adidas D Rose 6 Review: Analyzing the Fan-Favorite Classic

Let’s continue the lineup of the true performance basketball classics – today, I’m bringing you my D Rose 6 review multiple years after the shoe’s launch, and particularly the Primeknit version of the shoe.

If you’ve missed these back in 2015 and ever since then I would highly encourage you to check ’em out. Being one of my all-time favorite shoes to play in until this day, the 6th D Rose model was something special.

I’ll be taking a look at the shoe’s comfort & performance aspects, value for the price, and see how it stacks up to the latest shoes today. You’ll be surprised.


#1 in the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

#2 in the Best Traction Shoes

D Rose 6 ReviewPin

Model: adidas D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit

Build: mid-Top

Weight: 16.3 oz / 462 g. (size 10)

Retail Price: $140

Cushion: full-length Boost

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D Rose 6 Review: TopPin

Back in the day, D Rose’s shoes seemed to boast a large frame along with a wide construction, making it look kinda bulky but also fantastic for wide footers, such as myself.

You can go true to size with these, no matter your foot shape.

If you happen to find the Primeknit version of the shoe, you’ll be surprised how amazingly comfortable the shoes are.

You can see the insane amount of internal padding around the heel area and the tongue itself – pair that with the awesome upper and a wide construction, and you got yourself a top contender.

2015 was still the year when sock-like one bootie construction shoes weren’t as common as today, and the D Rose 6 sports a regular separated tongue build, which I really like and have no complaints about.

Yeah, this isn’t the lightest shoe among today’s standards, nor is it the most compact or advanced in terms of tech, but it sure as hell gets the job done in terms of making your feet feel really damn comfortable every single step. What more is there to ask for?


D Rose 6 Review: OutsolePin

The shoe’s traction still holds up pretty decently for me, despite having a few pairs for over 4 years now. No, it’s not at 100% but no shoe will be, considering the amount of playtime they had, and a lot of it was outdoors.

If you happen to find and get the shoe brand new, the outsole works wonders on all courts, outdoors included.

The multi-directional blade pattern throughout the outsole bites the floor extremely well, and they’re squeaky as hell (at least when they’re not 4 years old).

These also happen to have a very durable rubber compound, as Adidas calls it a NON-MARKING outsole which, you guessed it, doesn’t leave any marks on the surface and it’s also very reliable.

I’ve constantly played in these outdoors and I’d actually put these among the best shoes for outdoors.

Not many shoes are compatible with heavy outdoor play these days, shoes are becoming more and more fragile, while the primary focus is on indoor play.

This is a very refreshing choice if you’re looking for a reliable performer to put some hours in the park.


D Rose 6 Review: SidePin

Remember Adidas’s BOOST at its finest? This is your prime example of it – full-length BOOST in all of its glory.

The amazing thing about this setup to this day is the balance it achieves, catering towards many more players and playstyles than one might think.

The BOOST foam is extremely pliable and easily deforming, and it returns the contorted energy extremely quickly, making this shoe so much fun to play in.

However, despite it being bouncy and plush by its nature, the foam is caged into what Adidas used to call StableFrame.

It’s a TPU carrier that holds the foam into place and also helps properly utilize BOOST in the forefoot section.

In result, you get a very stable, secure, responsive but also bouncy and soft ride.

Tons of impact protection even for the heaviest and most aggressive players, while still maintaining as much balance as possible, so quicker guards and shooters will also enjoy these a lot.


D Rose 6 Review: BackPin

D Rose’s basketball shoes were always known for their tank-like build and the D Rose 6 was at the top of its game in terms of support.

We got StableFrame for overall stability and holding BOOST in place, there’s the X-Bar system which adds torsional support, the shoe’s base is completely flat and as I’ve mentioned, it’s also wide, making it more stable than your usual low-profile shoe.

Next, of course, we have an internal heel counter for ankle lockdown and those heel straps you see at the back aren’t just a gimmick.

You can strap them up to your liking, making it an even more supportive package, if you feel like you need additional heel and ankle lockdown.

There’s no way you’ll be lacking support in these. Period.

I seriously loved the way Adidas made their shoes a few years ago. Not that they’re not great today but the Rose 6 just seemed to have it all figured out.

Every single feature you’d ever need is in place and it works wonders, without sacrificing comfort or mobility too much.

I think that’s shoe design at its best and something that should be taken as an example to build upon in their latest releases.


D Rose 6 Review: OverviewPin

First of all, I’d like to point out that there are several different upper variants of the D Rose 6.

All of them are definitely worthy of praise (there’s no crappy option, all of ’em are great) but the one of note is the Primeknit variant that I’ll be referring to.

So, the shoe’s upper is pure Primeknit which is a very soft and breathable knit that molds to your foot pretty much right when you put them on.

No real break-in time needed, no annoying cuts into your foot, or any kind of stiffness. You can forget about all that – this is as premium as it could’ve gotten for 2015, and it still feels fantastic today.

Since the shoe does an amazing job implementing the critical support features and providing security, the upper doesn’t need to be stiff and rigid – which is why you’d enjoy the hell out of the Primeknit D Rose 6.

The upper feels light (which forms an illusion that the shoe feels light even though it’s pretty heavy on paper), breathable, mobile, and extremely comfy.

It’s not the most durable upper, as no knit is, but while it lasts, it feels superb.

If this shoe would be released in 2022 for the retail price of $140, this would be a steal.


D Rose 6 ReviewPin

The Adidas D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit is an example of an all-around killer. It’s comfortable as hell, it’s got great and durable traction, BOOST is simply unreal and the Primeknit upper is straight-up icing on the cake.

Due to its versatility, I think guards, forwards, centers, or anyone else in between will find the shoe to be a great performer.

NOTE! The shoe has been discontinued for a while now. However, if you’re looking to try these out regardless, I recommend grabbing them from deadstock sneaker marketplaces such as StockX or GOAT.

Find the scores of the D Rose 6 are at the end



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Alright, that’s it for the D Rose 6 review! I hope you found it informative! Do not EVER sleep on older releases – the Crazy Explosive, the Dame 3 and the D Rose 6 show you why. I still have them in my rotation and still play in them to this day!

If you’re curious, check out how the D Rose 9, 10 & 11 stack up against the older D Rose 6!

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to have a chat,



adidas D Rose 6 Boost


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • Comfy & wide foot friendly: true to size is recommended for all
  • An all-around stunner: everyone should enjoy the shoe
  • Comes in alternative upper options depending on the colorway

Recommended For

  • All positions
  • All playstyles
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  1. This is a fantastic review – any buyer does not need to look any further because you have provided so much detail someone needs to make an informed decision. I love the different colours available here, the fact that they are suitable for wide feet is also a plus! These are a solid pair of Basketball shoes! Thanks for the detailed info πŸ™‚

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