adidas D Rose 11 Review: Testing the Wide Footer’s DREAM

You already know it’s a good fit for wide footers from the title. But is it a good all-around performer on the basketball court? Here’s a detailed, outdoor-based D Rose 11 review for you – the latest signature model from Chicago’s own Derrick Rose.

But this one’s interesting. After a few subpar models, the 11th sneaker looks very reminiscent of the older shoes and it also got a considerable price drop. Smells fishy?

Let’s find out in the most comprehensive way possible. The only way.



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For those in a hurry: the adidas D Rose 11 stepped up from the last few models, making some changes to break up the rather stale Rose line.

The shoe is surely a wide footer’s attraction as it has a wide toebox. EVERYONE, including those with wide feet, will most likely be okay by stepping a 1/2 size down.

Traction was fantastic, nothing more, nothing less. Lightstrike cushion is not the Boost goodness we had on the 6th & 7th models but it’s a decent setup that provides a little bit of everything without slowing you down or making you feel like you’re running barefoot.

Support and stability were excellent just like most adidas shoes but the large heel piece did feel  clunky at times. You’re going to like this one if you like those hard, flappy step strides.

The Rose 11 has a basic screen mesh upper with a textile layered underneath and I can’t complain too much for $120. It’s not leather or anything that feels pricier but it worked and didn’t break down on me 4 months in.

For alternatives, the D Rose 6 is still king IMO. If you can still find it these days and you’re a Rose fan, there’s no reason for me not to recommend it even in 2021.

For more current releases that you can get easier, the Dame 7 is a superb all-around option and the D.O.N. Issue #3 is among the best budget options from adidas.

> The full review is below


TTS or should you deviate from your size? How comfy are they on-court? Anything else to know?

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As you already know – this one’s a wide footer’s gem but not without its issues.

The moment I stepped into the D Rose 11, I was reminded of two things: one, the D Rose 10 as it fits very similarly to that shoe, and two, adidas’s usual length shenanigans.

Yes, folks, the D Rose 11 fits a bit lengthy just like we’re all accustomed to now from adidas’s footwear. Wide footer, narrow footer, or anyone in between, expect a bit of extra room for your toes if you go true to size.

However, I would NOT recommend most people to go true to size.

A half size down from your usual number, including wide footers, will be the best bet as the shoe fits all kinds of large and clunky. I’ve got thick and wide feet myself, and even stepping a 1/2 size down didn’t fully fix the fit. There’s a little bit of heel slippage at times, especially if I decide not to re-lace the shoe when the laces loosen up.

There’s still a tiny bit of room length-wise (nothing crazy though) and the shoe just has that “large” feel to it. If you’ve played in a recent Rose shoe before, you know what I mean.

For those that didn’t – expect a roomier fit overall but not one that compromises security/containment as you might think.

This is simply how D Rose likes his shoes and my guess is an obvious one – the dude’s a wide footer.

So for those with compact, narrow feet – this might not be the best option but you can pull it off. I just wouldn’t recommend the D Rose 11 for those people if looking for a perfect-fitting pair. Wide footers – this is your jam.

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Aside from the sizing intimacies, the Rose 11 isn’t a terrible shoe to wear comfort-wise.

Just like a lot of kicks from the Three Stripes, this one feels a little bottom-heavy, a bit clunky at times but not bad at all when I’m actually playing. All those little hiccups are minimal and I don’t really think about them when it’s game time.

The D Rose 11 does feel a bit lighter than the 10th model and I never felt super duper heavy-footed, so no issues there. Not a lot of internal padding but the lining and material around the ankle still feels nice and comfy.

While there’s a bit of foam backing around the ankle area and on the tongue, the lack of proper heel notches (you know, those little pillows that stick out and cup your heel) probably has to do with the occasional heel slippage.

But once again, nothing crazy.

Overall, a decent-fitting shoe that probably won’t make anyone’s comfort or best-fitting list but one that’s totally doable and playable once you lace ’em up and get used to the shoe.

The D Rose 6 (especially the Primeknit version) is still the king in this category though, in my opinion.


How’s the grip on various surfaces & conditions? Is dust/debris a factor? How long will the outsoles last?

D Rose 11 Review: OutsolePin
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An outsole straight from the D Rose 7. Almost. But just so you know – that’s a very, very good thing. An aggressive traction pattern that bites the concrete like crazy, in whichever direction you throw yourself to.

This pattern just doesn’t care.

While the knobs are fairly dense, I rarely have dust sensitivity issues with adidas shoes, and the 11th Rose is no exception. If you’re not a big outsole wiper – you won’t have to develop the habit for this one. Yes, even outdoors.

For me, a quick wipe or two is all I need if I’m hooping on an older concrete surface, which I do occasionally when the synthetic rubber court I usually play on is wet from rain or I’m not able to go there.

So, deadly stops, snappy pops from a screen, lateral strides, you name it. This one’s got it.

I still don’t have the ability to test them indoors since the gyms are still closed in my area but the D Rose 7 performs just as well inside, so chances are the D Rose 11 is just as good.

Even almost as good means they’d be just fine.


While the pattern looks identical to the D Rose 7, I’m not sure if the actual rubber used is the same. The knobs feel a bit softer to the touch in comparison but this is still a solid outdoor option, even for regular play in the park.

Adidas tends to kill it with their rubber compounds, so most of their stuff is viable to play outdoors and will last for a long time.

I’m around 4 months in with these and all I’m doing is balling outside – they still grip just fine. The ball-of-the-foot area & the areas along the sides laterally are slightly burnt off but just like the Dame line, that barely affects the actual performance since the rubber can still catch your shiftiness just fine. Bravo!


How’s the impact absorption and bounce underfoot? What about the comfort, stability, and step strides of the midsole?

D Rose 11 Review: HeelPin
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Full-length Lighstrike is a first for the D Rose line and I kinda like it. No, this is not the god-like Boost we’ve got on the D Rose 6 & 7 but I do think it’s a slight upgrade in performance from everything we got since the 7.

The heel is huge as you can see, and the looks don’t fool this time – there’s a TON of impact protection at the back. Great compression, each heel strike or step from the heel (which is something you shouldn’t do often but still) feels awesome. In an ideal world, I would’ve liked the heel to feel a bit “faster” but it’s not a big deal at all.

The rest of the midsole isn’t the same cloud-like awesomeness as the forefoot portion is caged, so Lightrike feels much more subdued there. Firm, low to the ground, and responsive. Exactly how a guard likes it.

This heavy contrast between the heel and forefoot feels super similar to the Dame 7, so if you’ve played in that shoe – expect a similar ride.

I do feel there’s a tad bit more feedback at the front when stacked against the Dame 7 though, albeit it’s definitely nothing crazy.

Takes a bit to get used to as the step motions initially feel a bit clunky. Don’t worry though. This normalizes and ends up feeling fine if you’re not thinking about it.

Speaking of step motions – the platform of the D Rose 11 is really damn flat.

No real offset between the heel and toe, no curvature at the front or back. Adidas is notorious for this, love it or hate it. It’s a dealbreaker for some, while for me it’s merely something to get used to. Which is exactly what I did and ended up feeling solid.

Still though, if you’re looking for those buttery smooth, Curry 8-like heel-to-toe strides, you might be disappointed. Stability is top-notch here, sure, but lots of basketball shoes nowadays look and feel almost like runners.

The D Rose 11 brings us back to the older days – you can definitely tell this one’s a hoop shoe.


How’s the all-around security at the cost of mobility? What about lateral stability and foot containment?

D Rose 11 Review: BackPin
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All-around security is great in the D Rose 11.

Once again, if you’re used to adidas’s kicks – this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’ve got an internal heel counter for heel & ankle lockdown, as well as an external heel piece that extends all the way up to the front, acting as a cage for your feet.

A callback to the old StableFrame days? Could be.

The platform of the shoe is very wide & flat, so stability is definitely on point. The midsole extends to the sides A LOT, acting as an outrigger for further stability. You’d have to land really awkwardly to roll an ankle in this one.

Torsional support is great as well, as the midsole is rigid enough to not cause any issues. A solid choice for a flat footer too. The lacing system is traditional but, once again, reminds us of the stuff adidas just refuses to look into and fix.

I’m talking about the constantly undoing laces. I think these laces are almost identical to the Dame 7 and they feel the same too.

I lace up the shoe, the laces immediately loosen up to a point, and then slowly go into loosy-goosy territory, causing me to stop and redo them on a regular basis.

Not completely deal-breaking but annoying nonetheless. I don’t understand how stuff like this makes it through the wear-testing phases. But besides the crappy laces/lacing system – support is great on the Rose 11.

Not going to overly complain here.


What are the materials used on the upper and how do they perform in action? How’s the build quality & durability so far?

D Rose 11 Review: ForefootPin
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The upper doesn’t really scream “signature” but that’s probably where the $20 price drop is reflected the most.

Most of the build is utilizing screen mesh that looks to be layered with a textile underneath. The toe area looks to be made of woven/fabric material and feels pretty good. The ankle collar uses a soft textile material.


This combo is far from premium but there’s no denying it gets the job done in giving you comfort, mobility, ventilation, and proper structure.

Yes, these should last a while even on the blacktop. And not to mention this upper barely requires any time to break in, even for a wide footer.

A couple of days were all I needed to feel the way these were intended to feel. The fit is not perfect as I’ve mentioned earlier but the materials aren’t at fault here.

Foot containment is fine as well, though the midfoot area did feel a bit flimsy at times. The roomier fit has to do with this sensation and I never slid out of the footbed so it’s not terrible.

Layered or not, this material being so thin means a 7-foot tank might feel iffy while cutting to the basket.

But then again, if you’re a 7-footer, you probably won’t be doing a lot of those. I personally didn’t feel the containment to be lacking, just felt a bit weird at times.

Thanks to that TPU cage, I was always able to stay confident and play the way I play, even if the build feels a little wonky sometimes.

D-Rose’s products go on sale & on outlets fairly quickly, so you’ll surely be able to pick these up for under $120. But even at full retail, I don’t think it’s a bad deal. You’re getting Lightstrike, adidas’s flagship foam compound, and a solid all-around performer.

The material choices aren’t the luxury type but we’re pretty much used to this formula now. It’s all about staying light and comfy now, while a “premium” touch comes second.

The nature of today’s market – nothing we can do about it.

And adidas likely having a tighter budget to make these since we all know Rose’s “net value” has dropped over the years. The mainstream consumer just doesn’t care about the D-Rose line that much anymore.

Whatever it is – I don’t care. All I know is that it’s a decent deal.


Summarizing the D Rose 11 review: are they well-rounded? Is it a good buy amongst the competitors in this price range?

D Rose 11 Review: Side 2Pin
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The adidas D Rose 11 isn’t the spectacular release the D Rose 6 or 7 were a few years back but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad shoe. It’s a shoe not for everyone and you do have to be in line with Rose’s preferences here, like the entirely flat platform, for example.


The shoe fits a bit long and EVERYONE should go half a size down for this one. Traction is deadly and easily among the strongest components of the shoe. Durability for outdoors is fine too. Lightstrike feels dynamic – lots of compression at the heel and responsive at the front.

Solid all-around support, unmatched stability but can feel a bit wonky, especially for a heavier, more explosive dude. The material choices aren’t premium but work just fine performance-wise. And this package for $120 – not bad.

The heel can be clunky as it’s a huge piece that could’ve been cut down in my opinion but that never caused me to want to throw these away.

Did the D Rose line return to its prime form? That would be a stretch. But there’s no denying it’s a good shoe, especially for boat-footers like myself.

The scores of the shoe are below!







If you’re not sure whether to get the Rose 11 for one reason or another – take a look at your alternatives that might work even better

D Rose 11 Review: AlternativesPin
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If you want something similar-feeling to the Rose 11 but perhaps with a few tweaks for a faster, more mobile-feeling experience? I think the Dame 7 will definitely do the trick.

It’s still among my favorite adidas hoop shoes to play in, mainly due to how natural, yet sturdy the shoe feels on-foot and that cushy Lighstrike midsole. It definitely offers more pop than the D Rose 11 does.

ADIDAS D.O.N. ISSUE #3, $100

Yes, I think Donovan Michell’s D.O.N. Issue line is still the most attractive choice if you’re hooping on a budget and you’re an adidas fan.

The Issue #3 didn’t make a whole lot of changes from the last two models but it doesn’t have to. The shoe won’t exactly blow you away by its tech or feel but it will surely handle your basic basketball needs, such as comfort, stability, support, and feeling quick on your toes.

Make sure to read up on the full review though, as there a few little things that might or might not seem suitable for you.


The D Rose 6 which dropped back in 2015 is still the most phenomenal Rose shoe. Yes, I said it.

The think Boost midsole offered was unrivaled back then and still feels a TON of fun today. The StableFrame construction was adidas’s go-to technology for foot security & support and while it does weigh the shoe down by today’s standards, you’ll feel stable and deadly with these.

It’s just a fun and comfortable experience each time I put the Rose 6 on. There’s something about their charm that simply isn’t being replicated these days.

They will be tougher to get today but your best bet will be StockX and GOAT for this matter.


Do you feel like the D Rose line is climbing back up to its former glory?

D Rose 11 Review: Let's TalkPin
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That’s it for the D Rose 11 review! I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for staying with me ’till the end!

Make sure to see how the Rose line is doing so far, as I’ve reviewed several other shoes. And as always, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this.

I do personally feel like this is a step in the right direction, somewhat. Although I still think the classic D Rose 6 and 7 will be extremely difficult to beat. Ever.

Have you played in the D Rose 11? Do you feel different about it? Perhaps you’ve got a question I haven’t answered in the review or you just wanna chat?

Drop a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP!







My own final ratings, takeaways, and recommendations

adidas D Rose 11


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • Half a size down is recomended for most
  • Best fit for wide footers
  • Heel-to-toe transitions could feel a bit clunky
  • Laces loosen up quickly

Recommended For

  • Guards, wings
  • Flat and/or wide footers
  • Those who prefer a flatter step stride
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