adidas D Rose 10 Review: 4-Month OUTDOOR Breakdown

After a very mediocre D Rose 9, it’s finally time for me to blow the dust off of my D Rose 10 review and put it out there in 2021. Okay, that’s not exactly how it went – I’ve actually picked these up just last year as opposed to when they launched back in 2019.

The adidas D Rose 10 (currently the second-newest D Rose signature sneaker) is heavily on sale during the writing of this review and it’ll likely stay that way for some time.


So if you’re looking to grab a cheap pair of hoop shoes – this is still an option in 2021. Is it worth it next to many awesome kicks released in 2020 and 2019? That’s what I’ll be answering – kind of like I did with the 9th D Rose.

I’ll break down the shoe’s fit & comfort aspects, on-court performance exclusively outdoors ~4 months in, build quality, and value for the price.

Let’s begin with the main specs!


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Model: adidas D Rose 10

Build: mid-top

Weight: 14.91 oz / 423 g. (size 9.5 US)

Retail Price: $140

Cushion: full-length Bounce

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The 10th D Rose model definitely brings some of the nostalgia from the older Rose models.

Beefier plastic caging at the back (of sorts), a more of an old-school leather upper, as well as a very wide platform that’s also almost just as flat as the classic lineup going from the D Rose 1 to the 4.

And guess what? The shoe also feels more like the older releases, at least partly. Let’s get to the need-to-know first.


Yep, it’s back. adidas’s iconically inconsistent sizing shenanigans are here once again.

The D Rose 10 runs pretty damn long in the forefoot AND wide, mainly in the toebox and at the widest portion of the midfoot areas. It’s looking like the D Rose 9 all over again, but wait…

IF you can get the size right for you, it’s a decent fit. I’m personally a very prominent wide footer, and I’ve got some really chunky feet in general.

But given the one-sided feedback on these before buying, I still went down half a size (my regular is a 10) and this was probably the correct decision in the long run.

My feet did feel suffocated during the first couple of weeks but once the leather stretched out a bit and molded to my foot’s shape, they feel fine.

Still a tad bit long from being ideal and also a little suffocating at times at the bottom midfoot area but it’s acceptable. Let’s leave it at that.

This is one of those cases where these will probably fit most wide footers better than a more regularly shaped foot or a narrow foot.

The wide platform and exaggerated midfoot area width-wise might cause a lot of regular/narrow footers some trouble.

But if we’re talking sizing, I’d still say going down half a size will be the best option, regardless of your foot shape. Regular/narrow footers could try a full size down but I can’t vouch for the fit.

Going down half a size should fix the forefoot & midfoot areas a bit but expect a roomier, chunkier fit regardless.

And for wide footers – same thing. A full size down is definitely too much in my opinion and if I would’ve gone with a size 10, I probably would’ve run into containment issues & end up feeling much bulkier than I do right now.

Yeah, I know. It’s strange, it’s inconsistent and it’s annoying. Ordering a couple of different sizes will be the safest bet here but if you can only snatch one – a 1/2 size down should do it.

Although I can’t guarantee that since everyone’s foot is different – it’s still the most consistent choice among the people that tested it, including myself.

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If you get the fit close to optimal (since optimal is a tough task for this one) for you and give the material a couple of weeks to break in, the comfort level is definitely not bad.

If you happen to like more of an old-school setup with raw, more structured materials dominating the build, you should feel right at home with the Rose 10.

This upper definitely wraps around your foot nicely and securely and despite the shoe feeling a little chunky at times, I never felt compromised of security since leather’s there to catch your foot no matter how awkward your plant might be.

Speaking of chunky, that feeling mainly comes from the ultra-wide & flat platform, and the upper of course. It’s not that chunky per se, but a 2020-style textile-based shoe usually feels a little lighter, faster, and more forgiving.

It’ll come down to what you prefer more, as there’s no right or wrong option here.

There’s also a good amount of internal padding around your ankle and a slightly elevated cut for the achilles.

I liked the way this back area cupped my ankle & achilles and despite a higher-cut mid-top design, I never felt the ankle collar got in the way too much.

So, nothing special but solid nonetheless. Fans of these classic types of setups should like the Rose 10 as it doesn’t take away the performance.

But even for guys who are more used to today’s standards of lightweight, synthetic textiles & fabrics, this shouldn’t feel out of this world.


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A mix of classic herringbone & adidas’s radial pattern is apparent throughout the outsole.

I’ve seen these HEAVILY squeak for guys who had the chance to play in a gym and despite it, traction was mediocre for most indoor users.

Since I’ve played solely outdoors, the experience was a little bit better for me. As you know, the more abrasive the surface is, the easier it’ll be for the pattern to bite.

While this wasn’t anything top 5-level, it got the job done for me. Indoors though, I still don’t have access to a gym so for anyone who has, there are plenty of indoor reviews that describe the indoor traction performance as decent.

But even outdoors, both herringbone and radial portions of the outsole are so damn densely spaced out, dust & debris gets in there in no time.

That sticky rubber doesn’t help either but I can’t be mad at that since it does help the overall traction.

So, wiping will be your #1 habit when playing in the D Rose 10. Indoors, outdoors, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s an older/dirtier court – you’ll have to wipe these down frequently to keep the bite close to 100%.

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As for durability, the rubber feels similar to the D Rose 9 which is not a good thing. Relatively soft and pliable, and none of the grooves are that deep, so a full season of constant outdoor play is questionable.

4 months in though, they’re still pretty good. I am regularly cleaning my outsoles which helps get some of that rubber tackiness back (since it’s like a damn dust magnet) but I don’t feel I’m at 100% anymore.

Still enough to play confidently but I have a feeling these won’t last a full year.

These options along with a guide are waiting for you if you’re looking for a trustworthy outdoor shoe you could wreck for a long time.


D Rose 10 Review: BackPin
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Full-length Bounce returns from the Rose 9 and it feels very similar to the last shoe. However, I do prefer this setup over the 9.

Firstly, it’s Bounce, so don’t expect any kind of extreme bounce or pillows of God underfoot.

This is a very good setup performance-wise but it might not impress those who are looking to have a lot of FUN with what’s offered. And for those people, THIS might help.

Bounce is a very well-balanced foam compound and it feels fast, stable, and responsive on the Rose 10. I love Bounce for the way it manages to keep you low to the ground & fast while providing a necessary amount of impact protection & a little bit of energy return for more explosive players.

I gotta say these feel a little softer than the D Rose 9. A level of step comfort and plushness is there as well as bounce but it’s very subtle.

I mostly felt like it was just there but it kept me stable, precise and explosive – that might not be all I want in a cushion setup but it’s definitely all I need to play the way I play.

I was also quite surprised that this experience was true from heel to toe. We’ve seen a lot of stuff from adidas that usually feels pretty good at the back & dead at the front, even on some full-length Bounce setups.

Not the case for the D Rose 10 – things were just as responsive and balanced at the front as they are at the back. Once again, nothing groundbreaking but most definitely welcome.

While this might not be a very eye-catching setup for the general buyer, everyone should find this ride suitable if we’re talking efficiency and security on the court.


D Rose 10 Review: HeelPin
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After pretty serious containment issues with the D Rose 9, this time the 10 provides some of the usual beefy overall security we’ve come to expect from adidas.

Those guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to making a shoe supportive and comfortable at the same time.

This time though, not a lot needed to be done, given the upper which does most of the work providing support, as well as holding your foot in the footbed at all times.

There’s also a pretty aggressive external TPU heel counter that extends all the way to the midfoot, further adding to the structured support.

As mentioned earlier, the platform of the shoe is very wide & almost completely flat, and aggressive outriggers are found laterally, so stability was excellent too.

Also usual to adidas, torsional rigidity is present – while there’s no midfoot shank plate this time, the midsole is rigid enough to not cause any trouble torsionally.

The ankle collar has some rigidity to it too, so pulling down the top eyelets will grant you some additional ankle lockdown, which is welcome for those who need it for one reason or another.

HOWEVER, if there’s always a but. Support always starts with a proper fit. You must get it right, only then you can fully take advantage of what’s implemented as support components.

As the D Rose 10 fits rather unusually, I can’t stress how important this is.

A little bit of space at the front (like I have) or laterally won’t ruin things for you, but an overall roomy fit that feels bulkier than it should will introduce compromises in containment, as well make you end up feeling sloppy.

Going half a size down is a must for these.


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The upper utilizes genuine full-grain, perforated leather, and fans of raw materials should love this setup. It’s nothing but thick, strong leather in here.

The tongue is made of some basic mesh but the logo part is leather. The heel section is covered with a plastic cage for heel & ankle lockdown.

The shoe utilizes a standard lace & tongue construction and the tongue bends pretty heavily, so putting these on isn’t troubling.

If the rubber of the outsoles would’ve been as sturdy as the overall build, these would be a near-perfect contender among the best outdoor shoes. We can’t always get what we want though.

So, obviously, this type of upper has its strong suits as well as drawbacks. This is a very durable, well-built shoe that should last you a long time, at least the upper portion.

You have plenty of structure too, so containment is great, as well as overall rigidity some people prefer to have when looking for strong support.

And remember this is full-grain leather, which is the strongest, thickest leather available and it isn’t heavily processed like corrected or synthetic leather is.

This is probably the main reason for the $140 price tag, as the cushion setup alone wouldn’t really justify in it my book. I give props to this build though – those looking for quality leather will definitely find it here.

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But there are also drawbacks. It’s not the lightest possible option available, and while the Rose 10 didn’t feel particularly heavy for me, there’s no denying there are lighter, more mobile/nimble options out there.

This leather will also take a while to break in and stretch out. A little over two weeks did it for me. And when it does stretch out – genuine leather does have a tendency to go all loosy goosy on you after a while.

And I’ve seen people report on this – the upper of the D Rose 10 did stretch out a little too much for some width-wise, causing some disruptions in the fit.

While it hasn’t done that for my pair – I’m only 4+ months in AND I’ve got a very wide foot, so take it with a grain of salt.

Lastly, ventilation isn’t leather’s strong suit, and you can ignore the perforated holes cut out throughout the upper as they don’t do much in terms of breathability.

Your feet will get hot under a 2-hour under-the-sun game, that’s for sure.

So, it’s best for you to weigh the pros and cons of this setup and decide if it’s for you. Could I call this a versatile option? Absolutely.

It’s very supportive, durable and it’s not like it’s 2008-level comfortable. It’s fine. Just might take a bit of time to get used to it if you’re coming off of a Curry 8-like minimal build.


D Rose 10 Review: On FeetPin
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The adidas D Rose 10 is a solid shoe, even for outdoor play. Definitely a step-up from the D Rose 9. I’ll let you know how it stacks up against the Rose 11 as soon as I’ve played in those enough.

The shoe fits a little weird and you might need a few pairs to nail the correct size for you. General rule of thumb though, go down half a size.

Traction is nothing crazy but fine for outdoor play, though people reported it as just decent for indoors.

Bounce cushion is well-balanced and gets the job done for most players, and the shoe is definitely supportive. No containment issues like we’ve had on the Rose 9.

The genuine leather upper is a thing of beauty for those classic setup lovers but it just about does everything on a solid level performance-wise, even for someone who’s used to more modern setups.

Is it worth the full $140 in 2021? I wouldn’t say it’s a terrible deal but you can surely find some truly kick-ass stuff for the same price or less.

aI’d say this is a very solid buy if you can get it under retail, which you can do since all I’m seeing are 75-80 dollar Rose 10’s, even on Amazon for some sizes.

A nifty package for those looking for something cheap & reliable! Don’t sleep on it – keep it on your radar.

The scores of the shoe are at the end!




As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Also, if a user clicks on any other product links and purchases a product, I earn a small commission.


That’s a wrap for the D Rose 10 review! I hope you’ve found it informative as usual! I’m excited to hear what you’ve got to say on these. Did you miss these when they launched? Maybe feel different about ’em? Or perhaps you’ve got a question?









adidas D Rose 10


Fit & Comfort


On-Court Performance


Value for the Price




Main Takeaways

  • Half a size down is recomended for most
  • Could feel a little bulky at first
  • 1-3 weeks to break in the upper
  • Comes in alternative upper options: synthetic leather (white), textile (black)

Recommended For

  • All positions
  • Heavier players
  • Mostly outdoor play
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