Best UNDER ARMOUR Basketball Shoes: Optimal Lineup in 2021

Here’s to the people that are interested in the brand we never knew we needed! Let’s break down the very best Under Armour basketball shoes we can get right now.


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If you haven’t really checked out what kind of basketball shoes UA has to offer right now or you never held them as “worthy” (whatever that means today) in the hoops world, or perhaps you were always a fan of UA and looking for a new pair, I have to put you on the right path. I really do!

I’ll break down why you should be looking into UA for basketball shoes and a bit about what to expect when shopping and give you a go-to, regularly-updated list of the best shoes to get right now, all picked for various different players/situations.

On a big piece of quality, competitively-priced hoop shoes, in fact

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Why should you be interested in Under Armour all of a sudden?

It’s simple – UA has never been mainly known for its basketball stuff – all those flowers go to Nikey and Jordan. But then came the man, the myth, the legend.

Stephen Curry almost single-handedly rejuvenated Under Armour’s basketball offerings and really put it on the map, right next to the Swoosh, the Jumpman, and the Three Stripes. Not to say it didn’t have anything to offer before, people just weren’t that interested or never even heard this brand actually has some fantastic hoops stuff.

But there are a few simple reasons (that a lot of people are missing out on) as to why it’s a great idea to not only keep an eye out for basketball sneakers from UA but also really get a feel for some of their stuff and get a little deeper into comparing what they have vs. what your main popular competitors have.


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Ever since Steph Curry signed a contract with Under Armour in 2013, things have changed. A lot.

We were shortly introduced to the Curry signature line which is still going strongly (especially right NOW), a plethora of new lines were created in the running world, and performance basketball footwear followed as the budget for making great shoes has piled up.

Right now in 2021, we have two Curry shoe lines, the new Embiid line, the HOVR line, the Anatomix Spawn line, and some others, but the older stuff such as the Clutchfit line still brings some solid options, especially considering the slashed prices.

The choice is there now, and believe it or not, A LOT of these models are fantastic performers. Most of their shoes in each line are consistently improving (with some exceptions, those are unavoidable) and bringing things that easily rival the big boys at Nikey and Jordan.

You better have more than fewer options at your fingertips when hunting for a new pair, and it never hurts to look outside the box. You can love Nikey, Jordan, and adidas forever, but be sure to take a peek at Under Armour and you’ll quickly realize there’s real fire in there. You’ll see!



A new $200 LeBron shoe, a $180 Jordan, or a $200+ Kobe shoe is not a new sight. Not for a long time. Those are great shoes packed with the best tech, sure, but who says you can’t get stuff that feels just as good for less?

Sure, all brands have budget lines that offer options for much less, but you have to be really careful if you care about performance & actual value based on what you’re paying. A lot of those shoes are good but there are also quite a bit of issues in such lines.

This is where Under Armour comes in.

I haven’t personally seen a UA basketball sneaker for more than $160. And this is quite rare too, as the newly-formed Curry Brand currently has the priciest sneaker, the Curry 8 Flow, clocked at 160 bucks. A lot of shoes that are 1+ year old are often on discounts too, making things even more affordable.

Apart from the Curry 8, the rest is mostly cheaper, INCLUDING signature shoes, such as the Embiid One for just $120. Most non-signature lines vary in the $70-$140 range, and a ~$100 shoe will be the most common occurrence. And the brilliant thing about that, there’s not that many bad shoes from UA.

There is the cheapest stuff that doesn’t offer much in terms of tech/premium materials but in my personal opinion, there are a lot fewer straight-up bad shoes by Under Armour as opposed to the big dogs like Jordan Brand, Nike, or even adidas.


If you’re a guard who likes slashing to the rim, moving off the ball, spot-up shooting, or crossing up your defenders with tight handles, you should DEFINITELY take Under Armour more seriously, if you haven’t already.

The Curry line really shined for this – those are still some of the best guard’s shoes you can get right now. Mostly super light, featuring compact builds that don’t waste an inch and are surprisingly secure for such a minimal frame.

You’ll get the luxury comfort you deserve in a Curry shoe, and several other lines also have some awesome options when it comes to staying low to the ground, being as fast & shifty as possible, and all so while staying mad comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong – there are more than a few solid options not just for guards but you should especially attract your attention to UA if you’re looking for that Curry style-like sneaker on the court.


Something that might often go unnoticed but very important. Nikey’s and Jordan’s sneaky “limited stock” marketing shenanigans make people (sometimes literally) fight to get a new pair or pay a fortune to get it because it’s now “rare” all of a sudden, and sneaker resellers are bringing cold cash to their pockets.

And then there are illegal automated bots that get a piece of the stock, etc.

I won’t get deep into that as it’s a whole another issue in the sneaker world but you get the idea. It’s tough to get a pair of shoes that you want lately sometimes but that’s usually never the case with Under Armour.

Most of their releases, even a few years old, are still widely available right at Under Armour and if not, you’ll find those either at your most popular sports retailers or at places like Amazon or eBay. And best of all, for reasonable prices.

I’m talking close or even under retail even if that shoe is older. You can hardly say the same thing about other brands today.

The main key points of emphasis I stuck to when choosing the shoes

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: ResearchPin

Before getting straight into the shoe list, I wanted to explain my personal process of picking the kicks. There a few different criteria I always look for when putting together such a list for many different players or just people who like to hoop.

I believe these are important to know for every single one of you.


Every single shoe on the list, regardless of the chosen category, is a comfortable, good-fitting shoe that has the performance needed to suit a particular player’s needs and make sure his/her game is comfortable, safe, and efficient.

While each shoe is priced differently, I always try to make sure you get the best possible value in that range. A great shoe should last you a while, and provide the performance it deserves for the price.

A great overall shoe that has the best tech but barely lasts a season and costs 200 bucks is not that good of a shoe, from a practical standpoint.


No shoe was left untouched in the list. This means that I’ve personally played or still playing in each of ’em, and most of them are also tested by other shoe testers, so you’ll have plenty of sources to get the needed insight.

I’m a 6’1 two-guard at around 175 lbs. I play with a lot of force, I consider myself pretty athletic and play above the rim when I can. I believe this is a great go-to cheat sheet if you want to know how each performs when really pushed to the limit. It’s the best way to find out if it’s worth the price!

I’ll leave links to full reviews of each shoe. If a particular shoe doesn’t have a dedicated review yet, this means I’m still in the process of testing it but it also means I’ve got enough insight to get a good feel for it.


There’s a reason why all the shoes are still new, with the oldest picks launched just a few years back at most. It’s not as hard to get an older UA shoe at a good price as it is with Nikey or Jordan but regardless, you’re not going to find many sizes/colorways if we’re talkin’ about a 2012 release.

This is why all of the shoes in the list are still widely available to get at the usual places like Under Armour, Amazon, and popular sports retailers like Finish Line, Foot Locker, etc. If you’re interested, you can read my full basics guide on buying basketball shoes online here.


And last but definitely not least, make sure to check back here occasionally! I’m always updating my shoe lists with fresh options by either switching out shoes if I feel that’s optimal or just adding more options on top.

The shoe industry is evolving and you can always find new releases every single year. Perhaps this list will look entirely different in a year’s time!

7 picks, with each shoe excelling in 7 different categories. You’ll also find the 3 best overall options at the end. Each shoe’s best bits, possible drawbacks, and additional notes you should know


? 90 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: SC ZER0 IIIPin


Here’s something for those who are looking to give their wallet some slack but still hoop in a good shoe. The Splash Brother’s secondary signature line’s SC 3Zer0 III can be found at $90 or even lower, and even though you’re not getting amazing tech or the best materials available, the shoe is still a solid well-rounded package.

The shoe utilizes a herringbone traction pattern and fairly durable rubber – the grip was deadly no matter the court, and these should last you a while outdoors. How ironic – a $90 model just might outlast a lot of $120+ stuff out there.

Micro G cushion is packing inside the midsole but don’t get fooled by the name – it’s a very low to the ground, responsive setup all about speed and precision. There’s no real bounce or plushness underfoot and the shock will be absorbed in a way that’s optimal for lighter players.

For such a minimal low-top, all-around security is there with no apparent issues – something UA’s stuff virtually never fails in. These also have a perforated synthetic leather upper and it’s single-handedly the best component of the shoe going for as low as $90. These should last you some time and keep you comfy while doing so!


Going back to the cushion, don’t expect an explosive, bouncy type of setup, so an argument could be made that this isn’t the most versatile shoe. I’m an explosive player and found myself with pretty fatigued legs a couple of hours in.

This will of course depend on what you prefer and what you’re used to – if you’re a fan of such low-profile setups, this one should feel right at home.

Also, this isn’t the best option for wide footers like myself. I did go up 1/2 a size but even after breaking the upper in, I’m still feeling a little suffocated width-wise, while the length is perfect. Something you’ll probably have to deal with if you’re a wide footer, or skip the shoe entirely.

  • True to size is optimal for a snug fit & wide footers should go up 1/2 a size
  • Takes a while to fully break in the upper, especially for wide footers
  • The half-bootie construction makes putting the shoe on slightly tricky at first


? 140 USD  ? 8.1

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Curry 7Pin


Take the above-mentioned SC 3ZER0 III and up the budget to make it a near-perfect shifty guard’s shoe. That’s the Curry 7 for you.

The opinions are pretty divided with this one and while it might not be my personal favorite, the Curry 7 is undoubtedly a fantastic shoe for a speedy, shifty guard who’s all about cutting corners, quickness, and efficiency.

A herringbone & radial traction pattern combo that provides the usual deadly traction in true UA fashion, superb security pushed to the limits when it comes to a compact low-top, a structured synthetic upper that does feel a little stiff at first but eventually feels one-to-one with your foot, and a dual-layered Micro G & HOVR midsole.

Once again, don’t let the tech names fool you – this is the same low-profile, fast, and firm cushion similar to the SC 3Zer0 III but even though the ride felt similar, my legs felt fresher and more explosive a few hours in, and actual impact protection is there this time. You barely feel it, but a baseline level of it is there.


Once again, you won’t find any real bounce or softness despite HOVR & Micro G sounding awesome on paper. The cushion felt pretty dead at first but give it some to soften up and you’ll feel the benefits of a fast, nimble setup like this one.

The synthetic Fuse upper can feel a little stiff even after breaking these in if you’re not accustomed to more of a 2014-style use of materials. It’s structured and ensures you’re contained but flexibility is not its strong suit. Again, all about what you personally prefer.

  • True to size is optimal for most, including wide footers
  • Moderate outdoor use is recommended
  • Make sure to give the midsole some time to soften up


? 120 USD  ? 8.3

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Embiid OnePin


A pleasant surprise came from Joel Embiid and his first signature shoe with Under Armour. The Embiid One is not only a great shoe for a bigger guy, it’s also a well-rounded choice for pretty much anybody.

And remember what I said about UA’s pricing? Yeah, a $120 signature shoe packing the best stuff available inside. Learn Nike & company, learn!

The Under Armour Embiid One provides solid traction, including rubber that’s more durable than an average hoop sneaker today, a super solid Micro G midsole along with a HOVR heel unit, great all-around support that doesn’t feel restricting, and a lightweight mesh upper overlayed with Fuse on key areas.

While the ride these provide won’t blow you away, it’s surely a fantastic setup that suits pretty much any player you can think of but big guys should especially find these great for their balance.

Slightly bouncy but not too much. Still fast but not overly firm. Great impact protection for constant rebounding and fighting under the rim. Comfort is there and you never feel sloppy, despite some people thinking that when it comes to big guy’s basketball shoes. One of the most well-rounded options from UA for sure.


Do you see those TPU lateral wings residing in the middle of the shoe? While they handle the load in containing your foot laterally, they did cause my feet some discomfort for about a week.

This will be especially felt by wide footers but I’ve seen people with more standard-shaped feet report the same thing. Give ’em time and the wings should eventually adjust to your foot shape.

  • True to size is the best bet for everyone, including wide footers
  • You can take these outdoors, occasional wiping down the outsoles will be needed


? 100 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: SC ZER0 IIPin


The second shoe in Steph Curry’s SC 3Zer0 lineup has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to regular outdoor use. A lot of UA’s sneakers seem to be more durable than your average Nikey or adidas but this one, in particular, has the qualities needed to last multiple seasons in my opinion.

The UA SC 3Zer0 II features some of the scariest looking outsoles you can find and it plays just the way it looks. Straight-up insane traction, barely any wiping required, thick rubber & deep grooves as well. I have ’em for a while now and the outsoles don’t look like they’re breaking down on me any time soon.

Solid all-around support along with a very interesting skin-like upper that wraps around your foot just as well as anything else in the market. A true one-to-one feel with your foot.

Then we’ve got a Micro G midsole along with a Charged heel unit for a very fast but properly balanced setup. Perfect for abrasive outdoor surfaces – you’re protected but not overly slow with these.

Not as bouncy or soft as the Embiid One but still an excellent setup for those who want ALL the qualities from a cushion setup without taking away speed or comfort. We’ve got both. Great for guards but just as good for people who like to have a little bit of everything in their ride.


While overall support felt okay while playing, some people might be thrown off by the fact that the shoe doesn’t have proper heel counters. It’s a feature you see on just about every basketball shoe and it’s vital for ensuring ankle & heel lockdown just in case the upper doesn’t do enough.

The heaviest & most athletic of players will likely end up wanting more when it comes to protection.

Also, not an ideal option for wide footers, just as the SC Zer0 III. The forefoot area is pretty condensed and the upper doesn’t stretch out much. I went up half a size knowing this before but the fit is still not perfect and I do feel a little suffocated when the shoe flexes torsionally or laterally at times.

  • True to size is optimal for most, up 1/2 a size for wide footers
  • A little tricky to put on, especially at first
  • Make sure to get the size right – what you get is what you stick with


? 110 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Anatomix SpawnPin


A fresh take on the Anatomix Spawn line introduced in 2014 – the Anatomix Spawn Low 2019 might just be the best wide footer’s shoe from Under Armour. The interesting thing though, this one will fit wide footers best, while regular/narrow footers might end up wanting a little more precision in the way these fit.

First, the lightweight mesh build is perfect for a thicker foot since it can stretch out and mold to pretty much any foot shape. But the main factor here is how much room there’s for you at the forefoot area, which is usually the main culprit for a wide foot to cram inside.

It feels like it’s made for a thick foot and I loved it. The areas featuring mesh flex and stretch when you want them to, while the more structured TPU layers make sure you’re not sliding off the footbed. There’s also a great webbing system that really pulls down the shoe if you feel like there’s a bit more room than you want.

But it doesn’t end there – the Anatomix Spawn Low is a solid all-around sneaker on the court. It’s got absolutely deadly traction, a balanced Micro G cushion setup for pretty much anyone, all the needed support features are there without overly restricting you and the shoe doesn’t break the bank at all.


As mentioned earlier, I feel like these aren’t perfect for a more compact, narrow foot. The upper can be pulled down quite a lot thanks to the webbed lacing system but that might end up really suffocating the upper and leaving you with an unnatural fit.

Not saying it will be the case for every single small foot but I did see some people & reviewers report on this.

The Anatomix Spawn Low isn’t the best option for outdoors. I’d recommend keeping games in the park to a minimum with these. While the traction is very nice outside, the rubber used is fairly soft and pliable.

  • True to size is optimal for most
  • There might be some initial heel slippage for a narrow foot
  • Keep outdoor games to a minimum
  • Might be a little tricky to find these


? 120 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: HOVR Havoc 2Pin


It was SUPER tough to pick out a clear winner in the security department in UA’s lineup. So many shoes from them are really damn secure and usually crafted in a way that doesn’t restrict you and keep you comfortable. But if I had to really pick out one model that might win it by an inch, the HOVR Havoc 2 is the one.

The upper starts it all. It’s molded mesh along with a synthetic piece at the forefoot for durability.

Don’t be afraid to feel a little off at first in these – this upper only needs a few days at most to really adjust to your foot and provide a super secure, one-to-one fit that doesn’t get in your way and provides a skin-like feel. It’s awesome, even for a wide foot.

And then there are the support features which all do a good job delivering security: internal heel counters for ankle & heel lockdown, TPU shank plates for torsional rigidity, the build is constructed to make your foot sit inside the midsole which helps overall stability and containment a TON, and the shoe’s platform is almost entirely flat & wide.

To finish it off, there are lateral outriggers for side-to-side protection, as well as a half-bootie construction and a webbed lacing system. You name it – it’s there. And the best thing – none of it really gets in the way once you lace ’em up and take them to the court.

The HOVR Havoc 2 is a well-crafted shoe that doesn’t just provide strong support. It’s got killer traction along with outdoor-ready rubber, full-length HOVR cushion which isn’t on the bouncy side but does provide a baseline level of comfort & impact protection and, once again, priced at just $120.


While these are acceptable for a wider foot, the widest and thickest of feet (like mine) aren’t going to enjoy these too much. I eventually got used to it and the mesh did stretch out a bit but I still find the shoe a little uncomfortable on certain movements.

  • True to size is optimal for most, wide footers could go up 1/2 a size
  • You can take these outdoors more than occasionally
  • The outsole rubber and the midsole both need some time to soften up


? 160 USD  ? 8.3

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Curry 8 FlowPin


Hands down the most comfortable shoe in Under Armour’s arsenal. The Curry 8 Flow debuted the Curry Brand in association with UA. With that came a slight price increase but if you’re willing to pay for it – this shoe feels like a slick runner but has the performance of a basketball shoe. In other words, it’s mad comfortable.

A minimal thin knit upper kicks things off, hugging your foot like a damn compression sock in the best possible way. There’s also the stretchy ankle collar which provides a pleasant sensation to your ankle and there’s a good amount of internal padding around your ankle & Achilles.

Then there’s the brand new Flow cushion which might not feel that different to other setups but it’s just so damn smooth. The heel-to-toe transitions, underfoot plushness & impact protection without making things too firm, and blazingly fast energy return all make it feel like you’re in a premium runner.

But the first thing you’ll notice is how ridiculously light these feel. Clocked at 12.5 ounces for a size 10.5, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so feather-like in a basketball shoe. It works wonders and a guard will love what this package brings. It’s something you have to try as words really don’t do these much justice.

And of course, all-around performance is there too. Besides minimal support, it’s all there.


Minimal support you say? Well, there is a level of security on the Curry 8 Flow but not everyone is going to find it enough. It’s a very minimal, mobility-focused setup that won’t yield you the structure you might need if you’re a 220 lbs athletic tank.

There’s really not much there to hold you in if you’re that guy but if you are – chances are you aren’t interested in the shoe in the first place. So the Curry 8 will work best for lighter players such as low-profile guards, shooters, or nimble forwards.

  • Most people will need to go up 1/2 a size
  • Wide-footer friendly
  • Foam-based traction is actually durable enough for outdoor play
  • Put some grippy socks on, as you might experience some toe bumps


? 130 USD  ? 8.3

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: Curry 6Pin


Starting the overall lineup, the Curry 6 still sticks out to me. Most of the shoes here in the list are relatively versatile in one way or another but the Curry 6 brought all the usual element’s for a quick guard’s shoe and made things more accessible to other players.

The end result still puts the Curry 6 as the second-best Curry shoe right behind the latest Curry 8 for me.

The Under Armour Curry 6 features a fairly unusual traction pattern that’s not herringbone but still delivers consistent multi-direction grip no matter the court. Full-length HOVR cushion feels very similar to the HOVR Havoc 2 – not that bouncy but still comfortable for longer sessions.

It’s still very fast and low to the ground but you don’t feel like you’re running on a pair of bricks. HOVR is awesome for retaining speed and agility while staying comfortable and protected. 

Support is there, I don’t even have to tell you that at this point when it comes to an Under Armour sneaker. It’s a low top and it’s got a minimal design but for what it’s got, the shoe feels secure, stable, and not overly restrictive to play in.

The upper is all knit at its full glory. Sure, durability will be a question if you’re planning to constantly wreck these outdoors but performance-wise, it’s awesome. Breathable, comfortable, takes close-to-zero time to break in, and wraps around your foot like a glove.


This particular traction pattern is a little more sensitive to dust compared to other shoes on the list. While it’s not deal-breaking, be prepared to do some wiping if you play on an older/dirtier court with nasty stuff lying around.

  • True to size is the best choice for most, including wide footers
  • Keep outdoor games to occasional rather than regular


? 110 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: HOVR Havoc 3Pin


The HOVR Havoc line by Under Armour is simply solid. That’s the best way to describe it. It doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or unseen before. But it just works in all departments, all while not causing a stroke for your wallet.

The HOVR Havoc 3 features a very dense traction pattern that does cover any movement you can think of in a consistent manner. Traction is almost never a failure when it’s UA behind the wheel.

The same full-length HOVR cushion is featured just as on the Havoc 2 and it’s once again all about response, court feel, and stability while keeping things moderately comfortable. Definitely not a perfect high-flyer’s setup but still acceptable as there’s some impact protection there for you. But it’s all about being super fast with these.

Support is once again nailed down to a maximum without taking away freedom of movement, and the synthetic Fuse upper reminds us of the 2012 days but hey, it works from a performance standpoint. It’s also durable and provides enough structure to hold a heavier player’s foot in.


While it’s a great overall shoe, you might want to take your attention to the cushioning. Not everyone will enjoy it as the bounce/rebound offered is very minimal. I believe most players would find it sufficient performance and security-wise but it isn’t that FUN so to speak.

And the rubber used on the outsoles looks fairly weak. A couple of months in, I’ve already noticed a slight drop-off in consistency. The more I played in these at a park, the more often I needed to wipe them down to preserve healthy traction. Wiping is also a necessity with these.

  • True to size is optimal for most, including wide footers
  • Be prepared to do some wiping if you’re on a dirtier court
  • The seam in the center of the heel pillow causes occasional pain


? 105 USD

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes: HOVR Havoc LowPin


The first HOVR basketball shoe from UA debuted with the HOVR Havoc Low and it’s pretty damn awesome for a start. It follows a similar guard-orientated formula you’re so used to seeing but this time, the shoe is neatly engineered in a way to work well for just about any player.

The shoe features a classic herringbone traction pattern that bites down just about any floor/surface you could imagine, we’ve also got full-length HOVR cushion that isn’t on the bouncy side but here’s the brilliant thing about it.

You might think it’s good just for light guards but there’s more to it. For such a thin layer of HOVR foam, it’s surprisingly shock-absorbant even if you don’t feel it that much. The setup is extremely stable and low to the ground but underfoot comfort isn’t completely forgotten.

There’s just enough of it to make games feel distraction-free and safe.

It’s responsive enough for a guard but protective enough for a bigger guy and everyone in between. The flat & thick heel platform ensures stability, there are internal heel counters, absolutely HUGE shank plates for torsional protection, and the upper’s your standard mesh & Fuse combo that works more often than not.

It’s a very low low-top and that might feel a little weird initially if you’re not used to playing in such builds. But no inch of space seems wasted here and the shoe feels every bit of nimble you can think of.


The fit for me was the biggest culprit to nail down. It’s not bad in a sense, but it feels like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it a wide footer’s shoe? Is it a more compact, narrow-footer’s shoe? It felt like none of those.

I ordered two pairs: my regular size felt overly tight even after a break-in period, yet the 1/2 a size up felt a little sloppy at times. There was some minimal heel slippage too. Perhaps the shoe is just not for my particular foot shape.

  • You might need to order a few different size pairs just to be sure
  • The HOVR midsole and the traction both need some time to soften up and provide proper performance
  • You can take these outdoors more than a few times

ALL the brands are worth your attention

Pin Pin

At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective and having as much knowledge & awareness at your fingertips as possible. You don’t want to limit yourself to just Under Armour, or Nikey, adidas, New Balance, or any other brand. The more variety you’ve got – the more chances of hunting down that perfect pair you have.

But I’m super glad you stayed with me ’till the end! Hopefully, you learned a thing or two and you now have a go-to list ready at any time!

Speaking of other brands, I do have guides & shoe lists for almost everything you can imagine. Be sure to check out the ultimate Nike and adidas lists below!

And of course, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. Do you feel like I’ve missed out on some shoes here? Do you have your personal favorite UA shoe? Perhaps you’ve got a question I haven’t answered here?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can!


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8 thoughts on “Best UNDER ARMOUR Basketball Shoes: Optimal Lineup in 2021

  1. Apart from the Curry’s, looks like I was missing out as you pointed out! The silver option HOVR HAVOC LOW looks great but based on your notes it should be really good to try them on before getting as the fit sounds iffy. What’s the most similar-feeling option from the list to the HAVOC LOW?

    1. UA has been silently killing it and bringing consistent well-rounded models for several years now but lately, they’ve become harder to miss due to the popularity of the latest Curry 8 Flow, some of their new tech, and serious competitors in the running game too.

      Speaking of Currys, the 7 and the 6 both resemble a similar feel to the Havoc Low, although all HOVR Havoc shoes bring a very familiar quick ride, a low-key great build while packing well-rounded performance. It’s pretty normal to miss out on those if you’re mostly catching up with the flagship Nikey & Jordan stuff.

      Looks like you won’t be missing out anymore ;))

  2. The Embiid One is a shoe to look out for. I just bought it last month, and it’s nothing short of wonderful.

    I was expecting great things traction-wise from it, but wasn’t as good as my last pair of Nikes, the Kobe 9. They’re still doing wonders for me, but the only area I find a bit “problematic” is the center part where the shoe is designed almost like a block.

    I prefer using it outdoors since the grip truly shines compared to indoor use. Outside you’re getting just straight up awesome grip and nothing less.

    I highly recommend it.

    1. Quite a big jump from the classic Kobe 9 all the way to the “modern era” Embiid One, that’s for sure! Thanks for the notes on the shoe!

  3. My top pics are Curry 6 and HOVR HAVOC 2. And I just wanted to say that that guy, Stephen Curry, is a freaking miracle. From all those years working in shadows to exploding in the second half of his career and creating a brand name out of freaking Warriors and Under Armour shoes and clothes. Amazing story. The guy is unbelievable on and off the court! Thanks again, for this post. Keep up the good work!

    1. And next to that, he almost single-handedly carried a crippled, young team to a playoff run. He really is a miracle!

      If you’d rock the Curry 6 and the second Havoc shoe, you’d probably be into the older Clutchfit models from UA – they’re low-key classics and were launched at a time where the “modern” basketball shoe era nearly broke through and kicks were never the same (mostly). Also the Curry 8 – it’s tough to find a person that DIDN’T like ’em honestly.

      Thanks Ivan – more coming as usual ??

  4. Hi Julius,

    Apart from the Curry’s, looks like I was missing out as you pointed out! I prefer using it outdoors since the grip truly shines compared to indoor use.

    Outside you’re getting just straight-up awesome grip and nothing less. From all those years working in shadows to exploding in the second half of his career and creating a brand name out of freaking Warriors and Under Armour shoes.

    Thanks again, for this post. Keep up the good work!


    1. That’s right! Not a lot of people remember the non-superstar Curry who struggled with injuries and also had to completely rework his jump shot mechanics as he realized he’s going to get beat in the league of freak athletes. This paid him dividends for sure!

      Cheers 😉

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