major technology for cushion and not having premium materials – the shoe absolutely gets the job done if you need a cheap hoop sneaker. I got a fairly firm but stable (and not completely dead) ride with these, fantastic traction that lasts, and solid security mostly due to the sturdy synthetic leather upper.


First off, most people will be okay going true to size with these. I’m a wide footer myself and felt fine a couple of weeks in. Giving the sturdier upper some time to break in will be needed: 1-2 weeks should do it. It’s also outdoor-ready as the outsoles have strong rubber & the upper is not breaking down on you any time soon.

Not the most comfortable shoe available though. The cushion setup might feel dead for someone who’s used to a bouncier, more expensive ride. So, low-to-the-ground guards, lighter players, or someone who prefers a stiffer ride will enjoy these the most. Not a lot of impact protection offered.

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Retail: $70 | Now: $60 – $70

 ? 8.1

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Precision 4Pin


A $70 Nike hoop shoe that’s actually worth your time? That’s right – I was just as surprised as some of you likely are when I got these. The shoe is a low-key sleeper that might not blow anyone away in terms of what’s offered inside but it will deliver in giving you the basic needs you’ve got on a basketball court.

The Precision 4 packs a foam midsole for cushion (probably Nike’s Phylon), an ultra-think knit upper with some Fuse overlays for structure, and solid rubber outsoles for multi-directional traction coverage.

Say what you want about a “barebones” setup but this midsole felt pretty nice for its price. It’s still on the firmer side but compared to the UA Lockdown 5, there’s a bit more absorption at the heel, while the front is just as firm & responsive. It’s a quick setup but it’s still fairly comfortable for longer sessions.

The upper is some of the most minimal stuff I’ve EVER seen and given the build, it works well: it’s light, breaks in super quickly, and has the ability to wrap around your foot providing a great fit. The shoe gripped the floor nicely and the outsoles are reliable enough for long-term outdoor play.


Most people, including wide footers, will be a-okay with their regular size due to the forgiving materials used – those can be stretched out. As for negatives – my laces kept getting loose each time I pulled ’em down tight. A minor annoyance likely caused by a cheaper lacing structure used.

Also, the heaviest and/or most athletic of players might want to think twice about this one. The shoe does provide a baseline level of support but there’s nothing really there to hold your foot in if you’re a 220-pounder going full speed to the rim. This setup works if you prefer mobility and staying light on your feet.

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Retail: $75 | Now: $50 – $75

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: JetPin


Let’s get back to Under Armour – the Jet 2019 is a shoe that not a lot of you will likely be familiar with but I had the chance to play with them a while ago. The experience I’ve got didn’t leave me jaw-dropped but for $75 (and less at some places), this actually a fairly fun shoe to hoop in!

The UA Jet has a standard EVA midsole for cushion, a textile upper along with synthetic leather panels on the sides, and some badass-looking outsoles that utilize UA’s own traction pattern & solid rubber that’s durable.

The 2019’s Jet surprised me with how the ride feels. No, it’s not super bouncy or pillowy soft but it’s better than I anticipated from plain EVA. It’s got a tad bit of foam feedback underfoot, moderate impact protection but the ride still feels fast & low to the ground as some other budget models from UA.

Traction is deadly – something UA almost never fails in, as well as all-around security with the most critical features in place. A fairly versatile option that doesn’t break your wallet’s trust & not just for low-profile guards!


True to size will be the go-to for most people. The upper broke in fairly quickly, I don’t think I needed a full week to feel good in there, and I’m a wide footer. As far as drawbacks go, it’s tough to point out something specific since the shoe does everything well, just not spectacularly well.

Some would probably not like the minimal cushion that’s packing here, while others might find the Jet too basic in terms of materials used. But for performance and reliability – it’s a solid option.

Retail: $80 | Now: $80

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Stepback 2Pin


You know, the Stepback 2 isn’t really that far behind Harden’s flagship Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 shoes. And it’s got a modest 80 dollar price tag, and if you know a thing or two about adidas shoe releases – you can now find these for even cheaper at outlets, as well as as frequent sales are happening over there too.

The Harden Stepback 2 features adidas’s custom traction pattern utilizing solid rubber, outdoor-ready outsoles, full-length Bounce cushion, and a mesh-based upper with a few Fuse overlays for additional strength. There’s an internal heel counter in place, as well as TPU side panels for better foot containment.

Bounce for $80? Sign me up. Yes, it’s a very thin version of Bounce and it’s not as cushiony as you’d see on a  $120+ adidas shoe but it’s still nice. There’s moderate impact protection even though you don’t feel it much, a tiny bit of bounce at the heel and it’s all about quickness at the front.

The materials provide a solid balance between comfort and structure: this upper wraps around your foot very nicely providing a snug fit, while the Fuse panels make sure containment’s in check. And it’s just the way it felt on the court. Think of the Stepback 2 as a running shoe strengthened for basketball


Most people will be okay going true to size but this isn’t a top option for wide footers. The midfoot area is on the narrow side, so going half a size up for those with the widest of feet will be needed. Give these some time to break in as well – mostly the Fuse panels and the stiffer midsole needs some time to feel optimal.

Also, some people are experiencing heel slippage with these. Likely has to do with the lining on the internal padding around your ankle but it won’t happen for everyone. I happened to have a very mild case of it that went away a few days in, but that’s likely due to my wider & thicker feet.

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Retail: $80 | Now: $80

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Renew ElevatePin


The Renew Elevate was a HUGE surprise for me. Nikey just doesn’t do quality stuff like this for so little anymore. Priced at $80, you can even find them for cheaper and you’re actually getting near-flagship level specs inside.

The shoe has a dual-density cushion setup consisting of Renew foam & firmer undefined foam which makes up for a fantastic ride. This truly does not feel like an $80 setup – the heel is bouncy, tons of impact protection, but not too mushy.

The front is much quicker, lower to the ground but still comfortable and the total package is some of the most balanced stuff from Nike recently. The upper is a basic form of lightweight mesh but given the right size, you’ll definitely feel it nicely wrapping around your foot and giving you a secure but non-intrusive fit.

Traction is solid, utilizing an aggressive solid rubber traction pattern that is outdoor-ready. From small guards to big guys, this should do the trick.


True to size will be optimal for most people, and wide footers should feel pretty good in these as well. Make sure to give the foam some time to soften up as the undescribed foam blended next to Renew can feel a little stiff at first.

Similar to the Precision 4, my laces tend to get loose fairly quickly, causing me to stop and re-lace ’em every few plays or every 10-20 minutes if I’m having a casual shootaround. A minor annoyance that comes with the territory of a smaller budget to work with.

Retail: $90 | Now: $40 – $90

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: 3ZER0 IIIPin


If you need a compact but rugged shoe and you’ll be playing outdoors (even though most picks here are outdoor-ready), the SC 3ZER0 III by Under Armour should satisfy your needs. And don’t forget it’s a great bargain – you can get these for as low as 40 bucks nowadays.

The UA SC 3ZER0 III features a MicroG midsole but don’t get fooled by it – this is a very low-to-the-ground setup that’s quick, firm, and yields just enough impact protection not to feel abundantly dangerous. You can feel a bit of foam rebound if you’re heavier & on more aggressive plants but that’s surely not a focal point here.

The upper is rugged synthetic leather, perforated for breathability. Let’s be honest though – these things aren’t very well-ventilated. However, the shoe feels feathery-light to play in & sports aggressive herringbone throughout the outsoles, giving you awesome traction 24/7.


Go true to size if you’re a non-wide footer. Not the best option for a clown-footer like myself, as the leather build doesn’t allow for that much stretch and the shoe is fairly narrow on the inside. Torsional movements, quicker lateral strides can result in discomfort at times.

Also, you might want to get your nerves ready – the SC 3ZER0 III was a nightmare to put on, especially at first. It’s a bit better now due to the ankle area softening up a bit but it’s still a mini-war for your fingers each time. The half-bootie construction which doesn’t allow the tongue to bend too much mainly is the culprit here.

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Retail: $90 | Now: $70 – $90

? 8

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Witness 3Pin


Here’s a LeBron shoe for you, in all irony. But it’s not your typical $180+ flagship LeBron. We’re talking about King James’s takedown line and the third shoe (out of five), in particular, can be snatched for very cheap now. And it’s a pretty good shoe as long as you don’t have huge expectations.

The Nikey LeBron Witness 3 has herringbone pattern outsoles & durable rubber, so outdoor play is a go. A full-length Air unit is utilized for an old-school cushion setup but it’s another minimal ride that you just won’t feel too much.

It’s low to the ground, super stable, quick as hell and precision is definitely top-notch but forget about any underfoot compression. The upper is a tightly threaded knit and it’s pretty nice considering the price. Wraps around my foot very well, and it should last you a while since it’s very tightly threaded.


Regular/narrow footers should go true to size but I wouldn’t recommend these for most wide footers (unless you’ve got a very mild case of wide feet). The fit internally is on the narrow side and I never felt as comfortable as I should’ve.

Also, heavier dudes or shiftier/more athletic players might want to think twice about getting these. There’s really nothing besides this knit to hold your foot in. No distinct support features besides a heel counter, no additional structure that would’ve beefed up the knit.

This should feel very light & fast for a quick guard can be possibly unsafe for a bigger, more explosive guy.

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Retail: $90 | Now: $40 – $90

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: 3ZER0 IVPin


Similar to the SC 3ZERO III, the fourth installment in Curry’s takedown shoe line brings close-to-identical performance, reliability but this time, I appreciated their improved fit & comfort.

The UA SC 3ZER0 IV features a synthetic leather upper & an open mesh tongue for the build and it’s really damn sturdy. The shoe is supportive and durable for outdoor play as a result. Not the best leather you’ve seen on a hoop shoe but a solid bargain for such a low ask.

A MicroG midsole returns and it’s just as minimal as on the last shoe. Firm, fast, and best for speedy guards. There is some impact protection here but you can barely feel it and more explosive guys will likely end up with fatigued feet after a longer session or even tired out knees if you’re older/had issues before.

However, the fit you get with the SC 3ZER0 IV is very snug, secure and a little more pleasant to wear than the previous silhouette. Not a knock on the 3rd shoe but if I had to compare – I have to give the nod to the newer release.


Go true to size with these, and this should be a better option for a wide footer this time. Very similar leather is used but the platform is a bit wider now & there’s a bit more room inside both vertically and horizontally. Expect a VERY snug fit if you’re a wide footer though.

Takes a bit of patience to put these on since these are sporting the same half-bootie construction the last shoe did and the ankle area barely stretches out. I do feel a little less mad putting these on when compared to the SC 3ZER0 III though. Those things are insane.

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Retail: $100 | Now: $50 – $100

 ? 8

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Issue 2Pin


Donovan Mitchell’s second shoe is a good product, simple as that. While it retails at $100, you can grab ’em for as low as 50 bucks, and adidas loves putting their stuff on sale frequently. This one doesn’t particularly do anything spectacular but all areas are super solid, which is what I really like about adidas’s stuff.

The D.O.N. Issue #2 features solid rubber (and painted rubber on certain colorways) outsoles for solid traction, Bounce cushion for a responsive, quick, yet still properly balanced ride that won’t set your knees on fire. The upper uses a series of textiles with some synthetic overlays for structure.

And if you know a thing or two about adidas hoops  – these guys almost never fail at the support department, and this shoe shows you that once again. It feels light, mobile, and comfortable to set your foot inside but security isn’t sacrificed because of it. A low-key versatile package for just about anyone in my opinion.


True to size will be the best bet for most people but wide footers should go up 1/2 a size if you don’t want your foot suffocating inside the narrow last these got. You won’t need a lot of time to break these in since the base is mainly lightweight textiles.

And while you’re adjusting to the fit, be mindful of the midsole here – Bounce will likely feel a little dead at first but a few good sessions should soften the foam up and start providing an improved, efficient ride. 

Retail: $115 | Now: $60 – $115

 ? 9.5

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: Dame 3Pin


I can’t ditch the Dame 3’s all these years now. There’s just something about these for me, especially while hooping on the blacktop. Once again, nothing that amazing about ’em but each and every area I felt like was just for me, and thats’ why the Dame 3 is an amazing shoe. And now, you can get it for dirt cheap.

The adidas Dame 3 features Bounce cushion as well but it’s among the best Bounce setups EVER for me. Not too firm, not too mushy. Super stable, still retains some court feel without taking away impact protection and the overall ride feels just so explosive.

The balance is real with these and if you thought the D.O.N. Issue #2’s cushion sounded a bit too lacking, the Dame 3 fills that gap without getting rid of the other elements. It’s a fantastic cushion setup is what I’m trying to say.

The rest of the shoe is just as stellar: aggressive blade traction pattern with some of the most durable rubber EVER. Seriously, it’s been 4 years of outdoor action in my single pair, and these bite just as well as they did out of the box.

The same goes for the upper: FUSEDMESH is what adidas called it and it’s got everything you need: comfort, unparalleled durability without feeling overly stiff, and a very secure fit.


Going down half a size will be needed for most, as these do fit a bit long. Wide footers, definitely go true to size. This upper barely has any stretch to it, pair that with a half-bootie construction, and you’ve got yourself a stubborn build that just won’t budge if you don’t get the size right.

The only minor nitpick I’ve got about these is the annoying half-bootie construction causing me to get mad each time before I put ’em on. There’s not a lot of room for your foot to cradle inside as the tongue doesn’t move, as well as the upper itself. Watch your fingers!

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My current go-to if I had to choose from the most affordable options

Retail: $150 | Now: $60 – $150

  ? 9

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: CE 2017Pin


Yep, another shoe that some of you might call “old” by now but the Crazy Explosive 2017 is a true gem for me. You can now snatch them for SUPER cheap, so you’re literally getting a flagship $150 release for under 100 bucks. It’s awesome.

The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 features durable rubber outsoles that held up almost as well as the Dame 3 did. I’m around 3 years in with these, and the traction is still sufficient, only needing a quick wipe or two every few plays/10-20 minutes. And that’s for an older/dirtier court.

Full-length Boost cushion is packing inside and you already know. Boost is something else. Still probably my favorite basketball Boost implementation to date, these things are insanely comfy, tons of bounce, impact absorption even for the heaviest of players.

But even better, Boost is a very reactive foam, making each step feel explosive and fast. Despite getting a ton of cushion, you’re not going to feel clumsy in these.

And then there’s the upper – you can grab a Primeknit or a mesh variant, and both are great choices. Lightweight, breathable, wraps around your foot creating a one-to-one fit. And if you think this type of build isn’t supportive – let me remind you again. It’s adidas we’re talking about. Need I say more?


True to size will be optimal for most of you, including my fellow wide footer club. Super quick to break in, this upper is any foot’s friend. As for some nitpicks, you do have to wipe the outsoles down occasionally if you’re playing on a non-pristine condition court.

Similar to some other adidas shoes, the laces kept getting undone. I’m not talking about the pressure itself but no matter how I tie these up, the knot just pops out like it’s nothing. I recommend getting yourself some additional laces in case you’ll have the same issue.

Expand your knowledge & shoe arsenal more than you’ve ever thought

Top Cheap Basketball Shoes: EndPin

Now that you’re aware of your options that are the most wallet-friendly, your journey doesn’t stop here! In case you’ll be able to up the anty and get yourself some extra $$$, there are optimized budget guides waiting for you! Whether it’s the best shoes under $100, under $150, $200, you name it.

Check those out below!


But it’s time for you to say your piece! I’m super curious to see what you’ve got to say on the list. Will you be getting any of these? Perhaps you own a pair and feel different about a particular shoe? Or you’ve got a question I haven’t answered here?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can!


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  1. I didn’t know that there are still great shoes like this under $100. I liked the Nike LeBron Witness III it looks like a very cool shoe and the design is crazy. I Will for sure look into the others, cause you spread good information about the shoes.

    keep up with the good work!

    1. Appreciate it, and I will most definitely keep it up 😉

      The Witness 3 is a sleeper for sure. Probably not for everyone but an excellent choice if you’re looking for something minimal & cheap.

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