Jordan CP3.12 – 10 Details & Should You Get It In 2020?

Today I wanted to do something a bit different. I’m sure a lot of you are aware of Chris Paul’s signature line and his basketball shoes being COMPLETE STEALS almost every release. Well, I think the latest Jordan CP3.12 reached the pinnacle, showing you how budget-friendly a signature shoe can be.

And don’t forget that it still retains competent tech & performance on the court. Plus, it’s got that nice, low-key design for those looking to rock these casually.

Take a look at the tech specs!


Jordan CP3.12Pin

Model: Air Jordan CP3.XII
Build: Mid-Top
Weight: 14.33 oz / 406 g. (size 10 US)
Retail Price: $100
Cushion: Forefoot Zoom Air & Phylon midsole


So instead of a standard performance review, I’m going to give you 10 major facts about the Jordan CP3.12 that makes it an excellent shoe and a smart buy for just about any player/sneaker fan out there looking for a fresh pair.

Inside those 10 details, I’ll talk a little bit about the shoe’s comfort & performance aspects so, in the end, you should have all information you need to make a decision.

Let’s begin!



Jordan CP3.12: TonguePin

Something for those who preach aesthetics and storytelling on a sneaker – CP3 boats his new logo on the shoe’s tongue and also the outsole areas.

It’s now an owl, made up of different zodiac signs of his family. And owl you say?

Yes. It represents the smartest & wisest animal of all – a parallel to Chris Paul’s undeniably high basketball IQ and the knowledge & experience he accumulated throughout all those years on the court.

I kind of dig it, to be honest – I think it’s slick, low-key, and especially looks good in that gold on the black colorway of the CP3.XII.


Jordan CP3.12: MultiPin
The vivid purple/metallic gold colorway

The black and red, wolf grey, the metallic gold multicolor, the vivid purple multicolor, and the all-black are all looking sleek, low-key, and minimalistic. Exactly what CP3 likes and has continuously shown throughout his shoe releases.

It’s all about simplicity – and thanks to that along with the simplistic silhouette, we get a dope shoe for both purposes. Take them on a court? Sure. Rock them casually? You bet.

You can check out the news post by Nikey – the main three colorways are displayed there.


Jordan CP3.12: StockPin

Despite their cool little colorways shown off initially by Nikey, the shoe was released in quite small quantities, and in just a few select stores as well. For those familiar with the CP3 line, you know that the initial stock gets depleted quickly, and soon after they’re all over the outlets for under retail.

Well, the same case goes for the CP3.12 – you’ll barely find any options online (a bummer, I know) and your best bet will the eBay or StockX route.

Oh, and you’ll mainly see the all-black colorway available if you do manage to find it somewhere. For others, checking local stores will be the only route left to go.

It’s a shame that this always happens for CP’s sneakers and I never really knew why. It seems that Nike just doesn’t show as much love for the CP3 line as they would for their “top earners” LeBron, Kyrie, Kobe, and others.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that you’re in trouble now. I know this is a fantastic deal for just about any player so I actually compiled a list of my personal favorite budget shoes to get.

They’re all under or close to the $100 range while managing to hang in there with the premium options in terms of quality & performance! If you struggle to get the CP3.XII, this list will surely give you some ideas for extremely similar performance and price.


Jordan CP3.12: CP3.11Pin
The Jordan CP3.XI w. midfoot strap

The CP3 line was never about going full premium or putting innovative tech that’s flashy and gets consumer’s attention. It’s all about simplicity, quality, performance when you need it, no more, no less. No gimmicks, no distractions, no unneeded “features” or pieces of tech that raise the price tag.

With that mentality, a few improvements have been made from the previous CP3.XI. Nothing drastic or game-changing – and that’s because the CP3.XI was already a solid basketball shoe.

So, the 12th model is sleeker, it’s 0.37 oz lighter and feels a bit quicker to play in. There’s no more midfoot strap in place and the heel Zoom unit has been taken out. Lastly, the material choices have also been altered and only for the better.

Now, we pretty much get the best of both worlds – the shoe is light, fast, and responsive but the new changes made it that much more seamless, delivering added comfort, breathability, and a balanced ride to the mix.

I think more players will now enjoy the CP3.XII thanks to the changes which in my opinion, make the shoe a more versatile package than its predecessor.


Jordan CP3.12: OutsolePin

Another major change was the outsole – it’s still herringbone by its core but the rubber compound has been changed, along with the changes in the pattern itself.

And the shoe grips the floor like crazy. Dirty courts, clean courts, rubber, concrete – you name it. Herringbone has never quite failed in delivering pure, consistent performance, and the addition of a better quality rubber compound makes this a complete package.

You’ll forget you got a shoe on with these – that’s how well they grip the floor. No slips, no annoying dust issues, no durability issues. It’s all there.


Jordan CP3.12: SidePin

Remember that I’ve mentioned versatility? Well, less Zoom doesn’t always mean less effective cushioning.

The new shoe doesn’t have the heel Zoom unit anymore but what it does have are a hex Zoom unit in the forefoot and an actually good Phylon midsole.

What’s the result? We get a slightly faster ride that’s very responsive, court feel is still there for those low-profile guards or spot-up shooters. But very competent impact protection and slight spring back throughout the whole foot is still retained.

So you might not feel like you’re running on clouds with these but from a pure performance perspective – this type of ride should accommodate not only most guards but also lighter frontcourt players.


Jordan CP3.12: WidePin

When the shoe came out, I quickly checked up how people feel about the fit. Good thing I did as this isn’t your main option if you’re a wide footer.

I’m myself a very prominent wide footer, so I’ve gone up half a size immediately. And it was the right decision.

The shoe still needed about a week to properly break in and adjust to my foot before I felt fully comfortable. The forefoot and midfoot sections feel pretty damn narrow even after a proper break-in period. Nothing crazy terrible, but definitely on the snug side.

Regular/narrow footers – true to size will be your best option.


Jordan CP3.12: GreyPin
The wolf grey colorway

Herringbone traction pattern with durable rubber? Check. Stable ride & solid impact protection? Check. A fairly durable build? Check. Ventilation for those under-the-sun games? You got it.

Most essential boxes for proper outdoor play are ticked, so you can enjoy these at a park. I’ve mostly played in these outdoors and performance is still as great as on hardwood.

Yes, the knit upper isn’t the most durable option but it isn’t the weakest either. I don’t see any major chippings, frays, or any signs of real danger of the shoe, and I’ve been really trashing these outdoors for a few months now.

Another improvement that’s well worth it over the CP3.XI!


Jordan CP3.12: LogoPin

It’s newer, better, and cheaper! Talk about a great deal. Brands are truly competing for that ultimate bang for your buck option these days and the CP3.XII is a clear example of that.

Sure, we can look at this from both sides. One, is why the hell this one costs just a hundred bucks while something like the AlphaDunk is clocked at $180 while being much less versatile and overall a weaker shoe?

But two, you can’t deny the fact that the CP3.XII is a KILLER deal if you can find it that is. There are not a lot of better budget-friendly shoes out there that offer good performance, versatility, durability for outdoor play and comes as a signature.

So, take it how you like it but if you do manage to spot the CP3.12 somewhere – even $120 would be a good deal for this one.


Jordan CP3.12: FlyknitPin

So, why it’s such a great deal you ask? Well, besides the things mentioned above, you also get pure Flyknit as the shoes upper. And it’s still just $100 at retail!

I’m just not entirely sure how pricing at Nikey/AJ works but I’m sure as hell happy to see that it’s actually possible to release a shoe with Flyknit clocked just at $100.

This should be a slight sign that we might be overpaying for certain models in the past. Regardless, pure Flyknit at $100 is awesome. Period.

They’re comfy as hell, the upper is light, barely takes any time to break in (unless you have huge a** feet like me), it’s breathable and for being a knit, it’s actually surprisingly durable.

If premium + performance is what you’re looking for – there aren’t many Flyknit deals better than the CP3.12.


That’s it for the 10 details about the AJ CP3.12! I hope this really gave you a sense of how varied and surprising the hoop shoe market can be. One day, we get $200 Jordans with premium tech. The other, we get a little $100 package that boasts the same materials for half the price.

Either way, I still think it’s a great time to be a sneaker fan or a basketball player.

Once again, if you don’t have much luck finding the CP3.12 anywhere, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my list of the best shoes under $100. You’ll come across some true gems and it’ll give you an even better grasp of how varied the shoe market is today.

Click here to go to the list of the best hoop shoes under $100

I’m always looking forward to your opinion though! Perhaps you have the CP3.12 and would like to share your experience with it? Or maybe you’ve got a question?

Leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can!

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2 thoughts on “Jordan CP3.12 – 10 Details & Should You Get It In 2020?

  1. I think the Jordan CP3.12 is a great shoe to have. I recently bought a pair not because  i am a basket ball player, but for the gym. the great thing about this shoe is its comfort level and i also love the style. I think the price is spot on and you are right to highlight that there is not a lot of difference in terms of material from a £100.00 shoe to a £200.00 shoe. 

    1. Absolutely Joe! I take some of my lower profile hoop shoes to the gym as well, and the CP3.12 got that nice, light Flyknit upper which makes it pretty versatile. Keep on grinding!

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