Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Go-To Budget Guide

After playing in dozens of different models over the last few years and breaking down other budget ranges, it’s time to take you to the bigger leagues in the shoe market. Let’s break down the 11 best basketball shoes under 150 dollars.


Best Basketball Shoes Under 150Pin

And by the looks of it, your hoop shoe budget is looking strong! Let me tell you right away – $150 is MORE than enough to get yourself a brand new pair of quality basketball shoes in 2020.

We’re talking from a performance perspective as well as overall longevity of the shoe, higher-grade materials used & other stuff we’ll talk about soon.

But first, let me give some quick insight into this topic and price range, as I believe that you should first know what you’ll able to expect in the $110-$150 price range.

The widest range of shoes are waiting for you

Best Basketball Shoes Under 150: What's In The BoxPin

We’ll be breaking down to what I think is the most decorated selection of basketball shoes in this particular price range. We’re talking from around $110 all the way to $150. This is where you’d usually see A LOT of shoes being released across many different lines. And that makes things entirely more difficult for a regular consumer.

Think of these shoes as “higher tier” shoes though not completely in the “premium” class (for a lack of a better term) where the $175, $180 and $200 Jordan’s, LeBron’s, or a few other models sit at.

However, that should not worry you at all – most of the current signature lines, as well as most team/regular brand lines, will be priced exactly in this range. You’ll get plenty of a punch quality and tech-wise if you’re aiming for that.


This is where the most popular and usually flagship technology is being implemented. You’ll find that Nikey offers Zoom Air and even unlocked Zoom Air, adidas offers their #1 and #2 foam compounds Boost and Lightstrike at this range as well.

In terms of materials, expect more raw materials being utilized as those are more expensive to make and design. Leather, nubuck, and suede will be more common in this price range.

Though due to our advancements in performance material design, lightweight textiles and other synthetic forms of materials are now the most common occurrence, regardless of the price.


You should definitely take all of this with a grain of salt though. A beefier price doesn’t always mean better quality. I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times in your life already but this is simply no exception in the performance footwear market.

I cannot stress enough how important that is to keep in mind, no matter how much is in your pocket right now.

There have been tons of inconsistency among the brands that we know and love such as Nikey, Jordan, and adidas.

One time we’d see a $150 price tag on a basic shoe with cheap tech and basic materials, while a $100 Flyknit model from Nikey with a more profound Zoom setup launches out of the blue, leaving the consumers scratching their heads.

This is why I’d strongly advise you to take a look at other price ranges as well (such as the ~$100 “low budget” range) while hunting for a pair. There literally have been DOZENS of times where a $110 shoe beats a $170 shoe in most areas.

You’ll never know the marketing and PR methods of these brands that can often promote one thing as the “next big thing” while releasing equally as awesome shoes for significantly less in the shadows.

Playing and having actual experience in a shoe for a significant period of time is critical to properly evaluate it. ALWAYS check individual shoe reviews of sneakers you’re interested in if those are available, to get actual insight and get some idea if it’s worth the price.

I’m not shying you away from spending more on your hoop shoes – not at all. All I’m saying is you need to equip yourself with as many options as you can, regardless of the price. Stick with my tips & lists and I’ll show you the way!

Let’s quickly go over the most critical areas of emphasis I’ve held onto when choosing the 11 models

Best Basketball Shoes Under 150: How I PickedPin


With all of the above in mind, I’ve constructed a list (which will be regularly updated) that puts emphasis on performance per dollar. The price range is 110-$150.

There’s a reason why each shoe made the list – a shoe might cost exactly $150 but if it’s worth it and offers us great value other $120-$140 simply can’t offer – it’s a good choice!

The same goes for a $120 shoe – perhaps it’s even better than the pricier variant from a performance perspective? This means that the $120 sneaker is even more cost-effective than the $150 one.

Price is not everything but if we can use it in comparison to other shoes and make the best out of it – we have a chance of securing a great buy.


As I’ve stated earlier, the only way to properly find out if a shoe is good is to play in it. A lot. I’ve personally played in all 11 shoes for at least a couple of months, though even longer for most.

Most of the playtime happened outdoors due to our funny little situation concerning the whole world – no explanation needed there. You’ll get a good sense of which shoes are worth investing in if you’re looking for an outdoor model, so it won’t break down on you.

I’ll leave links to dedicated reviews of most shoes listed. The ones that don’t have them yet means I’m currently still playing in them but formed a solid enough opinion to put it on the list. You’ll find full reviews of those soon!


For convenience purposes, I’ve only included shoes that are still recent and up to 2 years old. While there are tons of awesome performers many more years back, those are usually super tough to get, especially close to retail.

You’ll mostly see 2018-2020 releases in your go-to retailers such as Amazon, Finish Line, Foot Locker, etc. anyway, and I don’t think it’s worth investing more than you should’ve in a 2014 performance shoe. Stick with the latest stuff if we’re talking performance and you’ll be good to go!

Lastly, all of those shoes are listed in no particular order in mind. I believe each shoe is great in all areas which is why they’re on the list but your personal preferences should decide what you personally like more. Check out the full reviews to get a better idea of what that is.

I will share my personal favorite out of the list at the end – not saying this will 100% be your favorite too but there’s a good chance you’ll love it 🙂

Cheapest to priciest (up to $150). Last updated on the 3rd of March, 2021

My Rating: 7.6  |  Retail Price: $110

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: PG 4Pin

With the PG 5 just around the corner, the current latest release from Paul George’s signature line is a pretty good shoe at a very good price.

Coming at $110, it’s among the cheapest shoes you can get from this list and while it might not be THE best shoe, it’s certainly solid if you’re looking to spend the least possible amount in this price range.


You get full-length Air as the shoe’s cushioning, so that’s a good start. Even though it’s an old-school type of setup and might not be as fun as Boost or Zoom, this is more than acceptable performance-wise. You’ll keep your speed, mobility, and stay low to the ground while having a fair amount of impact protection underfoot.

You also get a lightweight textile upper along with that funny looking zipper shroud, which is a mixture of mesh & knit. This isn’t your heavy-duty setup but if you’re looking for comfort, mobility, plenty of ventilation (something that’s rare among today’s releases), and staying light as a cloud, it’ll surely do the trick.

Along with a solid cushion setup & performance-friendly upper, the shoe performs well in other areas as well. Traction is great (also fair for some outdoor use), the shoe provides decent support that’s not restricting by any means and the platform is very stable since it’s low to the ground.


The PG 4 runs small. Regular/narrow footers will want to go down 1/2 a size, while wide footers should either go up a full size or skip the shoe entirely. I went up a full size and I’m not entirely happy with the result. I feel like foot containment suffered a bit so the shoe will work best for those who don’t have clown feet as I do.

Aso, try not to wreck these outside too much. The pattern grips the floor nicely but I’ve definitely seen more durable rubber used before. Think of it as your occasional choice for outdoor play.

My Rating: 7.9  |  Retail Price: $120

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Zoom Freak 2Pin

The Greek Freak’s second signature shoe won’t amaze you like some miracle in today’s shoe market but just like the PG 4, it does enough to supplement a player’s needs on the court without any unneeded hassle.


You get forefoot Zoom + a Phylon midsole for the shoe’s cushion setup and a textile upper with Fuse overlays for more structure. Not much if we’re talking about tech but this is pretty much what you get from Nikey at this price range.

But the overall performance of the shoe is what makes it a solid buy – it’s not just Zoom, not just fancy tech names thrown around. The Freak 2 has great traction for both indoors and outdoors, a responsive cushion setup, solid overall support, and the shoe is RIDICULOUSLY light. At least it feels that way.

A great fit for a quick, shifty guard who needs all the speed, mobility, and stopping power he can get.


The cushion setup won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s super responsive and low to the ground, so if you’re aiming for that pure bounce and softness from your shoe, this won’t be it.

Also, despite the traction being solid – it’s inconsistent durability-wise. The forefoot and heel areas of the outsole are separated and deteriorate at different rates. Something you should know I believe. Check out the full review for more detailed information on that.

My Rating: 8  |  Retail Price: $120

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Clyde HardwoodPin

If you’ve been somewhat hearing about the popular shoe releases in the likes of Nikey and Jordan, you’ve probably missed the Clyde Hardwood by PUMA. A very solid low top that doesn’t break the bank yet offers just about everything you need on the court.

And I don’t if it’s just me but these are low-key beautiful!


The vibes are similar to the previous two shoes – there’s nothing that screams “luxury” about the PUMA Clyde Hardwood but it does such a good job providing all in you need to play on the court or just have a nice little shootaround session.

PUMA’s ProFoam cushion is used for the shoe – low to the ground, fast, and responsive is what you get with it. There’s still moderate impact protection so most players will find it sufficient if you can live without that bounce factor.

But it’s the upper and the way the shoe’s built is what did it for me. Textile at the front, genuine leather at the back makes up for a high-quality combo that not only provided comfort & mobility when I needed it but also made sure I’m secure at the back.

And these will surely last a while for you – $120 is a very competitive price for the way the sneaker’s built.


The shoe has truly BEASTLY traction no matter the court but be aware – it’s still not an “outdoor” model so to speak. The rubber is more durable than an average modern sneaker these days but I’d look at the Nikey Zoom Heritage N7 (we’ll talk about it here too) if aiming for a complete outdoor package.

My Rating: 8.3  |  Retail Price: $120

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Embiid OnePin

Another one that might’ve gone under your radar – 2020’s Under Armour Embiid One. Yes, Joel Embiid’s first signature.

As a direct opposite from another fellow big guy Giannis, these are absolutely made to supplement a big guy’s game. However, don’t get it twisted – it’s still a very solid shoe for just about everybody.


This is a gem from Under Armour, let me tell you that right away. We’re getting full-length MicroG and heel HOVR for the cushion setup and it’s nothing short of awesome.

These pack impact protection and foam rebound enough for the biggest of bigs, but it’s still balanced out to make it viable for others as well. I wasn’t feeling clumsy with these, is what I’m trying to say.

The upper’s on the more basic side but I felt it was more than enough for me performance-wise. Lightweight mesh that’s breathable, conforms to your foot nicely and quickly and my foot sits really comfortably in there.

There are TPU panels for durability and even though these might look worn quickly, they’re built very well. And I’ve got wide feet – going true to size wasn’t an issue with this upper.

The other areas of the shoe are great as well: superb traction that’s outdoor-ready, solid support & containment that works both for big guys and not too restrictive which makes them viable for just about anybody.


I’ll likely update this section when I’m done with the full review of the Embiid One, as I feel like I’ve got a comprehensive enough opinion on these but still, some things might pop up, you never know.

But for now, the only thing you should be aware of is the traction – I felt it was a bit slippery and inconsistent at times but after 2-3 weeks of use, that was pretty much gone.

The rougher the surface you play on – the better these will grip. We can make that assumption about most hoop shoes but I’ve especially felt it with the Embiid One.

My Rating: 8.5  |  Retail Price: $130

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Harden Vol 4Pin

Let’s step up to $130. Currently, my favorite Harden shoe (granted, I’ve only played in two so far) so happens to be an excellent option at this price range. If you’re looking for an ultimate low top – this might be it!


adidas’s latest Lighstrike cushion is at its full glory with the Harden Vol. 4 and even though I can’t help but love something like Boost more, this is still a fantastic setup.

You sit low to the ground, all the court feel and precision you can get is kept while still offering impact protection and actual softness underfoot. For such a thin midsole, I think this is great engineering.

The upper comes in two variants: knit & synthetic leather combo or a mesh & synthetic suede combo. I’m playing in the latter and I like it a lot. You already know the advantages of a knit done right: ventilation, comfort, less weight, and a virtually non-existent break-in period.

While this isn’t marketed as adidas’s Primeknit, it’s pretty close feeling-wise. Hell, I’ve seen some shoes launch with the patented “Priemeknit” upper and feel worse than these. A very solid deal in my book.

The rest of the shoe is also stellar: great overall traction that should hold up fairly well outdoors, support done right for a low top and the shoe is just one small little package to play in. You feel like a bolt of lightning when you have these on.


While the shoe grips all court like crazy, a very tacky rubber compound that sticks usually means dust will become an apparent factor. Not saying it’s a dealbreaker, but you will have to stop and wipe these down occasionally to keep things consistent. Especially if you hoop in an older park with lots of nasty stuff on the floor.

My Rating: 8.3  |  Retail Price: $130

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Curry 6Pin

Besides the Curry Two from the older days, the 6th release is my favorite modern Curry shoe so far. Think of it as Under Armour’s take on a Harden-like sneaker. Same price, similar lightweight low top design, mad comfort, and speed for days.


The Curry 6 packs a full-length HOVR setup for cushion which is firmer compared to the ride you’d get with the Harden Vol. 4’s Lighstrike. If you’ve had experience with a Curry shoe before – you already know what to expect.

The thing I love about the Curry 6 is that it takes this formula and applies some tweaks that actually make a difference in making the shoe more accessible towards different players, not just shifty guards like SC30 himself who stay low to the ground.

Expect super responsive cushion that still offers impact protection and a slight feel of the foam’s plushness underfoot, killer support that doesn’t restrict you in any way, awesome traction that should do fine outdoors, and a very nice knit upper with some synthetic overlays for additional structure.

An upper that would usually shape up to cost $150+ among Nikey/Jordan. Think about it!


Despite the shoe being a bit more versatile than what you’d normally see on a Curry sneaker, I’d still see these fit guards and especially lighter & shifty guards the best. The ride you get will feel stiff at first, especially if you’re more accustomed to “bouncier” setups.

Don’t panic though  – certain foam compounds need some time to soften up, things normalize rather quickly here. While you still won’t feel like running on clouds, I didn’t mind this setup at all (my personal preference ideally is more cushion than offered here).

My Rating: 8.3  |  Retail Price: $130

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Kyrie 6Pin

I gotta be honest – I was never much of a fan of Kyrie’s main signature line due to their lack of any real cushion and complete focus on court feel. At times, to a quite ridiculous extent (I’m staring right at you Kyrie 2).

This is why the Kyrie 6 felt pretty refreshing after all those years of the same thing. Yes, it’s still a guard’s shoe very much built around Kyrie Irving’s game but now we get the chance to have more fun in his shoe, even if we’re not freaky guards like he is.


Forefoot Zoom Air Turbo along with a decent quality Phylon midsole is the shoe’s cushion setup and it’s the #1 factor that distinguishes this shoe from the rest of the line.

Yes, it’s still very fast, low to the ground and there’s still court feel for those shifty guards but you can actually feel some cushion underfoot and impact protection improved.

It’s not a “bouncy” ride by any means but now more players get the chance to enjoy the shoe and feel properly supplemented even if you’re not a guard. So, not the most explosive/bouncy setup but one that delivers performance-wise for sure.

Along with the cushion, the use of raw materials has come back to the Kyrie 6 – textile at the front and genuine leather at the back. Something we don’t usually see at a $130 price tag and more importantly, the pieces are implemented very well, making the shoe supportive and comfortable.

And I don’t even have to mention the badass traction – the dude’s shoes never disappoint in that area.


The use of genuine leather means the break-in time will be slightly prolonged as opposed to your standard 2020-style knits and textiles.

These might feel stiff at the back for the first 1-3 weeks but give ’em time and make sure you get the size right. It’s definitely 1/2 size up if you’re a wide footer. Regular/narrow footers – true to size will be the best option to get the Kyrie-like ultra secure fit.

My Rating: 8.5  |  Retail Price: $130

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Heritage N7Pin

I present you the native American-inspired Nike Zoom Heritage N7. Somewhat of a special release by Nikey and something we so badly lack in today’s market – pure outdoor models that aren’t $90 barebone releases with the word “outdoor” slapped over it.


Zoom and Phylon are used for the shoe’s cushion setup and it feels great. Forget about feeling dead or too mushy – the ride feels just right. It’s not that high off the ground, it’s got tons of impact protection while keeping a relatively low profile, and there’s some bounce underfoot to propel you for those tough games at the park.

A very well-balanced setup and one I’d happily take even if the shoe was at $150+.

But of course, that’s not all. There are the scary looking outsoles that grip the floor like crazy and offer durability we haven’t seen in a long time. Then there’s the full-on genuine leather upper which is thick, super supportive and I don’t even need to touch on the durability of real leather in this case.

Everything about the shoe screams outdoors and if you’re looking for that – just grab ’em, your wallet will be thanking you later.


Now, a heavy, thick leather upper not only means vibes of the early 2000s – it also means the shoe is noticeably heavier than today’s average sneaker. Make sure you get the fit right for these – unneeded dead space inside + a bulky upper could mean sloppy containment and you might feel clumsy.

If you’re not used to this type of heavy-duty upper – chances are you’ll feel clumsier than usual, so you might need some adjusting to do. And of course – these will take a while to fully break in.

My Rating: 8.5  |  Retail Price: $140

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Zoom RizePin

Time to climb the ladder to $140 – the Nikey Zoom Rize awaits and it’s still among my favorite shoes to play in. Whether you’re a guard, a forward, you play indoors or wreck the blacktop – the Zoom Rize can do it all.


Don’t get me started on the cushion on these. It’s ridiculous. Something that only a handful of other modern hoop shoes managed to achieve for me personally, which is why I value this particular shoe so much, even though it’s supposed to be a mid-tier team model.

The forefoot Zoom + a Phylon midsole might seem basic on paper but that’s because we’re talking on paper. The shoe feels responsive, super fast, there’s TONS of impact protection and the spring back on these is quite literally insane.

And you’re not feeling slow or clumsy despite lots of cushion being thrown at you. Everything you need from a basketball shoe’s cushioning is there and then some. I could tell you all about it but I urge you to try it yourself – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Next to the cushion, the upper is engineered mesh which is fairly basic but gets the job done performance-wise. It’s light, comfortable, and doesn’t take ages to break in. Overall support & stability are fantastic along with the traction that’s ready for outdoor play. One of the most versatile shoes you can get in 2020 and totally worth the price.


It’s honestly pretty tough to find drawbacks for this one but stuff you should know about before getting ’em would be the fit and the materials.

These will offer a very snug fit, so if you’re more of a fan of roomier fits, I’d suggest going up 1/2 a size. As for the materials – basic engineered mesh might not sound $150-worthy but if you just look at it from a performance perspective, I’ve got no complaints.

No, it’s not the most premium build, nor the most breathable but if you can look past that and give them time to fully adjust to your foot, you should be more than fine. 

My Rating: 7.9  |  Retail Price: $150

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: KD 12Pin

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the KD 13 but the 12th stood the test of time for me. It’s a fantastic, versatile basketball sneaker that should supplement most people’s game in one way or another. We’re at $150 now, so it better be good!


We’ve got full-length Zoom Air along with a heel Zoom unit and a Phylon midsole for the shoe’s cushioning. It’s really heating up now – this is surely the most expensive setup used from a tech standpoint in the list and I loved every bit of it.

Think of the Zoom Rize’s setup but make it slightly lower to the ground and take away some of that insane spring back. I feel like the KD 12 brings a “faster” version of that setup and even though it doesn’t feel as ridiculously bouncy, it’s still an amazing setup that delivers everything a player would need, and we’re talking every position.

The rest of the shoe isn’t anything crazy but it’s still very solid. The upper is textile along with mesh, so you’re getting a lightweight upper that’s supportive and comfy & barely takes any time to break in.

Traction is great and support is excellent. If you can get past the idea that the upper’s pretty basic, the cushion is worth trying alone! 


Durability is something that you should be aware of before getting this one. The outsoles aren’t the most durable in the world and even though I’ve seen worse cases, this won’t be your #1 outdoor tank.

Same thing for the upper – it’s light, it’s comfortable, and not a hassle to take care of, but if you’re expecting it to last multiple years while wrecking ’em at a park – I’d look for something more heavy-duty, such as the Zoom Heritage N7.

This will come down to what you value more – performance & comfort or reliability. Or perhaps a little bit of both? The KD 12 has got you covered in that case.

My Rating: 8.8  |  Retail Price: $110

Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Dame 7Pin

So do you mean to tell me that a $110 adidas shoe beats all of the above and it’s the best “bang for your buck” deal out of the whole list? For me, it is, for you – that will depend on what you prefer.

But regardless, I have no doubts that most of you would love the Dame 7 and I’ll quickly tell you why.


Lightstrike, adidas’s latest cushion is used on the Dame 7, and man it is awesome! I feel like it won’t be perfect for everybody but it’s close to perfect for me personally. INSANELY soft and bouncy at the heel & nice and fast at the forefoot.

This doesn’t feel like a $110 setup by any means – impact protection, energy return (especially at the heel), stability despite the super-soft heel, and response are ALL here. I feel like we’re getting spoiled by Dame and his signature line at this point.

And of course, the rest of the shoe worked brilliantly for me as well. It’s comfortable, secure, traction is fantastic AND it’s outdoor-ready (and we’re not just talking a few games here and there), support has virtually never failed on a Dame shoe and the upper utilizes some nice mesh & synthetic nubuck at the back.

Everything about these just worked for me. All-around performance is there. Durability is also there and you’d be surprised how sturdy this mesh setup actually feels. Outdoor-ready? Check.

Tell me another signature line that offers this much for this price. Go ahead! I’ll wait. 


adidas has a knack for confusing the hell out of people with their sizing. The Dame 7 definitely runs a little long. If you’re a regular/narrow footer, I’d suggest going down half a size to achieve that perfect fit. If you’re okay with having dead space length-wise, going true to size will also work but do that at your own risk.

For wide footers like myself, true to size will likely be your only option. This is one of those shoes where trying ’em on at a store is recommended but not everybody can do that currently, so ordering a few different pairs online and returning the unneeded one is highly recommended as an alternative.

Also, not a dealbreaker but the laces kept loosening for me. I’m talking a few minutes and I have to re-do them again. Completely re-doing all the laces and loosening the fit up helped fix the issue but if you’re someone who likes to tighten your shoe up all the way, you might experience this issue.


There’s always more where that came from!

Alright, that’s a wrap for the best basketball shoes under 150 bucks! Come back regularly and you might just see some additional shoes/changes made since I’m always on the hunt for new shoes to test.

But for now, these 11 models should keep you busy and hopefully, you’ve also learned a thing or two about optimizing your budget and getting the most value for your desired price range!

And if that’s not enough, I recommend checking out my lists of other budget ranges, you’ll be surprised how many good shoes are waiting for even less.

And as always, don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you’d like to share your own experience or have any questions!



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2 thoughts on “Best Basketball Shoes Under $150: Go-To Budget Guide

  1. Great review of the top basketball shoes under $150. Perfect timing as I am in need of a new pair of sneakers. I am old school so I tend to wear mine until they get to the point that I absolutely must switch them out. Not a great thing and I should have learned not to do this years ago as I dislocated my ankle playing in an old pair of shoes once.

    Interesting you recommend adidas as your favorite, I will have to check them out. I have always been a Nike fan and figured they had the best shoes.

    Thanks again man, I appreciate the post, very helpful.

    1. Thanks a lot Rob!

      Yep, and a lot of guys have a similar reaction to yours about the Dame 7 being my favorite for the price. I can’t stress this enough through several of my posts, adidas has been flat-out KILLING it for a bunch of years now. There were ups and downs, sure, but their man signature lines by Harden, Rose, and Lillard have been super consistent (with a few exceptions), and for a great price.

      Keep on rocking!

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