Nike Zoom Rize Review: Breakdown of a Superb Versatile Shoe

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 2019’s team model by Nikey. But not just any team model – I’m sure this one’s worth your attention, even in 2021. I present you my Nike Zoom Rize review!


Just to give you a little hint, the Zoom Rize is shaping up to be among the best basketball shoes of 2019. Pair that with a competitive price (it’s even cheaper today), versatility, and a ton of FUN – you get yourself a serious candidate for your shoe rotation.

Let me break it down to you all you need to know about the shoe: how it fits, how’s the performance, build quality, any possible drawbacks, and the best places to grab it. Let’s go!


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For those looking to save time: the Nike Zoom Rize is a fantastic all-around performer, and in my eyes, it should suit just about any player/style.

It’s a good option for long-term outdoor play, it has one of the best cushion setups EVER, security is on-point without overly restricting you, and shoving a wide foot in here shouldn’t be a huge issue either.

Don’t expect fancy materials though: the shoe sports an engineered mesh build and while it’s not as soft and comfy as a premium knit/woven would be, it got the job done without making me feel uncomforable or making me think about it when it’s game time.

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Will your usual size work? How comfy are they? Anything else to know fit-wise?

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I kid you not – the shoe is definitely a sleeper, especially once you break it and get used to it.

I’m a very prominent wide footer so I was a bit hesitant to go true to size but I’m glad I did.

The shoe didn’t quite feel right the first 1-2 weeks (regular/narrow footers will likely experience a shorter break-in period) but after the materials stretched out a bit, I didn’t have any complaints since then.

The fit of the shoe is tight and snug, even after breaking them in, so if you like tighter, more secure fits that leave little to no extra space for your foot – the Zoom Rize is an example of that type of fit done right.

But if you still prefer leaving some breathing room wearing your kicks – I’d then suggest going up half a size. However, as a rule of thumb – you usually don’t want to deviate from your regular size if you don’t have to.

Especially with more forgiving builds that have less structure.

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Often times a more structured build that fits snug can seriously bang my feet up due to all the pressure applied upon movements.

Not the case with the Zoom Rize – even though I’ve got really wide feet and the material sits close to them at all times – its properties allow it to move well with my feet and a thin layer of mesh isn’t going to cause any pains or pinches.

And there’s no catch either – containment was fine, there was minimal-to-no movement inside the shoe and I felt secure at all times.

I’m usually not a huge fan of these types of high, in-your-face ankle collars but this one, in particular, didn’t seem to bother me despite the looks. The internal ankle area is well padded which makes the collar more of a cozy pillow for your ankle rather than an annoying distraction.

Overall, I have no complaints man – the shoe is comfortable, it’s secure, and feels like a light tank. In a good way.

Would I prefer just a tab bit more room width-wise and height-wise? Yes, but that one’s on me since I’ve got a pair of gigantic feet.

No gimmicks, nothing revolutionary or top 3 comfortable but enough to achieve a distraction-free experience on the court and that’s good enough for me.


Does it grip various surfaces well? How about dust? Will it last outdoors?

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A modern take of the classic herringbone traction pattern is used here, or should I say modified herringbone. All colorways of the Zoom Rize come in a half solid, half translucent rubber fashion, and it works pretty well.

I find the traction to be sustainable for my drives, cuts, stops, and accelerations. It’s really tough to mess herringbone up and adding a slightly refreshed take on it doesn’t ruin it, and the Zoom Rize is a clear example of this.

I didn’t find the outsole to be bothered by dust or other debris by any means and on any court I’ve played on, which is quite interesting.

I could’ve sworn I saw lots of dust creeping up inside the traction pattern but it seems that the rubber used is very tacky, the grooves are properly spaced out and they’re tall enough to erase the issue of dust buildup. I still wiped down the outsoles occasionally but more out of habit rather than necessity.

That is traction engineering at its best folks – the bite on the floor is nice and strong at all times, you barely have to wipe them (if ever on some courts) AND they seem durable for outdoor play.


I gotta say I’m super happy to see a Nikey model with reliable traction and quality rubber that’s sustainable for outdoors.

We’ve seen plenty of their budget models offer durable outsoles but not many mid-tier team models or signature sneakers have offered reliable rubber.

It’s a rare sight to see brands put some focus on hoopers who want to take their game outside these days, so props to Nikey for breaking the pattern! I just don’t why exactly they can’t stay consistent with it.

Does it really cost that much more to slap on tackier rubber and use a herringbone pattern that you’ve been using for YEARS anyway? We’ll never know.


How much impact protection? Is the ride comfy & responsive? What about ride height?

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You might not expect anything awesome from a conventional team model in terms of cushion but the Zoom Rize is no conventional shoe in that regard.

Along with a very soft and springy midsole being used, a large forefoot Zoom Air unit is also there to accommodate movements coming from the forefoot, such as stops, drags, and accelerations.

The setup overall works SUPER great. In fact, I’m not even making this up, I’ve never felt anything quite like this before.

I’ve felt amazing cushion setups that are very bouncy, I’ve played in hella firm setups too, and there are a lot of setups that are properly balanced for just about anyone as well.

But the Zoom Rize seems to have carved out their own balance in things. It’s one of the bounciest and most fun rides I’ve ever had but it’s also one of the most responsive and provides SUPER fast spring back that truly makes it seem like you’re on boost mode while running and jumping.

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That’s a rare treat these days – whether you like this kind of combination or not, I think everyone should try it just to see how much fun this feels. Court feel is sacrificed somewhat, so you won’t be riding as close to the ground as you would on, say, a Kyrie 7.

But I’d be lying if I said this slightly elevated ride bothered me. There are much taller builds out there and such a well-balanced cushion setup makes up for any compromises.

I personally had tons of fun playing in these, I feel like they supplement my playstyle extremely well and I also feel like they’d do the same for a lot of different players.

Since the setup is bouncy and springy, you’ll get a ton of impact protection. But you’re not slowed down or sunken in too deep into the shoe to make you less mobile. The foam springs back so quickly and strongly, you’re still on top of your game in terms of quickness.

It’s quite tough to put it in words but I’d highly suggest giving it a shot – I feel like lots of players would benefit from it or would have heaps of fun at least. That one you can quote me on.


How secure is the shoe? What about foot containment & stability? Any restrictions?

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For support, we got most of the essential features in place

There’s an internal heel counter for heel & ankle lockdown, a very contained and supportive fit, a lightweight, yet structured upper, large outriggers on both sides for lateral stability, and also a cable system that’s attached with the regular laces, pulling your ankle down for extra lockdown once pressure is applied.

As I’ve said earlier – the shoe feels like a mini-tank. Enough for most people to feel nice and secure, who play the game fast and with athleticism.

But it should also have the smaller, lighter, and quicker guards covered as well – I didn’t feel like there were any restrictions that would potentially hinder my mobility or my foot’s ability to move with the build.

Most of the shoe’s support and overall containment is coming from the fit itself – if you get the fit right for you, break them in and mess with the laces ’till you find your sweet spot, I think you’ll be in for a very supportive ride.

Nothing more to be said here, well done!


What materials are used & how do they perform? Is it a reliable build?

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This is the category that I probably liked the least but don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hate the materials. I loved the shoe in all areas, I just liked the upper the least.

Sure, it’s a team model and not a signature, so don’t expect anything ultra-premium. The shoe’s upper is mostly engineered mesh along with some Fuse and synthetic overlays in the heel area.

The shoe did take a while to break in due to the materials being quite stiff by nature (and because of my wide a** feet) and breathability isn’t the best. Those would be the only two negatives I could find. The rest – solid. Nothing extraordinary solid but solid nonetheless.

Engineered mesh is already pretty durable but thanks to some Fuse and synthetics in key areas, even more structure is added.

I think these will last for a long time and even if you plan on playing outdoors a lot – the combo of the materials + the durable rubber of the outsoles should do the trick for at least a few seasons.

This mesh build can’t move with one’s feet as well as a Primeknit or a Performance Woven would so you’re not essentially getting that “second skin” sensation but I always held that as a bonus and not an essential.

This is not an extremely premium upper but it’s comfortable enough to make you forget you’re wearing a shoe during a game. And they’re built well from what’s being used, so I have no major complaints.


Rounding it up: is the shoe versatile? Who’s best suited for it? Is it a good deal for the $$$?

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It’s time to round the Nike Zoom Rize review up.

The Nikey Zoom Rize is one of the best basketball models released in 2019 and in the last few years in general. It’s a nifty package that does a lot for what it has. I think this shoe really shows it comes down to masterful engineering and design on Nike’s part.

No gimmicks or a $200 price tag needed.


The shoe doesn’t have the flagship tech and for a pretty basic upper, AND for a limited retail price to work with, these are as good as they can get. Most players will enjoy these, especially high-flyers as they will take advantage of the awesome cushion setup the Zoom Rize brings to the table.

It’s also a solid option for long-term outdoor play, and no corners were cut in the security department either. Give these some time for the build to stretch out & break in and you should enjoy your time with the shoe.

Several years later, they might be a little tougher to come by but some online retailers still have ’em (and you can find them under retail now), so don’t worry too much if you’re considering a purchase.

You can find the exact scores of the shoe at the end!





Even BETTER? Possibly!

Nike Zoom Rize Review: Zoom Rize 2Pin
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Alright, that’s it for the Nike Zoom Rize review!

There’s a reason I’ve put the shoe in the best of 2019, best traction, and best support shoe lists. It’s that good – and I also suggest checking those lists out to really get a grasp of the leading performers released in recent years.

Now, it’s time for the 2nd model in the series, the Zoom Rize 2 to continue where its predecessor left off.

I’ve put together a comprehensive review for that shoe as well, so if you’re looking to maximize your chances of getting the perfect match for your hoop sessions, check out the review and see how it compares!

I’d like to hear your opinion on these though! Do you like ’em? Maybe you got any questions or suggestions? Or perhaps you’ve got a pair of Zoom Rize 1’s and feel different about them?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!



My final personal ratings, takeaways, and recommendations

Nike Zoom Rize


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • ALL foot shapes: true to size should be fine
  • Go up 1/2 size if you prefer a roomier fit
  • Expect a 1-2 week break-in period
  • A fantastic & versatile shoe: all areas are strong

Recommended For

  • Positions 1-5
  • All-around players
  • High flyers
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